If you have nothing better to do,



  you could go to New Zealand, I guess. 









  It is OK. 





I mean, if you have nothing better to do. And if you don't have a problem with incredibly beautiful beaches, mountains, and water everywhere.





or a problem with adorable, puffy white, baby sheep. 








What kind of person are you, anyway, to eschew mini-sheep. To loathe these itty bitty wittle sheepsie-weepsies.


Comments (15)

  1. Trika says:

    I am thinking that was bad blog-etiquette to post so many photos. Did I screw everyone up? I’m sorry. That was dumb. I won’t do it again.

  2. jgoodwin says:

    And where are the photo’s of the lovely Trika enjoying said beaches?

  3. Robb Dilallo says:

    I’m quite jealous!  I hope you had fun.

  4. Mitch Garvis says:

    Feel free to screw us up with pictures any time you like Trika.  Welcome home!


  5. Kevin Daly says:

    Now you know why Andrew Marlatt once listed us as members of the Axis of Countries That Sometimes Ask Sheep to Wear Lipstick (http://www.satirewire.com/news/jan02/axis.shtml). Or maybe not.

    Anyway, glad you enjoyed it and come back any time.

  6. Leonardo says:

    Am glad u had fun trika…it seem u had no one to take ur pic..

  7. B.O. Joe, Man Of Mystery says:

    Funny how all of your photos are in places in which one could, how do you say eh? Frolic naked. Don’t deny it, any denial could only cement my theory further!

  8. I agree with my Canadian brother, Mr. Garvis. Anytime… Just remember, this is your part of the Internet. Do with as you wish!

  9. AdamV says:

    It would only be bad form if:

    – it was not your blog

    – they were not your pictures

    – the post was titled "essential things you need to know about Windows 2008 certification"

    – the sheep were ugly 😉

    The best thing you could do to make it easier on folks with low bandwidth would be to use a "more" tag after the first one (as in "see more pictures below <click>) so that the home page does not get too heavy.

  10. Niall M says:

    NZ is an amazing country. If you dont like the scenery drive 50Ks in 1 direction and it will have totally changed. Were you on the North or South Islands or both.

  11. hartplaza says:

    AdamV, The sheep might be ugly, but I bet they taste delicious 😉

  12. hartplaza says:

    Trika, Are these picture’s the new desktops in Server 2008 ?

    At least one (the best) good reason to migrate directly to server 2008….

  13. Trika says:

    JGoodwin and B.O. Joe, that IS me frolicking naked in the last photo. I’m the one in white.

    Adam thanks for the tip.

    Kevin, thanks, I had an amazing trip. Go All Blacks.

    Niall, South. From Doubtful Sound to Arakoa up to Abel Tasman, where we were dropped on the beach by water taxi then hiked in to some awesome lodge where there was a big fireplace and lots of good wine. Don’t mind me.

  14. Alice says:

    Cute sheep! I am wondering what the sign on that gate says, though: "… close door when … sheep"?

  15. James Finley says:

    Glad you enjoyed my lovely country.  Catch next time you come on down!

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