New exams

We keep a list of exams that come out each month (at least we have been since May...after something of a long delay) This includes announcement of localized exams. Check it.

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  1. levin says:

    That’s great!

  2. dave says:

    Hey Trika – how about an RSS feed on that page?

  3. Mike says:

    Seconded. An RSS feed on that page would be great.

  4. Mike says:

    Hey Trika, what’s this new diamond in the rough that I see on the exam page?

    Exam 70-625: Vista Connected Experience: Home Theater for Technologists

    Related course(s) 7040, 7041, 7043, 7044

  5. Trika says:

    After getting your comments, I sent a note to some people on my team to find out status of our RSS plan — At the same time, my manager, Deborah, who read your comments on her own, started a separate thread with other people to check on whether we can do this for you. I thought that was nice.

    I’ll let you know what we learn from the team.

  6. Alice says:

    Re: Mike: "what’s this new diamond in the rough that I see on the exam page? Exam 70-625: Vista Connected Experience: Home Theater for Technologists"

    There’s another one that isn’t on yet, too… 70-626: Vista Connected Experience: Home Theater for Sales Professionals.

    They were both listed as beta exams on PearsonVue in July ( )

    I haven’t managed to find any further information about them. Please, Trika, inform us! 🙂

  7. Natalie says:

    The are different information on the webpage and on particular exam guide pages. For example, 70-632 – – "The IT Professional Exam 70-632: TS: Microsoft Office Project 2007, Managing Projects is in development. It is expected to be released in beta on April 24, 2007."

    Yeah, if you dig enough, you will know that it is available since July, but the site is somewhat not updated… And there are lots of exams that "have" the same problem :]

  8. Hell friends,

      I am new to dotnet tech.

    Now i am planning for dotnet certification exam but confusing from where i have to start and which material i have to used.So please make me free and guide as per your point of view so i will not lost my valuable time to find and search out exam related material and wrong exam without experience.

    thanks in advance….


  9. Trika says:

    Thanks for pointing that out Natalie. We’ll work on it.

  10. Peter Read says:

    Chirag – I might get shot down here, but if you’re new to .net, you really shouldn’t be thinking about .net certification yet…  Learn the technology before you study for the exam, it makes the exam easier and you get more out of it.

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