Knock knock. Who’s there? Mike. Mike Who?

Mike-rosoft* User Research.

Subscribe to this blog and you'll know when there are interesting research studies coming up where you could participate e.g. for lady gamers... looks like most are in the Seattle area but every once in a while there is one in your neighborhood. per the blog: "Sometimes knowing we have a population of people available in a given area will encourage our teams to fly there for studies. We also do remote studies where you participate from your computer and we run the study from Redmond..." Apparently you can fill out a profile online at to let them know you're interested (I think a lecherous wink has the same affect, but fill out the form, if you must).

*Do you hate me? I hate myself.

Comments (2)

  1. Mike says:

    I find myself rolling my eyes and yet still laughing a bit at your posts lately.

  2. I am blaming this on you returning from vacation. Strange things happen to the mind south of the equator. Have you stopped yourself from saying, "G-day" and "Eh?" yet?

    btw, did you remember to air holes when you shipped my kangaroo?

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