Coatsie is 1 in 647

One announcement and two notes. 

a1. At TechEd Australia, we gave hats to people who passed exams on site... then we took a group photo on the last day. A group certified photo might sound a little odd, but it actually was one of the most fun things we did all day. As soon as I get a copy of the photo I'll poast it here... haven't seen anything yet. hang tight, with panties unbunched, until further notice.

n1. We got new cert numbers and will update the #s certified page in the next few weeks. In the meantime, you might like to know that there are:

  • 647 MCPD: Windows Developers
  • 153 MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrators
  • 2,871 MCITP: Database Administrators
  • 928 MCTS: Business Desktop Deplyment (exam 70-624 check it out)

n2. Andrew Coates, content owner for TechEd Aus posted his thoughts on his MCPD certs*, check it.

*It is purely coincidence that I am directing you to a post that also says something ncie about me. Don't mind me, the self-promoter.

Comments (7)

  1. Lukas Beeler says:

    Wow, one in 153 😉

    I should tell that my boss and demand more money.

  2. Cristian Croitoru says:

    Any news about the photo in Gold Coast?

  3. Sir Funkalot says:

    Any chance of an RSS feed on that page?

  4. Larry West, MCSD, MCPD, MCITP, MCTS, ... says:

    The enumeration of certs page has been updated and dated August 9th. I was surprised on how few MCTS:Vista Configuration there are considering how all the comments I’ve read have said how easy the exam is. (I agree, if you have used Vista and the tools mentioned in the "skills being measured," you should pass.) Perhaps there was a typo considering the fact that it is the only number above 1000 without a comma in it.

    Trika, any possibility of adding in the numbers for the Office certs?

  5. Alice says:

    Glad to see an update on the certification numbers page! Great to get more of the new ones on the list, but still wish they’d add the missing older ones too.

    I see this update was apparently done on August 20 (with data current through August 9). It would be nice if they could set a specific day when it would be updated every month (then we could schedule reminders), or provide some way to get notified of updates (since apparently Trika’s not making new posts for all the actual updates, and I’ll forget by the time several weeks have gone by 😉 ).

  6. says:

    Hey, Cristian. Still waiting for them to send me the photo, will let you know if/when i hear anything

    Herr Funkalot, people are working on RSS for learning site. Not sure what the status is, will check.

    Larry, will forward your request to the office team and see if they want to do something similar! Otherwise i’ll see what I can do.

    Au contraire, Alice! I was just gone so not caught up… I’ll do my best to post when it updates, ala  we are trying for once a month, around the 2nd thursday, but this won’t be a top priority and might slip!

  7. Alice says:

    Ah, gracias! 🙂

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