Don’t mind me in Auckland New Zealand

I feel like some kind of Tech.Head, just following the event around the world, standing outside the convention center each day of the show, comparing this session list to the last show ("steve riley will blow your MIND in SEC303, man..."), selling incence and tie-dyed smart phone cases.

Tech.Ed New Zealand started this morning, I'll be hanging around the Auldhouse booth - our training partner - on the exhibition floor most of the time; standing around at Ask the Experts tonight; and doing a lunch session tomorrow, Tuesday, at 1:40pm. It is just 30 minutes, so here's the agenda I'm planning

  • talk about myself (24 minutes)
  • Vista, Exchange, and WS2008 certs (90 seconds each)
  • Q&A/discussion of other certs ie. VS2005/8, SQL2005/Katmai, Office.. (plenty of time, and by that I mean 1.5 minutes)

If you'd like to see the presentation organized differently, i.e. weight the section where I talk about myself more heavily, let me know. I'm not locked in to this.

Your friend,


Comments (7)

  1. Stephen Rea says:

    I really don’t think 30 minutes is enough time for everything. You might consider running the presentation for an hour to make sure you get adequate time to talk about yourself. I’d say at least 45 minutes. 🙂

  2. Do you really think you need 90 seconds each for Vista, Exchange, and WS2008 certs? If you cut them down to 1 minute each, that leaves you a addition 1 minute 30 seconds to talk more about yourself! 🙂 You could show photos, or do a "booth walk" — striking poses and such. Mmm-hmm. Just a thought.

  3. Pete Calvert says:

    Just be careful which photos you show Trika!

    Laugh at all the jokes that the New Zealanders tell about Australians, agree that underarm bowling in cricket is the worst crime imaginable, and keep an eye out for the trolls.

    But most of all – have fun in the land of the long white cloud!

  4. James Finley says:

    Oi Pete!

    Watch what you’re saying there, you underarm bowling greatgrandson of a convict! ;P

    I saw Trika last night.  She appeared to be having a good time, and survived the first day of NZ TechEd.

  5. Cynthia Kludt says:

    Your MSL friends miss you back in Redmond!

  6. Pete Calvert says:

    Hey James

    just because you weren’t born in NZ doesn’t mean you don’t make the sheep nervous.

    How’s the new job going btw?

    Be nice to Trika, but not too nice – don’t want her thinking that kiwis are friendlier than us aussies. ;-P

  7. Arie says:


    This makes it totally clear… in a ATE session bout certification… it takes 16 times more time to talk bout prepping for a cert on a woman than for a million code piece of software like Vista..

    Can you also elaborate on the lifecycle of that cert?

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