a few more things to report from TechEd gold coast. If you are reading this and you have your MCTS: Vista or MCTS: Exchange will you send me an e-mail? I'd like to do a fishbowl interview with you tomorrow (Friday) so people can find out that it is just one exam to earn those certs... if you help me you'll be sick famous on virtualteched and you'll get an excellent thank you gift (bigger than a timtam, smaller than a wombat).

my presentation was really fun, thanks for asking. In the middle of it, though, the air conditioner freaked out or somethign and the A/V guy later reported that when that happened, "all the air was SUCKED OUT OF THE ROOM" causing the moveable walls to start collapsing in on us... but I was so busy talking my head off that I didn't notice. And no one passed out, so all's well. Originally I planned to talk about all of our certs paths, but for time reasons couldn't do it and I'm afraid developer + DB-focused peeps were disappointed. If that was you, send me a note. I'll apologize adn tell you what you need to know.

I just did half of a cool lab using Orcas in the developer section of the show floor. You use VS2008 to create a room, with chairs and chandeliers and what not. Then they print out your little virtual room and put it on a t-shirt, or you can check out your room on live. When i finish my lab i'll poast a link... i bet you are on pins and needles. And, I bet you are threatened by my nascent programming skills. 

Stand back, I'm about to go drink coffee through a timtam straw.

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  1. Hi Trika,

    I have both my MCTS: Vista and MCTS: Exchange. I’d be happy to talk.

    I’ll be intrigued to see this impressive prize although most things are smaller than a wombat; they are like brick walls.

  2. says:

    Glad you’re having the Tim Tam experience.  Have you tried Vegemite on toast yet?  You do realise it is compulsory, I hope…

  3. Hayden McManus says:

    Hey Trika,

    Its been great to have you "on-tap" so to speak here at Tech.Ed on the Gold Coast.  Your session, despite the sound effects of an aircraft preparing for take off due to the Air Conditioner going nuts (I even heard one Techie mumble "Cabin Crew, prepare for take off. Arm doors and cross-check!") was definately my highlight of the event.  Finally having a clear understanding of how MS has reworked certification has really helped me redefine my certification path to enhance my career.

    Thanks and keep up the great work.


    (- Tall guy who couldn’t go on the Superman ride, but managed to talk you into it!)

  4. Mal says:

    Yeah the room was amazing during your talk. You know the sound when a washing machine is spinning on full cycle sucking out every last drop of water it can? That was the noise we were hearing! There was a staffer holding the door in place it was that bad!

    Dunno what the issue was, but glad they sorted it eventually.

    BTW, thanks for the talk. It was interesting to see what MS is doing with certs.

  5. says:

    You people who are not in australia but wrote to volunteer as interviewees… THANK YOU! I love it. I’m sorry I was a dork and didn’t specify that I was looking for someone in the Gold Coast conference center…

    Hayden, I still like you despite the Superman debacle.

    And I keep hearing how bad the A/C was, that is crazy! I really didn’t even notice until the sound stopped – then I was kind of freaked out by the silence.

  6. Hayden says:

    Hey Trika,

    Glad to hear there are no hard feelings!  For the record, if I was 5 centimeters shorter, I would have happily traded places with you on the Superman ride at Warner Bros. Movie World at the Tech.Ed Party (first time I have not liked topping out at 200cm… bummer!)

    I hope the time stamp of your blog indicates the time where you usually are in the world and not here in Australia!  You shgould be enjoying your weekend in Cairns!

    Also, from Benjamin and myself, have fun at Tech.Ed in New Zealand.

    Oh… I will be booking my ‘Big Vista’ exam before the end of the month on your recommendation… wish me luck!

    For now, I will continue awaiting my (delayed) flight home to Melbourne…

    Yours, a very Tech.Ed’ed out and tired,


    P.S. Don’t forget your "sunnies" and tim-tams for the warm climes of Cairns, but I’d put the tim-tams in an esky before they melt!

  7. says:

    Hayden, do you know how I can get in touch with Ben? I think you guys are friends unless I’m getting confused… I owe him a thank you (bigger than a timtam, smaller than a wombat) for helping me with the fishbowl interview. Send him my way if you know him…

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