Info for the half-person attending TechEd Australia

There are 2000ish customers attending TechEd Australia. Probably .00025 of those customers have read my blog. I'm no mathematician, but I think that means that 1/2 of one person might care what I'm about to poast, but I'm excited, so I'll put it here anyway.

I'm in Gold Coast, Australia. TechEd starts tomorrow and the great team here who cares about certification and training has a lot of cool stuff planned.

  • Take exams at 50% off this week in the Exam Centre, across from Hands-on labs. If you pass (WHEN You pass, what am I thinking) head over to the CPLS booth and pick up a Tech.Certified cap--you can also get Microsoft Certified stickers to put on your event passport...

  • I'm presenting on certification* on Thursday at 11:30 in room Central B/Cabana 3. This just in, I've apparently been promoted to World Wide Microsoft Learning Audience Marketing Manager, according to the event materials. I think they did this so I sound more important than 'Trika in Marketing'. OT: I'm in the presenter room right now, and some guy just asked if he can get a disco ball for his session. This has inspired me; I'm putting in a request for a colored glass light-up dance floor for my session, like in Saturday Night Fever.

  • Join the Microsoft Learning TechEd 2007 Challenge competition to win an xBox 360. Entry forms available from the Microsoft Learning CPLS booth, Ms Press booth as well as various Microsoft booths and registration areas. Drop your answers into the Entry box at the Ms Learning CPLS booth; all correct answers will be entered to win an xBox 360--drawing in the exhibition area at 3.30 pm every day.

  • You can buy Microsoft Press books at 20% off retail in the exhibition center; plus get some kind of special - a cool jacket - for big purchases

  • Author book signing: at the Ms Press booth, on Thursday, at 3.00 pm. Author: Ben Armstrong, “Professional Microsoft Virtual Server 2005”

  • I'll be hanging out at the test center, the CPLS/MSL booth, and will be at Ask the Experts. Come say hi, please.

*This is what I'm talking about at the Thursday session. IT certifications are an excellent way to polish your technology expertise and prove your skills to employers and peers. With so many new releases from Microsoft and big changes to the Microsoft Certification program in the last few years, you may not know where to start! In this discussion we will highlight what’s new in Microsoft Certification and help you with your next step, whether you are starting from scratch, mid-way through a path, or updating your credential. We’ll cover: New MCITP certifications coming for Windows Server 2008 and paths for Exchange Server 2007 and Vista, or anything else you'd liek to talk about. 

Unrelated to TechEd, I saw four wombats and tons of kangaroos this weekend.

Comments (4)

  1. Mick says:

    Ticka, Welcome to sunny QLD looks like i may be the 1/2 of a person you are talking about.  I’ve registered this arvo and am currently sitting in my hotel overlooking the ocean and looking forward to tonights fun and games.

    I’ll be sure to swing past and say hi.


  2. Dave says:

    wombats are WAAAYY cool. If you’re at an animal park and can pick one up they are docile cuddly teddybears.

    But don’t pet the wild ones – those claws do damage.

  3. Pete Calvert says:

    Hi Trika – more than .5 of a person here has read your blog. Welcome to Ozland – watch out for the hoop snakes and drop bears.


  4. Rob Farley says:

    We all might be only half-people tomorrow after the MCT/MVP party tonight.

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