Evidence That You Are Special

If it isn't enough to have your mom tell you, you can now find out how special you are by seeing how many other people have your same Microsoft certification on the updated certification page on Microsoft.com.

We made some changes based on the feedback you gave us. Excellent, yes. We plan to update this page once per month, now. Excellent, yes. The next update should include the newest data (e.g. your Vista and Exchange MCTS, MCITP); I know they aren't listed here. Temporarily lame? Yes. Excellent before you know it, yes.

I'm with your mom, by the way. You're really, really, super special.


Comments (45)

  1. andy (ajs1976) says:

    thanks to MSL for putting that together.  Are you sure the MCSE numbers are right?

    Windows Server 2003 – 287,814

    Windows 2000 – 395,737

    Windows NT 4.0 – 81,221

    I thought there were around 400,000 NT 4.0 MCSEs?  Maybe the numbers are just switched around.


  2. Bob G. says:

    I’m an MCSE.

  3. Jeff Wharton says:

    Great stuff.

    Now the next step is to allow us to filter by country ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Peter Read says:

    MCTS: Sharepoint 2007 Application Development going up any time soon?  I’m pretty interested to see if I’m the only one… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. hartplaza says:

    Always thought most people goes from MCSA (2003) to MCSE (2003), but the numbers MCSA in not only half of the MCSE.

    Or do we have to read the numbers differently? I mean. I’m a MCSA Security, How many times does mine certification counts? once as MCP, once as MCSA and once as MCSA Security? Or only once, as the highest received certification?

  6. Lukas Beeler says:

    The Exchange 2007 MCITP seems to be completely missing, so do a lot of MCTS titles.

  7. Alice says:

    Just a few days ago, I decided that I wanted to see the historical trends of the Microsoft certification counts, so I pieced back together everything I could from what old copies of the data were still findable out there, in an Excel spreadsheet. So I learned a fair bit about it…

    hartplaza – They are counting every certification individually. (So you would be included in the 2m total MCPs, the 125k MCSAs, *and* the 12k MCSA:Ss.)

    Actually, they used to do this with all of them except MCP, listing total MCPs (although we hadn’t had exact numbers since 1999) and also the number of people who ONLY had MCP (one exam) and nothing higher. I wish they would add back the ‘only MCP’ line for comparison purposes.

    andy/ajs1976 – Yes, they do have the MCSE numbers switched around. At last known reporting on 9/9/2004, there were 395,028 MCSEs on NT4. (I have four sets of data after that, but MCSE NT4 was dropped from the list.) At most recent reporting on 3/1/2007, there were 286,736 MCSEs on 2000, and 68,668 MCSEs on 2003. So, clearly, the correct numbers this time should be 81,221 for MCSE 2003, 287,814 for MCSE 2000, and 395,737 for MCSE NT4. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lukas Beeler – *That* omission, at least, they apparently are already working on: Trika says "The next update should include the newest data (e.g. your Vista and Exchange MCTS, MCITP); I know they aren’t listed here."

    It is great to see the Messaging and Security specializations; even before these were removed from the list entirely in 2004, for some bizarre reason, they had never before been separated into the 2000 and 2003 versions. Looks like there has been quite a bit of growth in these over the missing three years.

    However, there are still some things missing for completion.

    – Listed in the past, need to be re-added: MCP-only, MCP+I, MCP+SB, MCSE+I, MCT

    – Never listed before, ought to be added: MCA, MCLC, MOS, MCAS, MCAP

    The Office exams (MOS, MCAS, MCAP) and perhaps the teaching ones (MCT, MCLC) might not count for MCP status, but in that case, just include them with little footnotes to indicate that.

  8. Guy Gregory says:

    Very cool, will you let us know when next month’s update comes out, so all the people with the new credencials can check back and see?

  9. Niall M says:

    Sweet.. only 560 Devs with all 3 MCPDs if you take it that the lowest number is the Windows Devs..

    Now to try and get some more cash out of this place!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Wow, no wonder I’ve never met anyone else who’s taken the BizTalk exam!

  11. Iona Frisbee says:

    Is it just me or does just seeing the figures make you that bit more competitive & intrigued?

    A few suggestions

    1. Perhaps add a tab to separate the developer&ITP certs, engineer&ITP certs and office certs? It’s a little busy.

    2. Maybe add a column showing the difference since the last month or since the start of the year or something

    3. Maybe add something dynamic, tick boxes with the titles that you have such as MCSE 2003 but I also have MCSA 2003 Messaging and then click a submit button and then that gives you a custom figure of how many other people have a similar number worldwide (maybe even for your country like Jeff Wharton said, that’d be cool)

    4. 1 MCP, 2 MCPs, 3 MCPs, 4 MCPs, 25 MCPs! etc.

    5. Maybe list the Windows client OS MCPs 70-210, 70-270 and 70-620

    Hopefully somebody isn’t doing this by hand and all this data is in a database which can be easily queried, otherwise I think it might just stay the way it is! It should really be a dynamic page IMO. Don’t get me wrong Trika, its way, WAY better than it was before! Thanks for listening ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Larry West MCSD, MCPD, MCITP, MCTS, etc. says:

    Thanks for the list, Trika.

    I think that a good hands-on task for the SQL Server exam would be "Here is our certified professional database structure. Write us a trigger that would …" and fill in the … with the suggestions mentioned on these comments. Since there is multiple ways to write code, grading it might pose a problem.

    Note to Niall: I have the MCPD:Windows, but not the MCPD:EAD (yet), so the number of people with all three is less than 560.

    Yet another suggestion: How about adding a list of people by number of certifications. I have 10 (11 if you include Small Business Specialist). I am curious to see how many have more than me.

  13. Helmer says:

    That’s cool! But the MCSE on NT 4.0 number isn’t right I think. The last time it was mentioned there were about 700.000 MCSE on NT 4…right now just 81.000?

    I can totally agree with Iona Frisbee about #3 she is suggesting. It would be awesome!

  14. Mike says:

    I love it! Thanks, Trika!

  15. S.Y. Paul Lai says:

    Yes, I confirm that I am special now.

    Why? The world is just the same as before?  It should have changed after I know I am special!!

    Trans Code: 674726

    Share Pass: WinTrainers

  16. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    Good catch on the NT numbers, friends. From one of our awesome team members when they saw your comments about the NT numbers looking small: "Dang. My mistake. Iโ€™ll get this fixed right away. I double-checked the other numbers on the table and theyโ€™re OK. Boy, those guys are sharp."

  17. Alfred Myers says:

    MCPD numbers seems to be mixed up too since to be an MCPD Enterprise Applications Developer you should have already taken MCPD Windows Developer & MCPD Web Developer.

  18. Helmer says:

    Yeah….i’m always sharp ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe

    If you’re going to change the list…can you put the MCTS Windows Vista Configuration in it ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Leonardo says:

    Yes i would really like to have the filter by country feature up there, that will make it even cooler..thanks trika

  20. Lee says:

    From March 18th 2007 (Trika’s post)

    ‘If you have a MCSE on Windows Server 2003, you are one of 68,668 worldwide’.

    From new cert page June 27th 2007.

    MCSE on Server 2003 = 287,814 worldwide.

    Thats one hell of a jump! Which set of figures are correct?

    Nice to see all the different certs listed together, and to know you are 1 of n, certainly gives the old ego a boost! All I have to do know is convince my employer that I an special!

  21. hartplaza says:

    I am still trying to work out the numbers. If you are an MCSE, you should also be a MCSA, so the numbers of MCSE’s should be higher then the numbers of MCSA’s ?? right?

  22. hartplaza says:

    Don’t mind my last post, I was comparing the wrong numbers,…..

  23. Wow, its really cool to know how special our certification counts at work are.  For example, the MCPD Enterprise.  Of the 1800 and change that exist, 30% of those work for the same place I do.

  24. tjcasser says:

    Alfred Myers – Actually, if you look at the requirements, you just have to be an MCTS in each, and take the one exam (70-549, according to the site).  So the numbers aren’t wrong. ๐Ÿ™‚

    All things being equal, it’s nice to have some kind of figures to be able to point out the rarity of the various certs..

  25. Wesc says:

    We rock. And when we rule the galaxy, we promise to show the the puny humans special mercy.

  26. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    OK, MCSE version controllers, look now. Is it right?

  27. S.Y. Paul Lai says:

    MCPD is not right, my guess:

    EAD: 560

    WEB: 1813

    WIN: 1144

    OK, just a guess, based on the number of MCTS on the related subjects.

  28. andy (ajs1976) says:

    The MCSE numbers look good now.  thanks

  29. Karel says:

    i would like to see it filtered by countries too,

    by the way, could you please add MCT´s  ?


  30. Helmer says:

    Yeah Trika it looks better now ;)Thnx!

  31. Peter Read says:

    How’re there more MCSE:S on 2k than MCSA:S on 2k?

  32. Dan Druff says:

    Because it’s MCSA only or MCSE only. Which is why the MCSA figure does not include those who are MCSE.

  33. hartplaza says:

    Dan Druff, not really, I understood they are counting each certification individual, so if you’re MCSE:S, you’re counted as an MCP, an MCSA, an MCSA:S, an MCSE and an MCSE:S.

    This is how I understood the numbers, but mayby Trika can confirm the counting ?

  34. Larry West MCSD, MCPD, MCITP, MCTS, etc. says:

    You can be an MCSE 2000 without being an MCSA 2000 – just choose something other than 70-218 as your electives.

  35. Alice says:

    hartplaza – Yes, as I explained previously, that *is* how they are counting.

    In addition to the ‘elective disrepancy’, the primary contributing factor to the smaller amount of MCSA 2000s than MCSE 2000s is that the MCSA 2000 did not become available until a year and half after the MCSE 2000.


    Exam 70-217: Implementing and Administering a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure

    "Exam 70-217 became available on June 29, 2000."

    (Core credit toward Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer on Microsoft Windows 2000 certification)


    Exam 70-218: Managing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Environment

    "This exam became available on January 18, 2002."

    (Core credit toward Microsoft Certified System Administrator on Windows 2000 certification, Elective credit toward Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer on Windows 2000 certification)

  36. Dan Druff says:

    So the reason there are more MCSE2000:S than MCSA2000:S is because more people didn’t take 70-218 so don’t qualify for MCSA2000:S but do qualify for the higher MCSE2000:S. But the MCSA2003 figures include people who are MCSE2003?

  37. Larry West, MCSD, MCPD, MCITP, MCTS x5, ... says:

    You are correct, Dan.

    You can be an MCSE 2000 without being an MCSA 2000, but you can’t be an MCSE 2003 without also being an MCSA 2003.

    Totally different exam sets – look them up on http://www.microsoft.com/learning.

    (By the way, I was just "reduction in force"d from my job last night, so we will see how valuable or ‘special’ having several of the new certifications really is.)

  38. janota71 says:

    great improvment, … but my mom would be really proud of me if she could tell me : my son , in this country,  you are one in a dozen, in a thousand… in a million!  please would be great if organized by countries.

  39. AdamV says:

    Countries would be great (or even continents, or those odd chunks of the world called things like "EMEA"). A filter makes most sense, but please don’t take away the option to view global totals

    I agree with Alice, adding all the other stuff like MCT and MOS would be great too.

    Making these additions at the expense of update frequency to quarterly rather than monthly would be a worthwhile payoff, in my opinion. Obviously a database-driven dynamic page would help to avoid having to have that payoff.

    I really like the idea from Iona of being able to say I have A, M, and X, how many people have the same. This would also be valuable to employers to judge how ‘special’ new applicants and current employees are.

  40. AdamV says:

    By the way, I meant to say, don’t take all these suggestions for improvement to be in any way a criticism of the job done so far!

    We are all very grateful to have this information at all, I guess we are just made greedy by seeing the potential for more data to chew over!

    Thanks for listening in the first place and making this available.

  41. Larry West, MCSD, MCPD, MCITP, MCTS x5, ... says:

    I agree with AdamV’s last post.

    At the risk of seeming to be more greedier, may I make another suggestion:

    Add hyperlinks on each certification to the page that discusses that certification.

    That way if someone thinks "only 71 MCITP:Business Intelligence Developers, how do I get one?," they can quickly get the information they want without having to go through a lot of clicks to find out it’s 70-445 and 70-446.

    I am also looking forward to some of the certifications I have that are not yet listed (such as MCITP:Enterprise and MCTS:Vista). How soon until those are displayed?

    [Note to those interested: So far, I have received more replies to the fact that I was once a Delphi developer than to the fact that I have the new generation certifications.]

  42. Bob G. says:

    Guess where you can put your delphi.

  43. Lukas Beeler says:

    > You can be an MCSE 2000 without being an MCSA 2000, but you can’t be an MCSE 2003 without also being an MCSA 2003.

    Larry, you’re wrong. Mostly because i was only an MCSE on 2003 for a few weeks. All you have to do is choose some special MCSE electives (like 70-282, Small Business) which don’t apply to the MCSA.

  44. Peter Read says:

    Or SQL 2000 database design…  Which although possibly not top of the list for MCSA-calibre-but-not-MCSE-calibre people, it is hardly a niche so I didn’t quite understand why it didn’t count towards MCSA.  

    Not that it makes much difference, I’d still expect MCSA numbers to be higher than MCSE

  45. JohnCKirk says:

    While we’re making requests, would it be possible to see any kind of demographic data? I know that women are a minority in IT, so I’d be interested to see how the percentages work out (i.e. how many people have qualification X vs how many people are doing a similar job).

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