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This is what I spend most of my time trying to decide. Current debate: there is a huge internal distribution list at Microsoft about blogging and whatnot. I never say anything, I just lurk about; there is lots of serious discussion and opinionated debate about weighty topics in IT and blog-muckymuck. But someone just posed this question:

If you can give your 2 cents for 2 minutes on how you upped your traffic, please contact xxx.

I'd like to reply all: nudie pics

Funny? or inappropriate?

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  1. Jonathan Roberts says:

    Funny, but you may not want to listen to me...  :>

  2. Peter Ritchie says:

    Yes 🙂

  3. Reed Me says:

    Trika asked whether "nudie pics" as a response to a silly question was funny or inappropriate . Illegal

  4. Trika asked whether "nudie pics" as a response to a silly question was funny or inappropriate

  5. It is only inappropriate if that person in the pics should not be seen nude. 🙂 Otherwise, I would post the hell out of it!

  6. murph says:

    perhaps use pr0n instead. (5h0w J00R 9EeKN3S5)

    ... If you're the first one to reply with a non-serious answer though, it could backfire :-p

  7. dave says:

    /dave starts frantically looking at past entries to see where he missed them

    oh .... you were kidding 😉

  8. Jose L. Rodriguez says:

    I think it will be inappropriate since you are at work making a reference to nude material, and there are probably sexual harassment rules to follow at Microsoft that you should also follow. You never know how a person is going to take your comments.


  9. Erwin Blonk says:


    Using sexual harassment rules against such a reply is, in my opinion, detrimental to the goal of weeding it out. SH is a serious matter and the reply in question is not an example of it in any way.

  10. Jeff Wharton says:

    Extremely funny!  Can see you're gonna be a hoot at the MCT/MVP Party 😀

  11. Gregory W. Smith says:


    Since it's a work discussion, content that's NSFW ("Not Safe For Work") probably shouldn't be suggested...

    Maybe you should just say NSFW content and let 'em figure it out?... but if they have to figure it out, it's no longer funny......

  12. Mike says:

    Say "nudie pics" and include a link to a funny non-nude picture of a monkey or something. 😉

  13. T.J. says:

    I think anyone that would take it as "sexual harassment" might be a little too thin-skinned for the workplace.  A single comment does not sexual harassment constitute.

    That said.. Funny.

  14. Yes Sir E Bob says:

    Definitely funny, and there is no reason to feel awkward for showing a side of humour to your posts. It was your first instinct, which is part of your personality. Readers will at least acknowledge your effort to place a smile on their face.

    BTW Any news on whether TestKing complied with Microsoft demands mid-June?

  15. Wesc says:

    Funny. I'd laugh if I read that.

    "Sexual harassment"? Please. It could only be considered harassment if Howard Dierking posted his nudes on his blog, and it certainly wouldn't increase traffic.

  16. Rob says:

    I would think that would be a great reply but is everyone on the dist list cool?  Are they all cool with you?  Watch out for the snuffy people.

  17. Peter Read says:

    Hate to say it, but if you have to ask it's probably not a great plan...  Although it's pretty similar to the kind of comments I like to throw around at work too 🙂

  18. George says:

    Lol, great way to get all the lurkers to comment! (including me)

  19. kclin says:

    How about reply with a link to your own blog with the comment, come visit my blog to see how it's done. 😉

  20. I was once told "Never type anything into a computer that you wouldn't want held against you in a court of law."

    So, while I think it would be funny and would chuckle, there are people on the planet that wouldn't think so and would take it the wrong way and make this planet less fun for everyone else.

    In other words, while funny, it is inappropriate and should probably not be done.

    But I would do it anyway!

  21. Bob G. says:

    I was told once to "change my underwear everyday".

  22. Bob G, did that person give you a valid reason for the request?

  23. Wesc says:

    Michael D. Alligood, I for one don't want to know what the reason may have been, thankyouverymuch.

  24. Steve says:

    Its Hilarious.....!

    How is that sexual harassment??

  25. George Monsalvatge says:

    Extremely Hilarious!

  26. Peter Trast says:

    As a part-time pastor and full-time geek I must seriously say...

    VERY funny 😉

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