Things to Report Include: a few awkward things from TechEd

I keep meaning to poast a few last TechEd things, and I can't believe a month has now gone by. I know many of you are waiting on responses to your posts and questions. Please know you're not alone; my mom and my boss are equally annoyed. For the moment, I'll ignore all of you and proceed, without further ado, to let you know that Things to Report Include:

  • The Hands-on Labs (HOL-la at a playa...) at TechEd were great, again. It is fun to check out all the MSFT software, since I don't use the same stuff you IT types do in real life. And the double monitors and on-screen lab manuals were cool this year. Proctors were great as usual. I'm not sure they are as mass good as the HOLs but there are virtual labs you can take even if you didn't attend.
  • TechEd "Fishbowl" Screw-up: In an already awkward interview where we sound like gameshow hosts, I erupt in bark-like laughter for no apparent reason. But there WAS. There WAS a REALLY GOOD REASON. While we were talking there was a loud audio feedback explosion above us and I thought that was funny, and I figured they would have to edit that out. But then no one else was laughing, and the guy behind the camera was mouthing 'WE ARE LIVE, YOU MORON" (the YOU MORON was implied), so I kept talking, and it was awkward. 
  • Sweet Tats! on certified professionals: Excellent photos of you displaying your Microsoft Certified tattoos. Awkward! But adorable.


  • Statistics from the on-site certification center, sponsored by VUE & Microsoft Learning & a bunch of MCTs, where exams were $50 all week
    • Top exams taken: 292, 290, 270
    • Total exams taken 1,179
    • Number of Windows Server 2003 exams in top 10: 3 
    • Number of Exchange Server exams in top 10: 3 
    • Number of visitors to the MCT-led CRAM SESSIONS: 500
    • Number of visitors to the STUDY HALL: 1372 
    • Number of exams needed to win an XBOX 360 for “Most Exams Passed At TechEd”: 9
  • And once again, I had a great time talking to so many of you of you in Orlando. Thank you for saying hello, asking us good questions <getting shouty about MCSE>, and taking the time to study and take exams. Hope to see you at another event soon, or if you're on campus, blow up my pager. I actually don't have a pager. But you could, um, ask the receptionist in 18 to call me.  

    Keep bangin'.

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    1. Chance says:

      1,179 exams huh?  and it was Prom…oh wait…no…it was VUE!!  

      OK, sorry that was harsh, but had to be noted.

      I’ll keep passing the "Keep Pearson Vue, Dump Prometric" petition floating around my little neck of the woods…

    2. BT says:

      Why TechEd Hong Kong do not have on-site free exam???

    3. Andy says:

      MCTs Rule…as TechEd Proctors!

    4. neech7 says:

      See you at TR5! You’re gonna be there, right?

    5. Gregory W. Smith says:

      "1,179 exams huh?  and it was Prom…oh wait…no…it was VUE!!  

      OK, sorry that was harsh, but had to be noted.

      I’ll keep passing the "Keep Pearson Vue, Dump Prometric" petition floating around my little neck of the woods…"


    6. Larry West MCSD, MCPD, MCITP, MCTS, etc. says:

      If the negotiations with Prometric were "months and months," then why didn’t Microsoft Learning give Prometric the TechNet gig so that they could prove themselves worthy to those who attended?

      I mean, if Prometric is so far superior that Vue has to be dropped, then it should have been a no-brainer.

      On a side note, where do people find employers that are willing to send them to TechNet?

      If you can publish a "How to get your employer to send you to TechNet Australia and/or New Zealand" blog, I would greatly appreciate it.

    7. Leonardo says:

      Thats a good one larry…i am wondering myself..

    8. Trika says:

      BT: All of the TechEd events are run by the subsidiaries… so we don’t have control over where there are test centers, unfortunately! Each event has to make a decision as to whether the attendance/focus of the event warrants a test center. We’d love to see them at all events, so give that feedback to your Microsoft contacts in Hong Kong!

      NEECH7: I’m pretty sure I’ll be at TR5, at the ask the experts evening, I think – maybe a bit during the day at the study hall? So will the new program manager, George. Hope to see you.

      LARRY AND LEONARDO: My recommendation is to join the marketing communications team for Microsoft Learning. If you are willing to be mercilessly beat upon by your customers, they’ll send you wherever. Piece of cake! For people who are not on the Microsoft Learning marketing communications team… I bet there are some different criteria. I know there must be an ROI calculator out there somewhere, for y’all to to justify TechEd expenses to your employer. I’ll see what I can find.  

    9. Boris says:

      "Keep Pearson Vue, Dump Prometric"


    10. Leonardo says:

      Thanks trika but i am all the way in jamaica…

    11. machobelle says:

      i agree keep Vue let Prometric go! Leonardo were in ja are you i am from S town

    12. Hunter says:

      Seriously, the guys with the tats need help. Serious help.

    13. neech7 says:

      Yes, I’ll be at TR5, and hopefully TechEd EMEA.

    14. Leonardo says:

      Yes hunter they really need help…machobell am from portmore..

    15. M.T. FLYNN says:

      I am currently attending the MCSE classes and trying to achive the cert. This is no way to run an airline. Why would you want to remove the only testing centers that will work with the people for scheduling. There has got to be a better way. I think this will turn people away from taking any more tests.

    16. machobelle says:

      ok Leonardo,from s town but living in new york

      i want to know when are we going to hear from trika about our concern,i guess no more weekend testing for alot of us at Vue

    17. Robb Dilallo says:

      I’ve been taking some serious flak over my picture on your site.  Enjoy!  🙂

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