NetHope MCTs: I like your hustle.

This is very cool, about our trainers and their work as part of NetHope, getting technology and training to people in Kenya. Carnegie! You're a star! Read the article.

The overall goal for the pilot program, which ends in December of this year, is to help 1,000 relief workers and IT staff to do their jobs more effectively. Training and certification courses will be available through a variety of outlets, including classroom learning, mentoring relationships and live online learning. To make that possible, roughly 100 MCTs have volunteered their time to take part.....

Not only must the investments continue in technology, but also in the national staff of each country, so they can increase their knowledge and develop best practices for responding to emergencies. Or as Carnegie Johnson says, “It’s very important to convey that the MCT community has a vested interest, and desire, to help African countries prosper and compete globally. Therefore, I would be deeply gratified if I could positively encourage many other MCTs to volunteer their time and help NGOs bridge the IT skills gap."

Comments (4)

  1. Andy says:

    MCTs Rule!

  2. Stephen Rea says:

    Ya, when I heard about this last week I thought it was a cool idea. I hope the pilot program goes well. I know the list of Volunteers is quite long which is very cool. I missed the MCT Summit, but wouldn’t mind to add my name to the list at one point when things get settled more.


  3. Carnegie Johnson says:

    Thank you Trikah! I am glad to see the list of volunteers grow. MCT’s rule! and the NetHope project is way cool. I am so glad that I decided at the MCT Summit to committ to volunteering. I can testify that the people at NetHope are fun to work with and very professional.

  4. Bob G. says:

    The name is Trika…and don’t you forget it!

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