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Can you post/send me community/forum/resource sites related to certification that you find helpful? I'd like to put pointers to some info (beyond just our MSFT-platform things) on our community resource pages on, in the newsletters, etc. Especially helpful for people new to certification who don't know where to start or what info is trustworthy. I.e.,, etc.

I can't seem to type Microsoft without a capital I after the M that always happens. And now I'm typing in blue? WHat the hell.

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  1. R says:

    I find the forum at very helpful…

  2. Chris Lehr says:

    Nice to see certmag forums being pimped  😉

    I use the certification newsgroups as well from time to time, but there is a lot of clutter there  :-

  3. CertGuard says:

    Trika, we’ve added a new community resource that we’re hoping proves useful.

    Just type in the Domain Name (i.e. of any IT Certification website and if we’re researched it we’ll give you the status of their materials. As of today there are 585 websites in our database.

    Robert Williams

  4. Bob G. says:

    What a lame database! It had one of three sites I searched, and these sites have been on the web longer than most.

  5. CertGuard says:

    Hrmm…so that would mean that you either searched for and or you searched for and

    Ok, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and presume you didn’t search for the two that are merely news channels and not Practice Test Providers.

    I must confess that they have been around quite a long time, and we should have had them in the database, but I find it a bit harsh for you to call US lame for not having 2 of the 3 sites you searched for when all you could come up with is 3 sites to search for.

    Not that this makes much difference in your eyes Bob, because I have an eerie feeling you’re going to make every attempt at putting us down that you can, but I have spent the last 6 months building that database. It is still far from complete, and I know that, but I’ve put enough into it and I felt that it was at least to the point where I could give back to the community a little.

    I’m really sorry that YOU don’t like it Bob (I’ll try harder next time), but you know what I’ve got to say to that? Sure ya do! I know everyone else here knows what I have to say to it. Eh…I’ll just leave it up to your imagination. Hugs & Kisses, Bob, Hugs & Kisses.

    BTW, all four sites (plus 3 more) are in the database now. That makes a total of 616 sites as of today.

    Thanks for the help, Bob!

  6. Bob G. says:

    So now your database contains and probably always did, off the cuff additions. So I stand by my original point. What a lame database!

  7. CertGuard Fan says:

    Jesus Christ Bob, give the guy a break. WTF is wrong with you? Why is it everytime I see you can certguard in the same thread you’re trying to give him s**t. I see Robert doing this community a service, and more of one than you could ever do, I might add.

    If it ain’t already obvious enough that you searched out two websites that shouldn’t have been in certguards database to begin with, now you want to chastize him for soliciting the help of others??? A big FU to you, bobbie.

    Get a life and quit trying to destroy others’

  8. Gregory Smith says:

    Depending on the exam, we have a lot of good discussion,and are braindump-free. (Full disclosure: I am a forum moderator there)

  9. Ken W says:

    The forums that I use include:

    Along with the others mentioned (eg Certmag, etc)


  10. Trika says:

    WHAT, YOU THINK YOU’RE IN THE CERTIFICATION NEWSGROUPS???S?!!!#@!?!! As much as I enjoy them, all the "FU"s and "Kiss my ass, bud"s are getting caught in my spam filter, which takes up my time to go and approve them. I’ll borrow from my mom, addressing my friends and me giggling around the wood-veneer table in the back of our sweet old blue van (tricked with the CB and the big picture window on the side) en route to my 15th birthday party: "Ladies, let’s keep it clean."

  11. BosonMichael says:

    I frequent the forums on CertForums, CertGuard, and CertCities, which are all mentioned above. In addition, I also frequent the forums on MCSEWorld (

  12. irishmike0412 says:

    I have the "old" MCSD.NET and am pondering the upgrade to the "MCPD: Enterprise Applications Developer".  


    1.  When (release date) were the upgrade exams Exam 70–553 and Exam 70–554 originally made available?

    2.  Any idea on the retire date of the "MCPD: Enterprise Applications Developer".  I am getting a little pissed with the pace that micrsoft is changing its exam curriculum. And don’t want to waste my time with it, if it will be short lived (retired soon)


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