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Hi, it's Trika, reporting on a few things.

We (Microsoft Learning) just hired Program Manager for MCP to make sure all the parts of your program are working right AND work on other ways of making your status as a Microsoft Certified professional helpful to you (benefits etc). His name is George, and we are really excited that he joined our team. You can check him out via his blog for his current gig at Microsoft here. When he gets going at Microsoft Learning I imagine you'll be hearing more about and from him. He's not even officially in his role yet, but stopped by my office today to kick around some ideas about welcome kits. And he showed me his MCP wallet card. Which he had in his wallet. Rad.

Another thing, a while ago we hired a new guy to run our planning team for certification (not just IT pro and developer - but our long-term future strategy for certification and what not across the board). His name is Bill Wall. I have heard bits and pieces about him and have worked with him a little over here - but I actually learned more about him via my efforts to snoop out some dirt on George.

And one more other thing. We have profiles in the MCP newsletter and on of certified people and of late have been featuring lots of MSFT employees. This month there was a profile on Gerry O'Brien from Microsoft Learning, who is a great guy and apparently has spent many an hour taking exams. Maybe you'd like to check it out.

PS George is MCSE 2000. We'll have to remind him that 70-292 and 70-296 retire in March 2008...

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  1. Mike says:

    William Wall! Cool.

  2. Andy (ajs1976) says:

    Cool. Is one of these guys going to carry around a big stick and bop people on the head until this Vista Beta mess gets resolved?

    Here are a couple of things for them and the whole certification group:

    – Retirement of 292/296 – Since you brought it up, it doesn’t make since to me why these exams are being retired with the 2000 exams.  they are for people who are certified on Windows 2000, but they cover Windows 2003.  I don’t have a problem with them being retired, I just think it should be done 6-12 months after the other exams.  (Yes, i’m trying to buy myself some more time)

    – MCITP vs MCA – There is a big gap between the MCITP and the MCA.  I don’t think a lot of us mere mortals will be in a position to pursue the MCA and I would like to see something that falls in between.  Something like the MCSE+I or the Master CNE.  Instead of just adding more exams, it could include a simulation exam like one Citrix requires for the CCEA and CCIA called 456: Citrix Access Suite 4.0: Build/Test.

    – Recertification policy – A little more infromation and detail on recertification policy.  I understand the need for recertification, but I have some problems with the 3 year timeline when MS is planning on releasing major updates of products on a 4 year cycle.  Lets use Exchange 2007 as an example.  Say I take MCTS: Exchange exam in August, then in September and October I take the two other Exchange exams to complete the MCITP. Now, I have to renew my MCTS when the new product is released and the MCITP every three years.  From the information I have read, I believe taking the current MCTS exam will renew the MCITP.  Fast forward to Fall 2010, I now have to recertify for MCITP, but the new version of Exchange is right around the corner.  Now I have to take the MCTS Exchange 2007 exam to renew the MCITP and then a few months later take the MCTS for the new Exchange to renew the MCTS.  I know there are some wholes in my logic there, but that is why I want to see some more detail on the whole process.  

    – Lack of a security specialization for Server 2008 – I think the MCSA:Security and the MCSE:Security were a very good idea, and I would like some type of MCITP: Security Professional.  Maybe an MCTS exam that is like 70-299 exam.  The MCITP could require three exams, one exam being the MCTS.  The other exam could be Security+, MCTS: Forefront, or MCTS: ISA.  The MCITP could be some combination similiar to the 70-299 and 70-298 exams.

    Thanks for your time

  3. hartplaza says:

    Andy, I totally agree, I couldn’t say it better. You wrote what I thought, but couldn’t bring in clear English writing. I’m glad you did.

    And I’m sure there are a lot of MS certified people agreeing with you too.


  4. Welcome George and Bill.

    And Trika just so you know, I love when you use the term Rad!

  5. Mike Cavel says:

    I hope the one with the big stick starts using it PDQ so I can apply for my MCT.

  6. Leonardo says:

    I totally agree andy..i think the 3 years renewal thing is crazy.

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