Vista transcript woes: the latest

Per this post, it is a known issue that not all of the Vista exams are adding up to the right credentials on your transcripts. First, we know that is really, really lame and I want to apologize, again, for the slow turn on updating this. Second, I've been told that a fix is in the works and your transcripts should, if all goes according to plan, be updated by Friday, including:

  • MCDST+621 = MCTS: Vista AND MCITP: Enterprise Support Technician

  • 620 = MCTS: Vista

  • 620+622 = MCITP: Enterprise Support Technician

  • 620 = core client elective for MCSA 2003, MCSE 2003

I bet a lot of you can relate to this: I have to be honest with you, it's getting pretty irritating to be told "Yes it is a problem and we are working on it" (sounds like a cell phone commercial, right?) and then get left in an informational black hole regarding the upgraded cert.  Probably a bit extreme, but it sort of outlines how most of us who comment on your blog feel. All I'm saying is a little more information on a fairly regular basis would be nice.  Well, that and actually having the certifications we've earned actually put on our transcripts. and I think that is reasonable feedback.  Thanks for your patience. I'll look forward to hearing from you on Friday.

<JUNE 22 UPDATE>For those of you who are still having issues (I'm glad it is rendering right for many of you now); I have been sending your scenarios to the database team to troubleshoot; they are looking in to it. No new news.

<July 11, 2007 UPDATE> I've been told that the issues with MCTS and MCITP: ENterprise Support not showing up on transcripts has been resolved (and got confirmation from a few of you). The code drop to have 620 count as credit for MCSA/MCSE on 2000 and 2003 is tomorrow (July 12) so by Friday this should be (SHOULD BE) updated for all of you, too.

<July 19, 2007 Update>: I heard from at least a few of you that your MCSA/MCSE 2003s are now processing correctly with 620 as a core client elective. I have also heard from a colleague here that it is not processing correctly for their MCSA or MCSE 2000... so maybe we're not totally out of the woods yet. ??

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  1. I can think of so many other important "woes" in life off the top of my head than Vista trascript issues. Apologize from me of behalf of the Instant Gratification Generation.

    </uncalled for comment>

  2. Ray Frangie says:


    Thanks for all your efforts.

    We’re getting there… Slowly but surely 🙂



  3. Russell says:

    I have checked my transcript after my exam and on the Enterprise Support Technican is showing is this correct or is that the problem with the transcript at the moment is that it is not showing the MCTS seperately as it is a seperate credential. Please can someone confirm this .

    Many Thanks


  4. Ken W says:

    Thanks for the update, good news 🙂


  5. Helmer says:

    It’s always good to hear the good news 🙂

    @Michael : You’re SO right…

  6. neech7 says:

    If your employer would not give you the pay bonus until he sees the credential on your transcript, it is not a matter of instant gratification anymore.

  7. says:

    Similarly I was applying for a couple of roles over this period, I wouldn’t have minded having the extra cert on my resume, although it was not vital for the positions I was going for… (and I got a new job without it).

    As per my comments between the first and second 721 betas, I don’t think us Beta testers have much to complain about – we get a cert (or two) for free while MSL figure out whatever they have to figure out… but this saga sure has gone on for awhile… if I remember correctly, I sat the first beta before Christmas.

  8. kyrikaze says:

    Good to hear this about our MS Transcript, but What about our Prometric or Vue Transcript ? Will that fix update them too ? Because at the moment For Prometric my status is always "TESTED" and my MS Transcript is Blank.

    Thanks again for the feedback

  9. Russell says:


    Sorry typed my last comment half asleep, i mean the Enterprise Support Technican Cert is visable on the Transcript but the MCTS Cert is not, is that part of the ongoing issue with the transcripts or is that how it shows as it wont let me build a Technology Specialist Logo but will let be build the MCITP one.


  10. says:

    Rob, congratulations on new role.

    Russel, MCTS and MCITP should both be showing for customers who passed 621 OR 620+622.

    Kyr… I think you are referring to the betas. See the update I just made here:

  11. Russell.Houseman says:

    Thanks For Your Reply I have Passed The 621 but it is only showing the MCITP not the MCTS.



  12. Ken W says:


    Same here mate, waiting until Friday to see if the above works 🙂


  13. Ray Frangie says:

    I agree with Rob, i sat mine before Christmas as well…

    But in the long run, if i passed, it’ll be all good 😛

    If i didnt… well back to the books it is…

    Hopefully it gets updated soon…

  14. kyrikaze says:

    Tks Trika for the Update 😉

  15. BT says:

    Eventually the credential MCTS:Vista Configuration is shown on my transcript.  But the date of achieved is 14 June 2007.

    Anyway, thanks Trika and all.


  16. says:

    Thanks Trika.

    Updates from my end are that like BT, the MCTS is now showing on my transcript, dated 14 June.  Now just waiting for the MCITP to appear.

  17. Russell.Houseman says:

    Both Credentials (MCITP and MCTS )are showing for me.

    Thanks Trika

  18. Ken W says:

    Same here, both are now displayed.

    Thanks Trika (and the whole MCP helpdesk who helped)


  19. Helmer says:

    🙁 MCITP Credential isn’t showing on my transcript. Maybe I should give the MCP Helpdesk a call…

  20. Helmer says:

    Hmm..they’re gonna fix it and the MCITP should be visible within a week 😉

  21. Kyrikaze says:

    Still nothing for me…

    I’ll keep Waiting this weekend and pray for it….

  22. Chance says:

    MCTS shows, but MCITP doesn’t.  Took and passed 621

  23. says:

    I just talked to our database owner and here is what he said: the drop yesterday happened to refresh everyone’s transcript with the correct business rules. Because the MCITP is dependant on the MCTS as a prerequisite, it might not have been caught in last night’s drop, as it was looking for the MCTS. The drop tonight should go through and look for the MCTS and add the MCITP. This is what I heard, in any case. If, by Monday a.m., your transcript is not up to date, please send me an e-mail with your MCP ID, exam(s) you took, and what is showing on your transcript. I’ll pass those on to our db team so they can get to the bottom of it. But hopefully it will be updated in tonight’s run.

  24. says:

    Mine’s now updated, but I have a new question. 🙂

    Here’s where I stand though – I’m MCDST + 621.

    The transcript now has MCTS:Vista as of 14 June and MCITP:EST as of 11 April.  I can guess what happened there, so that’s not the question…

    What I do notice is that the Certification Planner shows the MCITP:Consumer Support Tech and shows that I have completed the MCTS requirement and now only need to pass the 623 to satisfy the requirements.

    This is what I understood originally, however this conflicts with what was said in the Live Meeting, where it was stated explicitly that MCDST+621+623 would not earn the consumer certification.

    Which is correct?

  25. kyrikaze says:

    Still nothing for me for the moment, my MS transcript is still blank, and My Prometric still Show the Status "TESTED" for the 621 & 623.

    I’ll wait until monday and next if nothing appened, I’ll send U (Trika) an like u asked.

    Thanks for the HELP

  26. Ray Frangie says:

    I’m in the same boat as Kyrikaze…

    My VUE transcript still shows "Taken" and no updates on the MS Transcript either…

    I’ll give it till Tuesday AM (here in Sydney, AU) and see if that helps…



  27. sthomas says:

    My Prometric transcript still shows tested. When am I going to get a Pass/Fail?

  28. says:

    Issue #1, "Why the hell don’t my Vista certifications show on my transcript?" is the one that should have been fixed on Friday. Thanks to those of you who sent me mail on it; I’ll get back to you when they look in to why some of your records still aren’t correct.

    Issue #2 is "What the hell score did I get on my original Vista beta exam?" This one is not yet resolved, per my earlier post. If you took the original beta for 621 or 622, keep an eye on that post and I’ll keep you informed of progress.

  29. Helmer says: transcript now showes the MCTS and MCITP certification.. 😉

    THnx Trika (and the dbteam) 🙂

  30. S.Y. Paul Lai says:

    Jun 14, 2007 is better than my Jun 18, 2007.  I passed 622 on Mar 17, 2007…   Yes, I "earned" 3 more months before I need to re-certify in 2010.  Should I complain that?

  31. Ray Frangie says:

    Hmmm… Mine still hasn’t been updated…


    I’m sending you an email now as requested in your previous posts.



  32. Elias Mereb says:

    Thanks Trika, problem solved! MCITP wohooo!

  33. kyrikaze says:

    Email sent on Monday to Trika, but I’m Still waiting, now it should 12 weeks, so I’am waiting since 3 month to know about my second shot beta exam for the 71-621 & 71-623.

    The first were taken in december 2006….

    sniff…waiting for so long and maybe to finally know that I failled…I Hope I Passed one of the two exam…I need it.

  34. Ken W says:

    Hi Trika,

    Will there be the "early adopter" versions of the MCITP/MCTS Vista/EST?  If there is will the beta testers actually get them?


  35. M@rTIn X says:

    I passed the 620+622 exams but they are not appearing on my transcript

    helpme plis

  36. Adals says:


    Short question, because I’m little confused. I’m MCDST already, if I pass 70-621 upgrade exam I should have a MCITP and MCTS credentials, but which "Welcome Kit" I should obtain ? Both or MCITP only ?

  37. Ken W says:

    @ Adals

    You should get both as the upgrade exam gives you both credentials (I got the option to get both)


  38. When "620 = core client elective for MCSA 2003, MCSE 2003" will show in certification planner list says:

    When "620 = core client elective for MCSA 2003, MCSE 2003" will show in certification planner list

  39. MA says:

    I have passed all the core exams for MCSE 2003, 90,91,93,94,97,620 and for elective i already hold MCSE NT 4, I passed the last exam 620 about 10 days ago, but still my transcript is not being updated, i emailed M S for which i got reply that due to large no of enquiries it will take some time to reply, today i called MS and being told that they will inform the technical team, I need my transcript to show my employer , its too much frustrating!

  40. says:

    MA, has this been taken care of yet? If not, please forward the last communication with the helpdesk so I can see what is up.

  41. C,A, says:

    Who is resolving this issue as at Nov. 2010? My regional service centre responses are not helpful at the moment. They are requesting confirmation of 71-621 first beta but the testing provider (Pearson VUE) has discontinued MS testing and the test centre did not keep any records.

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