Don’t mind me,

but you might want to get your little travel-tracker notebooks out: this lady's going to TechEd in Australia in August, and then to the event in New Zealand the following week. I'll be helping with certification-related stuff and cabana talks and answering MCP questions and what not. if you are going to be there, and you are an MCP, I will try and shout* you a drink on behalf of the cert team here in Redmond.

*I just learned this, apparently in Australia it means buy you a drink. I do not intend to actually shout during the event. Unless I lose my glasses again. I might be like, "I DON'T BELIEVE THIS!!! WHERE ARE MY GLASSES??" But seriously, where are my glasses.

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  1. neech7 says:

    Lucky you. Have fun in Australia and NZ!

  2. hartplaza says:

    Any change you’ll be at Barcelona in November?

  3. Jonathan Roberts says:

    So, when is the raffle for the MCP you bring in your carry-on luggage?  :>

  4. Hey if you need some help from a community stand point, I can check my schedule and head down there with you. Just let me know! mmm-hmmm.

  5. thehuxman says:

    See you on the Gold Coast, espicially if it’s your shout

  6. Russ says:

    Awesome news, I’ll happily shout one back as well 🙂

  7. mrforklift says:

    You left your glasses in Margaritaville.  Don’t worry — I’ll have them up on E-Bay soon enough as a highly-prized geek collectible….  🙂

  8. says:

    There’s only one rule… never leave the pub/bar before it’s your shout, that would be bad form. 🙂

  9. says:

    MR. FORKLIFT, GIVE ME MY GLASSES!!! or I’ll shout at you.

  10. Nigel Jones says:

    Nice to see that your coming out to New Zealand, pity I can’t attend!

  11. Jeff Wharton says:

    Thanks for the offer and looking forward to your help at our event.

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