Vista exams; MCDST upgrade offer code

This is not just in, but worth repeating: Vista exams 70-620, 70-621 and 70-622 exams are all open for registration now at VUE and Prometric.

Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technicians (MCDST)your upgrade code to save 40% on 621 is DCAUPG

For MCDSTs who find the above a bit terse for your taste*, a little more detail: If you hold an MCDST (Desktop Support for XP), you can take exam 70-621 to earn two credentials: MCTS: Vista and MCITP: Enterprise Support Technician--without your MCDST this is a two-exam path (70-620 and 70-622). We promised that XP-certified customers would have a period of time to take the upgrade at a 40% discount. We will send this info directly to MCDSTs, but I know many of you are waiting on the code, so here is the 411: 

  • Save 40% on exam 70-621 at both VUE and Prometric: register using promotion code DCAUPG

  • Good through September 30, 2007

  • Can not be combined with other offers

  • 70-621 only applies to MCDST-certified customers (i.e. if you don't have an MCDST, 70-621 doesn't do anything for you)

  • Objectives for 70-621:

  • Is there a 70-621 Training Kit? No, but 70-620 should help you quite a bit. Watch the Vista portion of this LIve Meeting recording for up-to-date details on the credentials and available training...

*I got feedback a while ago that my e-mails at work sometimes come across as curt or rude. But that's an accident, I just intended to be efficient, not mean. But I'm working on being more peppy, YOU!!! Thxxxxxxxx for understanding, kitten! UR Gr8!!!!!!! 🙂 Lv u, mn it. 🙂

btw: I will respond about 62X results/transcript updates in a separate poast <she says, somewhat abruptly>

Comments (16)

  1. 1<3u2 boo! Don’t change a thang! <– it ain’t a poast without hip hop slang!

  2. Paul Arnold says:

    70-620 now counts as an elective for an MCSE 2003. Would doing the 70-621 also count as it gives you the MCTS credential? Or would I still have to do both 70-620 and 70-621 to obtain the elective of an MCSE and MCTS + MCITP credentials.

  3. Jeremy says: says:

    "Is there a 70-621 Training Kit? No, but 70-620 should help you quite a bit."

    Well, based on the link below it seems that 70-622 is the training kit to go with.

    Objectives for 70-621:

  4. I need to upgrade my MCDST as well as work on my MCSA. Will the 70-621 upgrade test work for both? Or do I have to take both test to accomplish this?

  5. Michele says:

    I tried to register to take the exam on Sept 28th with Pearson Vue using the "DCAUPG" promo code and it told me that this promo code was not good beyond August 31st!!!

  6. Grant says:

    Passed my 70-621 this morning – Yay!

  7. Trika says:

    Michele, have you been able to register now, either with VUE or Prometric? My understanding was that you could take exams with VUE up until end of the year… I would have thought that meant with promo codes, too. Let me know.

    Jeremy, never believe me.

    Grant, Philip, Paul: info on 621 for 620:

    Grant, congratulations!

  8. Nomis says:

    I just passed my MCDTS and now I would like to upgrade it to my MCITP(70-621), so I was wondering what would be the best study guide before I go and write my exam :

    70-620 or 70-622. or both

    Thanks in advance.


  9. Trika says:

    @ Nomis: Our planners say both (neither one covers everything) but the best bet is to look at the exam objectives and the book contents (it looks like Jeremy suggested 622 as a better bet, from comment above).


  10. John Wolfe says:

    Tried to schedule the 72-621 academic verison of this exam with Prometric, and they said the exam does not exist, either with the 70 or 72 prefix. Looks like I’m out of luck. MS definately needs to consider going back to VUE.

  11. Trika says:

    Hi, John. Can you send me an e-mail and tell me who at Prometric told you 70-621 does not exist? That is not true. Thanks in advance.

  12. Ward Moran says:

    I was curious, if the deadline for the upgrade code DCAUPG was in fact 30 September 2007, or if it was hopefully extendend?  Thanks in advance!

  13. Tommy Fulton says:

    Do the 70-271 and 70-272 exams need to be taken at the same test centre?

  14. Trika says:

    Tommy, answer is no–you can take exams at all different centers. Given how long it took me to answer this, you are probably in a nursing home now, and do not care about the answer.


  15. Bob Learmonth says:

    Can I use the 70-270 exam as one of my MSDST exams.

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