TechEd: Show me the money

And by money, I mean your MCP card. If you come to the Microsoft Learning booth and show your MCP card (sorry, it actually has to be your card, for real!) I'll hook you up with a coveted MCP 'GEEK' shirt.

Funny about the shirts: one of my colleagues gave his 7th grade daughter a few of these t-shirts to take to work on "what does your dad do" day, or something. Apparently they were a (surprisingly) huge hit, and they are all the rage, now, at her Redmond, Washington middle school--kids are doing underground deals to get them and all the cool kids are wearing them. You, too, can be the envy of all 7th grade girls in your MCP geek shirt....

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  1. Ken W says:

    How about a free tee-shirt for thoses over here in the UK? 🙂

  2. Chris Nee says:

    Forgot my card. Can I show you my MCP transcript on the spot, instead?

  3. gomcse2002 says:

    Can someone post a picture of the MCP ‘GEEK’ T-shirt here ???

  4. Trika…

    Great rapping w/ you today…

    Unfortunately, I haven’t seen my MCP card since I received it 6 years ago.  Otherwise, I’d  be all over the shirt.


  5. Larry West MCSD, MCPD, MCTS, etc. says:

    For those of us like Ken W and I who have employers too cheap to send people to places like Orlando, if we go to Virtual Tech Ed (, do we get a virtual T-shirt? 😉

    What "room" do we go to?

    (And what do virtual beer and pizza taste like?)

  6. Gary C says:

    Well, I showed my MCP Card and still no shirt.  Looks like only Mediums were left over.  

  7. says:

    Gary C. For your troubles, send me an e-mail with your mailing address and I’ll drop one in the mail to you. I just found one last L in a box of event leftovers and I think it is nice that you stopped by, MCP card in hand.

  8. James says:

    …Another one to be sent to the UK for me please !

    size M, I’m sure your have some of them spare in the US ;o)

    It will be about the only thing I will have got for the hours spent working on getting my MCSA, a pay rise was not one of them, but I still have the pin thanks!

  9. says:

    Dear James,

    Sorry we can not help you. All of us here in the good old United States of America t-shirt department are too busy eating french fries to find your skinny ass a "M".



    PS Just kidding. But not kidding about not sending a T-shirt..we gave them all out on-site! Sorry!

  10. Andy says:

    What was the lowest MCP number you saw at TechEd? If I had known about the shirt, I would have brought my card. Well, maybe next year…

  11. Andrew says:

    Is this the same ‘geek’ t-shirt you can buy at the Microsoft store?

    Wished we had better internet access at TechEd and the hotel, I could have kept up with all the blogs.

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