6-9pm + room N329 = beer + pizza + examcram

Today I am working at our booth under the white Microsoft Resource Zone sign. YOU SHOULD COME SAY HI. At noon I'm going to see Sondra talk about the Certified Architect Program in room N230 so I can tell you what's going on with that. Then I'm going to do a Virtualization lab, so I can talk about Hypervisor!!! first hand. Then I am going to try and find an ice cream bar at one of the snack stations. Then, I'm going to the Vista exam cram in N329 at 5:30 to get some pointers on 70-620. Then I'm going to the Influencer Party, mmm-hmm.

Other exam cram topics for today <you can go up there any time, this is just what is scheduled...>

  • 2003 Networking (right now, until 11:30)

  • Sharepoint (2-3:15)

  • .NET Framework (3:45-5)

  • Vista (5:30pm)

and at 6pm every night they have drop in exam cram sessions with food and beer. Check it.

OT: Last night at a party (for MSDN/TechNet magazines, fun) I met a guy who works on Community Server and it sounds like it is going to be easier, at some point, to do formatting without using CSS overrides, Which would be helpful, because I don't understand CSS overrides.

Comments (2)

  1. Rob Howard says:

    That was me 🙂

    You can read more about what I was talking about here:


    There is also a video walk-through so you can see what this look like in more detail:


  2. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    Hey, nice to meet you! On pins and needles…

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