Update: beta scores + transcript updates for Vista

Getting lots of questions on these topics so here is an update for those of you who took the first beta of 71-621 or 71-622 and did NOT take the 2nd version:

  • You have not gotten score reports because they are still in process. Lame, I know, but a fact. Remember how we said we would score those against the new scoring model (created in the 2nd beta) and that it would be a manual process? So, it's the manual process and manpower time that is taking a while.

  • I know the exams are live... but in this case you'll keep that "TAKEN" status on your reporting until we process each of those records sometime in the next three weeks. Again, lame. Again, sorry. But the live exam is not going anywhere and you should still have time to use your free voucher (or the 40% discount on 621 that is coming up momentarily) to complete it if you find you did not pass on the first go around.

  • If you heard from the Regional Service Center that you would not receive a score from the first beta, that is INCORRECT. We are following up with our worldwide contacts to make sure RSCs are providing correct info to you when you call.

  • UPDATE JUNE 12, 2007: We received the rescore forms from our psychomatrician (Sp??) this morning. We will process those (I dont know what she is doing, but something) by end of day tomorrow (Thursday) and then we'll send our scoring models to Pearson VUE and Prometric, for them to apply to your results. Tomorrow morning, Thursday, I should get an estimate of how long that process will take--which should tell us when you will be getting your results from Pearson VUE and Prometric. I will make updates to this post to let you know what I know about the status of this.

  • UPDATE JUNE 22, 2007: The psychometrician info is still in our hands and has not gone to the exam delivery partners to process yet; that means scoring is still a few weeks out (exam delivery partners estimated 5-10 days to process your scores). We are frustrated, too (guess, what, me in particular); in the meantime you can provide feedback here or to your RSC, because this is really bad.<edited 6/22> 

  • Update June 25, 2007: For 621, our data has been delivered to VUE and Prometric. They will begin scoring and sending out results to you within 5-10 business days (our system/your transcript will be updated when the feed come back to us from VUE/Prometric). For 622, we are matching up items from the first and second betas so the first can be scored against the results of the second, as promised (different items than used on 621, which was an upgrade exam) so results for 622 will be a few days behind 621.

  • Update June 26, 2007: As of today, 622 data has been delivered to VUE and Prometric, too. In theory, they need 5 business days to process before they start sending out your results and our database is updated. In earlier, less cynical days I would have told you to expect your results to go from TAKEN to either PASS or FAIL on Monday of next week for 621 and Wednesday of next week for 622. But, I'm a wizened old skeptic now and instead of promising a date I'll just say look for an update here on Thursday June 28 after our meeting with VUE and Prometric; one of our discussion items will be the status of your results and I will let you know what I hear.

  • Update July 3, 2007. Sorry I didn't post on Thursday as I said I would. In the update above I said Monday of this week (which was yesterday) and Wednesday of this week (which is tomorrow). That obviously didn't happen--the exam providers couldn't process the data we sent for tons of reasons (because rescoring a changed beta isn't a standard process), all of which had to be fixed. I don't know what to say. I'm not going to give an estimated date again, because, as someone aptly and understandably puts it below, I'm just setting up to provide "the next excuse." I do know that people at MSL and VUE and Prometric are trying to move this along (I'm on 10+ e-mails per day on the topic). I will post an update again on Thursday. Someone pointed out that we haven't followed up directly with affected customres and that is a good point; I will see what can be done on that front for people who don't know where to get information on the hold up. The Regional Service Centers have been reminded/updated on the situation.

  • Update July 11, 2007. Hello. The exam delivery partner meeting didn't happen on Thursday because staff (ours and theirs) were mostly out on US holiday long weekend. This week it has been back to a deluge of back and forth trying to get this finished up. You probably can't imagine, but I bet many people at Microsoft Learning (me at the top of the list), at Prometric, and at Pearson VUE are possibly more eager to get this done than you are to get your results. Again, I won't put out any dates, because that hasn't gotten me anywhere to date. We are now at the stage where Prometric and VUE build out the exams and then score your results -- assuming we don't run in to a snag for the 65th time in this wierd situation. As you know, this was REALLY rare to have to redo a beta, and we didn't have any process to follow. We did, however, recognize that we screwed up with you guys - partly by not making good use of the time you put in to participate in the beta, and partly by communicating our screw up so poorly. Again, this is not an excuse - but we are winging it through this process to try and give scores to those of you who wanted to take a chance and not participate in the 2nd beta. I'm interested in the pass rates after all of this - as you know we *expect* them to be low given that these are being scored on the 2nd exam's section weights, including new content. But we'll see.

  • Update July 12: Our account person for VUE and Prometric just left me a long message with the latest; she was tracking down all our contacts yesterday to get a concrete update on where we stand. it sounds like both are on track for 621; looking to have first data showing up in the cert database (and therefore on your transcripts soon after) on Tuesday, per VUE. For 622, both VUE and Prometric have confirmed they have what they need from us and it looks good for results in the cert database next Friday. As I've said before - take the projected timing with a grain of salt - and as soon as I get word the scores are ACTUALLY IN OUR DATABASE, I will let you know.

  • UPDATE July 13: We just heard that Prometric finished processing 621. That's right. You heard me. So, you should see results - hopefully some "PASS's - in your MCP transcripts, probably on Monday?? JUST from Prometric for 621 for the moment.

  • UPDATE July 19: I thought VUE's results from 621 were not expected until tomorrow... they must have gotten a jump on it if you are already getting some results. I'm glad. These teams are so over-taxed, they are slipping some localized exams and other efforts to get these in. Give it a day for their data to update in our system/your transcript. I believe the 622 results for VUE and Prometric are on track to process next week. If I hear anything different I will certainly let you know.

  • Update July 19 Part two: Are these updates annoying? I just heard from VUE's team that scoring has actually been completed for BOTH 621 and 622, now. Prometric says 622 is in process (might take 3 or so business days). Again, give it a day to update scores in their systems, then 24 hours to get to ours.

  • UPDATE JULY 30: If you don't have your 622 results frmo Prometric that is because there was some other glitch and: "We have identified the issue and are now able to continue with the rescore for these candidates.  The rescore will be completed no later than Friday of this week, although, I believe it will be done sooner than that.  I will keep your team updated on the progress and completion." Hoepfully this will be the last update!

  • REMINDER: If you took the first beta of 621 or 622 you are eligible to get a voucher to use on any 70-62X exam. We did this because we are scoring first beta takers using the final scoring model (which includes addtional components) and therefore a passing score will be harder to obtain--the free voucher is some 'insurance' that if you didn't pass the beta you can take it in its released form on us. The other reason we issued vouchers was because we wanted to do something nice to make up for what a headache that was for those of you who participated. Again, to get your voucher you need to contact your Regional Service Center and they will look up your name and MCP ID on a list of registrants from 71-621 and 71-622 FIRST RUN betas and assign a voucher code to you.

...and for those of you who have questions about your transcript not reflecting appropriate cert credit after taking your Vista exams

  • If that is you (took 620, 621, or 622 and not showing the right certs in your transcript), rest assured it is being updated now. With new exams/certifications we can run in to glitches with the many business rules that assign cert credit for new exams in our cert tree/transcript/DB tools. That is what is happening here, and we're fixing it.

  • Updates are being made now so your

    1. 620 exam pass will = MCTS: Vista

    2. 621 pass will = MCTS: Vista and MCITP: Enterprise Support,

    3. 620+622 passes = MCTS: Vista and MCITP: Enterprise Support, too.

    4. 620 will credit your completion of MCSA/E 2000 or 2003 if you used it as your elective

  1. UPDATE JUNE 11, 2007

I keep forgetting to use Live Writer.

Comments (134)

  1. Mazen says:

    Yesterday I flinched my exam MCTS windows Vista 70-620 so is this update will affect me or not .


  2. Ken W says:

    So to get the MCITP: EST you only need to pass 2 exams?  I only ask this as on 1 of your webpages (trying to find it) it states that to get the MCITP: EST you need to pass 3 exams.


  3. Ken W says:

    Found the page: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/vistaupgrade/default.mspx

    "MCDSTs will need to take only one exam (70-621) to earn the MCTS and MCITP: Enterprise Support certifications instead of following the direct path of three exams…" – MS*

    Page quoted 31/05/2007 @ 08.40hrs BST

    -Ken 🙂

  4. kyrikaze says:

    The right link is here http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/mcitp/entsupport/default.mspx

    The link you give, deal about the upgrade from MCDST to MCITP.

    Yes, you only have to take 620+622.

    The 621 is reserved to the MCDST people who want to make an upgrade.

  5. Jevgenijs says:

    622 Installing, Maintaining, Supporting, and Troubleshooting Applications on the Windows Vista Client


    624 TS: Deploying and Maintaining Windows Vista Client and 2007 Microsoft Office System Desktops

    is not enough to get MCITP?

    only 620+622?

  6. Chance says:


    This was actually a question on yesterday’s presentation regarding updates to the new cert paths.  Only 620+622 (or 621 if you’re MCDST) will get you to MCITP:EST.  From the looks of the exam guide (http://www.microsoft.com/learning/exams/70-624.mspx), 624 covers more of the complete package (Vista WITH Office 2007) deployment and configuration than actual support.  Since 622 covers the support side for just the OS and 620 covers deployment and configuration of just the OS, 624 should, IMHO, remain an elective for the higher level certs, but not be a requirement for the EST or CST.  624 would be a good TS cert to have to back up the knowledge…besides, it IS an elective for MCSA / MCSE!

    Just an opinion on that issue.

  7. Andy says:

    I’ve passed all the Vista exams; 620, 621, 622, 623, and 624. Will there be more…

  8. Barbara says:

    The website —http://www.microsoft.com/learning/exams/70-622.mspx

    Says "Credit toward certification

    When you pass Exam 70-622 Pro: Microsoft Desktop Support – ENTERPRISE, you

    complete the requirements for the following certification:

    . Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Enterprise Support Technician"

    But this other

    site —http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/mcitp/entsupport/default.mspx

    says — "Required exams for MCITP: Enterprise Support Technician (One exam

    plus MCTS prerequisite)"

    I didn’t see the second one until AFTER I took 622. That first link is rather misleading. I’m still thrilled that I passed 622 of course.

    Best part about taking it and passing? I just started my new job literally a few days before I took the test. I’m the help desk tech, then there is the network techs above me, and then the network engineers above the network techs… I know more about VISTA than all of them combined. 🙂

  9. Chance says:

    Well, I see the credit for 621 on the transcript and I see the requirement for Core 2 for MCITP:EST complete, but still no credential on my transcript or learning manager….Do we have a definitive time frame on when those should appear yet?  I know you get this alot, but SOMEBODY has to be the pest 😛

  10. Jim says:

    Any updates when new credentials will be reflected on our transcripts?

    Still waiting to see the MCITP for passing 70-622.  Email to MS Support indicated this should have been resolved by 6/1, but that is not the case…

  11. adrian says:

    Still no update on my transcript ….no clear date when this will be corrected …conclusion: no more beta exam for me ….bye

  12. Ken W says:

    Hi Trika,

    Is the problem with updating the new credential localised to only the new beta exams?  Just the Vista based beta exams?  Or all new MCTS/MCITP exams?


  13. BT says:

    Passing the 621, the transcript only show MCITP:Enterprise Support, but no MCTS:Vista, why why?

  14. Ken W says:

    Hi BT,

    At least your transcript is showing one of 2 new statuses, I’m still waiting for my transcript to show at least 1 🙁


  15. BT says:

    Hi Ken

    Which exam you taken? 621 or 622 or 623?

    BTW, after the RESC GCK help me to link my information from prometric with my MCP ID, I found that my prometric ID cannot be logged in anymore.

    Why RESC GCK always do such thing??  It is not the first time [after link up the prometric with MCP ID, the prometric exam ID was deleted!!!  I’m very upset as I lost my exam history again and again.


  16. Ken W says:

    I took the 71-621 (the beta exam), on my transcript it states that I’ve passed the 621 exam, just no new credential (MCTS or the MCITP).  Sorry about your experiences with Prometric, I use Vue so far no problems like that.


  17. Helmer says:

    Strange….i took the 70-620 and the 70-622…i passed both, but only recieved the MCTS : Windows Vista Config. credentials. Is this going to be fixed? 🙂

  18. Helmer says:

    Ehh….i didn’t read right 🙂 It’s going to be fixed but probbably it takes a while….

  19. Helmer says:

    Ehh….i didn’t read right 🙂 It’s going to be fixed but probbably it takes a while….

  20. Ken W says:

    Yippy, got the MCITP cred now, but no MCTS???  Will wait a few day, and see how it goes.


  21. Chance says:

    I WANT MINE!!!!!!!!  How much arm twisting did you do Ken?

  22. Helmer says:

    @Ken How much did you pay Trika to fix it so fast 🙂

  23. Rob.au says:

    Hmmm.  No changes on my transcript here.

    BT… I also had Prometric make my login disappear into thin air… whatever I tried, the website said it had no record of me.

    I just played dumb and used the contact form to say I’d forgotten my login details.  They sent an e-mail back going "No problem, try using these login details".  They had sent me the exact same username and password I’d been using, but by some miracle, they suddenly worked again.

    I’ve always used Pearson Vue without drama in the past – I only registered with Prometric for the 71-621 retake because of the double-beta problem.

  24. Ken W says:

    Hi Helmer & Chance,

    The amount of violence I had to use… 🙂  just joking.  It took all my posts here, 3 or 4 phones calls to the MCP helpdesk, an e-mail to the MCP helpdesk and a month of waiting (just short of a month).  Saying that, like I mentioned before, I’m still waiting for my MCTS 🙁

    Pay Trika?  She can not be bribed… 🙂


  25. kyrikaze says:

    I’m still waiting for my result for the 71-621 & 71-623..I took them the 2nd april….

    Like you, I’ve emailed MCP Help, Called my regional MS center, Prometric….and no information…I’m Still waiting…not good Ad for MS.

  26. BT says:

    Hi Rob.au

    I’ve recovered my login, thank you for your solution.


  27. Helmer says:

    Hi Ken W,

    The strange thing is that when i look at the cert.planner it says that i already passed the 622 (and that I’m a MCITP) 🙂

    It’s probbalby harder than we think….

    Please Trika can you do us a favor?? 🙂


  28. abigyan says:

    want to know if i fail the beta 621

    would i be able to have the score and what about the exam retaken policy?

  29. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    See updates above in the poast. I’ll keep tabs on where things stand and give you updates as things move along.

  30. Frank says:

    (First) beta scores: any (good) news?

  31. Luke Potter says:


    Any update? 🙂 I desperate to know my results!

  32. kyrikaze says:

    Hi Luke Potter!

    Like Trika said in another post, try to send him your MCP ID, Name and tell him what your MS Transcript actually show, he’ll forward to their database team to troubleshoot it.

  33. Luke Potter says:


    Thanks – But i’m after an update as to the results of the 1st beta! 🙂


  34. pricedaniel says:

    I wonder if we will get the scores from the first Beta exam before the free (or 40%) voucher expire? Still showing "TAKEN" since 3 Jan 2007.

  35. Luke Potter says:

    How do we go about claiming the free voucher? I was told to contact my regional centre but they didn’t seem to have a clue!

  36. Clifton says:

    I’m wondering about the free voucher(s) as well. Should we get one voucher code for each beta (620, 621, 622, 623, & 624)? I called my regional center, and as Luke mentioned, they didn’t seem to be aware. I was finally able to get one code, which at first they told me would be only for 621, but then they said it would work for any 70-62x exam. I’m thinking I should get one code per beta.

  37. Boston says:

    Man this is such Bullshit. its been half a year since I took this test. All I want is my F’ing score.

  38. Luke Potter says:

    More delay, this is ridiculous…..

  39. Angry mcse wanting to vent says:

    "If you would like to vent, you can contact your Regional Service Center and let ’em have it, or post angry comments here."

    If that’s supposed to be a joke, it’s a very bad one. It sounds like "if you are angry, we really dont care"

  40. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    That wasn’t a joke, but I certainly wasn’t trying to say that I don’t care. I meant to say, I agree this is bullshit, you’re entitled to be annoyed, and please let us hear about it. I don’t know what else to say. I am trying to help get this resolved, and I’m trying to open with you about where things stand. In the meantime, I know you all will be justifiably frustrated. I wasn’t trying to be flippant.

  41. Luke Potter says:

    Trikah, your efforts are very much appreciated and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that we understand that this is out of your control.

    However, I want it to be know that Microsoft have certainly frustrated a lot of MCP’s with this little fiasco. I personally studied extremely hard the 71-621 beta test, my entire Christmas of 2006 (even Christmas Day!) was spent reading all of the material that I could find relating to Vista.

    Now 6 months on, I still haven’t a clue how I faired on the exam. I’m extremely tempted to shell out my own money and to go and take the live test……even before receiving my beta result.

    In addition, I still have absolutely no clue how to claim my “free exam” voucher, I’ve contracted Vue and Microsoft and neither seem to have any knowledge it. I even copied you in on an email the other day Trikah in the hope that you could sort something out for me.

    Once again, thanks for your efforts and I for one will be glad when this is all over.

  42. kyrikaze says:

    Luke Potter For Your info I contacted My regional Center MS to get my Voucher.

    They have a list of all people (Name and MCP Number) who took the beta exam.

    I ask for mine in april, and they follow me an email with a personnal voucher code.

    Do the same and insist ! Sometimes, MS people seem  to be hard to understand a simple thing.

    For example I made 21 call to my regional center about the beta exam (I’m in France) And the only thing they can say, is "We don’t have your result, contact Prometric and ask them to send them again" or "Wait one week again"….

    For Trika: Tks for what you do and what you have done, but I feel like the others guy who posted here. Frustated, tt’s very ridiculous, wait more and more and maybe to hear that we failed.? It sound like a bad joke.

    The vista exam were beta, but What about the correction Process with that psychometrician ? Is it a beta process too?

  43. Luke Potter says:

    kyrikaze, I’ve already contracted my Regional Centre on two seperate occassions (once via email) and each time they didn’t seem to know anything about this voucher! 🙁

  44. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    I want to add this, too, that the people who are working on getting this resolved are really smart, and really nice, and are all doing their best at their jobs. It is also true, however, that they are balancing many complicated projects, being pulled in lots of directions with other daily firedrills on unreltaed projects (like at your jobs), and, most of all; some things that seem like they should be really simple just aren’t (like at your jobs). I’m not saying that to excuse our screw ups or this beta ordeal–but to point out that the people here are good and really do care. That doesn’t change that this is inexcusable and embarrasing.

    ABOUT THE VOUCHERS: If you took the first beta of 621 or 622, you are eligible for a voucher (or two if you took both). If your RSC said they don’t know what you’re talking about, please forward that correspondence to me with the MCP ID and name you used to register for that first beta. If you already did and I did not respond yet, thanks for your patience.

  45. Luke Potter says:

    Thanks Trikah, have a fantastic weekend! 🙂

  46. Marcel Eisberg says:


    Thanks for all the information you’re giving us. This seems to be the only place where we can find anything about this issue.

    I took the beta 621 in January and 623 in April and as everybody else here..still waiting.. I know that your colleagues are doing there best to solve this, but maybe an e-mail update once in a while wouldn’t hurt?

    About the voucher: Can I use this for any 62x exam? Or do I need to tell my RSC which examvoucher I would like?



  47. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    Marcel, the process to get the voucher is to contact your Regional Service Center (http://www.microsoft.com/learning/support/worldsites.mspx) and provide your full name and MCP ID. They will confirm that you took the original 621 and/or 622 from our original registration lists and provide you with a unique voucher code good for use on any one of the following exams: 70-620, 70-621, 70-622, 70-623, or 70-624 (you get one voucher and then can register for whichever exam you’d like).

  48. pontfirebird73 says:

    I wonder what the next excuse is going to be next month when we still don’t have the results for this beta.

  49. Luke Potter says:

    So we should recieve our results within the next 2-3 weeks right?

  50. kyrikaze says:

    Based on what trika said, yes, we should have our result the next month….if nothing else happen of course.

  51. kyrikaze says:

    Hi trika, tjs for the update !

    But what about the 623 ??

    Have you some news about it?

  52. Ray Frangie says:

    Thanks for the update Trika

    Look forward to your next one after the meeting



  53. Marcel Eisberg says:

    I’m getting nervous….

    Any news on the 623 exams?



  54. Luke Potter says:

    Finally some good news! – Thanks =]

  55. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    kyrikaze and Marcel: I got confirmation from both VUE and Prometric that the 71-623 beta was scored already, back in mid-May (the exam went live at both providers on May 17) so you should have already gotten a score report from your exam provider. Sounds like you did not–please check with them and let me know what you hear.

  56. Kyrikaze says:

    Hi Trika!

    I contacted Prometric like you suggered me, but after been waiting 10 minutes, a women tell me that they can’t print the result, and that I should reffer directly to Microsoft to know more about the 71-623.

    She also informed me, that for some beta result my Prometric Transcript can forever show the status "Tested", and never change to "PASS" or "FAILED", and that’s why, it should be better to contact MS.


  57. Marcel Eisberg says:

    Hi Trika,

    Same story here as Kyrikaze.

    Called my testcenter, then Prometric, then Microsoft. MS told me that also 623 is being rescored like 621. I need to wait for another 1-2 weeks.



  58. Shailesh says:

    Hi Trika, I appeared in 70-621 First Beta only. Second beta blacklisted my country so i was unable to give beta2. My prometric history shows "tested" for beta 1. When its gonna update?

  59. Luke Potter says:

    It’s now Monday and my profile still hasn’t updated. Any news on when we might get these results?



  60. Boston says:

    Yep, Monday and still no scores… Trikah any more news for use lost souls.


  61. kyrikaze says:

    Up….nothing else for me too.

  62. Robert Frey says:

    Or me :(.

    I too have called a few times throughout this whole ordeal.  It is sad that no one you can reach on phone has a clue what is going on.  Everyone just refers you to another person (who can’t help you, but can refer you back to the person that referred you to them!)

  63. Cipollini22 says:

    On Vue for 70-621:

    71-621: Pro: Upgrading your MCDST Certification to MCITP Enterprise Support

    English More Information taken

    nothing else 🙁

  64. Luke Potter says:

    Still no word! 🙁

  65. Frank says:

    …July…still nothing…

  66. Mike says:

    Still no 70-621 results at Vue.  This is starting to get a little ridiculous.  Trika any news from that meeting?  We haven’t seen an update as you suggested there would be.

    I know there’s a free 70-6XX voucher in this for us, but seriously – this being my first beta experience, it makes me really reconsider participation in future ones.  Can anything else be done for us?

  67. Tristan says:

    Personally I find this quite disgusting. I took exam 70-621 on January the 3rd and it’s now July the 3rd. This was my first beta exam and to be honest I don’t think I will be taking another one. Especially after the way Microsoft have handled the situation, it’s just been one excuse after another.  Even now after all this time no one seems to have a clue what the situation is. Worst of all I haven’t received a single email from Microsoft to apologise or explain the situation. I have to come here to find out what is going on.

    It’s nice to receive a voucher for future exams. However I would rather have my exam result pass or fail than a voucher. Many people have stated that they spent the majority of their Christmas break studying for this exam, myself included. If I had known in advance what a cock up all this was going to be I wouldn’t have bothered in the first place.

  68. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    I’ll forward your comments on 623 to our Prometric account manager to see if she can find out why you were told that.

  69. Cipollini22 says:

    Will we get the results at VUE before Microsoft ends the contract with VUE at 12/31/07 ??


  70. Kyrikaze says:

    Ok, so wait and see….the situation become very ridiculous…It’s not again you Trika.

    You seem to be the only one in MS office who care about us, and it’s why I’m disappointed.

  71. Ray Frangie says:


    27 weeks, 5 days, 7 hours, 8 minutes, and 15 seconds and counting…


  72. Luke Potter says:

    This is torture!!!! 🙁

  73. Tristan says:

    Personally I find this quite disgusting. I took exam 70-621 on January the 3rd and it’s now July the 3rd. This was my first beta exam and to be honest I don’t think I will be taking another one. Especially after the way Microsoft have handled the situation, it’s just been one excuse after another.  Even now after all this time no one seems to have a clue what the situation is. Worst of all I haven’t received a single email from Microsoft to apologise or explain the situation. I have to come here to find out what is going on.

    It’s nice to receive a voucher for future exams. However I would rather have my exam result pass or fail than a voucher. Many people have stated that they spent the majority of their Christmas break studying for this exam, myself included. If I had known in advance what a complete and utter cock up all this was going to be I wouldn’t have bothered in the first place.

  74. Luke Potter says:

    This is so frustrating…..

  75. Frank says:

    Well.. some other months and I’ll have to renew my certification (without knowing if I’ve actually achieved it…)

  76. Luke Potter says:

    Looking forward to today’s update! 🙂

  77. Marcel Eisberg says:

    Hi Trika,

    Any news from your Prometric account manager yet?

  78. Luke Potter says:

    Anything to report? I really want to know what’s happening! 🙂

  79. Ben says:

    I just wanted to say a big thanks to Trikah for keeping us all up to date with what’s going on. I can fully appreciate that this is a nightmare for all involved.

    For everyone who is saying that Microsoft has handled this badly, I really don’t think that they have. The Beta exams are free to sit & you get the final qualification (in theory!) if you pass – this alone is a saving of about 100$. Microsoft have acknowledged that there was a screw up with the 621 and 623 exams and offered a very clear choice to everyone effected. 1 either sit the new exam or 2 wait and it will eventually be scored. They also offered everyone affected the voucher for any other Vista exam which again is 100$ saving.

    I think that they have done more than is necessary and I can fully appreciate that people are getting misleading information from different sources but please remember the amount of factors involved there – all the different regional MS service centres, all the different service centres for the exam providers etc… that’s a lot of people to keep up-to-date with this highly unusual situation!

    So in summary many thanks Trikah and please just keep doing what your doing and letting us know what’s going on! (even if it changes as other situations develop)

  80. hartplaza says:

    Ben, I fully agree on your posting.

  81. Marcel Eisberg says:


    I agree, but I do think that MS should have been more thoughtfull when releasing these exams for beta testing. Actualy letting people take the exam is a final stage in the program. If you find out then that they are not up to MS standards to me seems a bit late.

    Sure giving everybody a second change in taking the exam is a nice gesture but it means that I need to take another day of from work to take this exam again. That is why I choose not to. Now I’m waiting for my results for over 6 months. Had MS thought a little more before releasing the exam for beta testing this would have been a lot less.

    I do agree with you totaly regarding Trika!

    She seems to be the only one acting on this issue and communicating it to the outside world (us). So many thanks Trika!


  82. Kyrikaze says:

    Like U Marcel, I want to say Thank to Trika who seem to be the only person who care about us.

    But I am also angry again MS who don’t communicate about those exam and again Prometric or Vue…

    Really, people are waiting since december 2006 !

  83. Tristan says:

    I agree with you Marcel. The free exam voucher is nice to have, but then I would rather have my exam result pass or fail. It’s not the money that bothers me, but the time invested in these exams. Time off work and time spent studying.

    In many ways Microsoft had to offer something like a free voucher in order to placate us. Can you imagine the uproar if they hadn’t, especially after announcing that the exam needed to be changed after we all took it.

    Trika has been a great help no doubt, but surely Microsoft should be sending letters to us explaining what the situation is. It’s almost like they are trying to sweep the whole thing under the carpet.

    It’s been well over 6 months and for all we know it could be another 6 months more at this rate.

  84. Luke Potter says:


    Do you have any update for us yet? I’m dying to find out my results! 🙁



  85. Dan says:


    Is there any update i’ve been speaking to Prometric and my regional MS centre and neither have any information/know anything about the scoring/likely date.



  86. Boston says:

    This sucks. Everyday I check to see if my status on Vue has changed, and NOTHING. My first beta turned out to be crap. Gonna be hard for me to try this again.

    187 days of anticipation… and counting….

    Sad, but true.

  87. Marcel Eisberg says:

    Would just like to quote Björk:

    Shhhh, Shhhh

    It’s, oh, so quiet

    It’s, oh, so still


  88. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    PS, anytime you want a response, just quote Bjork.

  89. Marcel Eisberg says:


    I’ll keep that in mind!

    Thanks Trika

  90. Luke Potter says:

    “Again, this is not an excuse – but we are winging it through this process to try and give scores to those of you who wanted to take a chance and not participate in the 2nd beta.”

    Trikah, some of us didn’t even have a chance to take the 2nd beta because Microsoft didn’t give us enough time to book our test centre places. Both of my closest centres were fully booked up during the beta period, the next centre was over 100 miles away! Therefore I had no choice but to “take a chance and not participate in the 2nd beta.” Answer me this, are we going to receive our results BEFORE we are no longer able to book a re-take (if we fail) through Vue as they lost their contact with MS?

  91. Jacky says:

    How about 623?  My record for 623 is still showing "TESTED" which makes me unable to register "again".

    Anyway, it’s good to see we are updated with latest status for 621 & 622.  Thanks, Trika!

  92. Luke Potter says:

    Finally, some good news! 🙂

    Thanks Trikah.

  93. Marcel Eisberg says:

    Let’s give it a try…

    "One day, it will happen

    One day, one day

    It will all come true."

    Any news on when we will be getting a score for the 71-623 beta?

  94. Marcel Eisberg says:


    Failed for the 621….

  95. Dennis says:

    PASS :-))

  96. Luke Potter says:

    Anyone had their Vue result yet?

  97. rsborges says:

    Why 70-620 is not valid as Core Cliente OS for MCSA/MCSE: Security specialization?

  98. gomcse2002 says:

    Hey Luke Potter

    I took my 71-622 on Dec 19/2006 and no results yet from VUE. Sad indeed. So you are not the only one.

  99. Luke Potter says:

    Nothing from Vue yet! Has anyone had a result?

  100. Kyrikaze says:

    Nothing from Prometric, stil in status "TESTED" for the 621 & 623.

    I heard you Trika, but still nothing..sniff..

  101. pepc@mail.dk says:

    I passed today TADA.

    Poul Erik

  102. Robert Frey says:


    I’m happy, I never even got to touch vista for my own use, and didn’t really study either.  Luckily knowing XP + little common sense = knowing vista haha.

  103. matt says:

    Holy crap!!!  I think I passed.  Could it be a typo from Vue??  I hope not.  I’m with Robert…I never go to touch Vista or use a study book and I still passed.

  104. Robert Frey says:

    Congratz then Matt!

    Don’t even say ‘typo from Vue’ again though!  I’d be pissed!

    I don’t think it is though, I know someone who took it from Vue and got a fail.

  105. Ray Frangie says:

    I PASSED!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!

    VUE Transcript shows passed… But my MS Transcript hasn’t been updated yet…

    How long’s this normally take?

  106. Cipollini22 says:

    I have passed too, yippee.

    Next stop Longhorn.

  107. kyrikaze says:

    Happy to know that some of us finlly get their result.

    But I’m still waitibg for mine..

  108. Jason Krause says:

    Passed. Thank you Trika for holding so many hands through these last months. Now, I just need my MS transcript to update so I can rub it in the faces of those who failed to participate in the beta exams…

  109. Ray Frangie says:

    I agree with Jason, many thanks to you Trika, who knows what we would of done if you weren’t around, we couldn’t of done it without you


  110. gomcse2002 says:

    My 71-622 took on Dec 19, 2006, 19 with Vue still show "taken", am I the only one still waiting for my beta results ???

  111. Mike says:

    OH MY GOD!  My Vue history just got updated with a PASS for the first 70-621!  Trikah even though you’ve been great here, I just really didn’t expect to ever find out 🙂

    I don’t see any updates to my MS transcript yet but I imagine it won’t be far off.

  112. hartplaza says:

    I think de MS Transcript is running a big delay. I passed 70-299 little over a week ago, making me MCSA Security, but it is still not showing in mine transcript.

  113. Robert Frey says:

    Does anyone know why test 620 qualifies as an elective for MCSA, yet test 621 which gives you the same exact title/qualification as 620 does not?  It seems a bit redundant to have to go back and take 620 for my MCSA even though I already have the title MCTS: Vista.

  114. kyrikaze says:

    gomcse2002 you are not alone…

    I’m still waiting for my beta result of 621 and 623 since a long time…

    …one day, one day…maybe one day….it should appear in my transcript, one day…

  115. Marcel Eisberg says:

    Congrats to everybody who passed!

    It looks like all VUE testtakers passed. Are there others out there, who like me, took the exam at prometric? (I failed, but didn’t expect this)

    BTW Trika.. I did quote Björk in a previous post and got no reply.. :-))

  116. kyrikaze says:

    Can you explain me what is going on ?

    I took the 621 the 29 december 2006 at a Vue center.

    Next, like it was suggered I re-sit the 3 april 2007.

    But now, today, I received my result, and my transcript in vue is updated with PASS status !!!!

    It’s good news for me, but could you explain me, why you don’t register my second result ?

    NB: any news about the 623 ?

  117. Frank says:

    Prometric+71-622/(first beta only)= ?

  118. hartplaza says:

    Mine status at Prometric says "passed" for about 2 weeks now, but have not received a score report, nor is mine transcript updated. Mailing to prometric has nog given me any answers yet, they just don’t reply or answer mine questions. That’s why I don’t like Prometric and prefer VUE, however, for the beta 71-621 VUE had no seats available.

  119. Frank says:

    Anyone else didn’t get 622’s results yet?

  120. Ben says:

    Prometric 622 – still waiting at "tested"

    I got all excited this week and kept checking every day. I think I need to go back to checking once per week 🙁 never mind I’m sure it will sort out.

  121. kyrikaze says:

    Still no news for the 71-623 ?

    Still waiting for my result…since a long very long time..

  122. hartplaza says:

    I received the score report for the 71-621, the first beta exam, today. It says passed. But it is still not updated on mine transcript.

  123. 623.... says:

    623… 623… 623… 623… 🙁

  124. Marcel Eisberg says:


    Any news on the

    seventyonedashsixhunderdtwentythree yet?

  125. Jekyl says:

    Can u confirm us that the 71-623 is now live ?

    Or is it still in Bêta ? Cause, we are waiting for our result and we don’t get any news about it.

  126. Kyrikaze says:

    Have someone seen the 71-623 somewhere ? I looking for.

  127. Rob.au says:

    The 70-623 is live – I used the "we’re sorry about the two betas thing" voucher to sit for it this morning, and passed.

    Now I get to sit back and see who wins in Trika vs the Certification Planner.

    Trika has said MCDST+621+623 doesn’t qualify for MCITP:Consumer Support Technician, whereas the Certification Planner just shows the 623 alone waiting to be ticked off, with the MCTS:Vista Config requirement already ticked.

    Fortunately I don’t mind too much at this stage – I mainly just wanted to see what the 623 is like and I’ll give some feedback on its relevance to the ISP helpdesk where I used to work (same company, different area).

  128. Kyrikaze says:

    up for a 71-623 answer.

  129. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    As I posted earlier, VUE and Prometric both reported that 623 was scored in May. I’m sorry if I already had you do this–but for me to help figure this out please send me an e-mail with your name, MCP ID, and attach any correspondence with helpdesk (MCP, VUE or Prometric) about your 623 results. I can’t find any records of where thsi stands. Thanks very much.

  130. Kyrikaze says:

    Ok, I just send mine, hope to get quikly an anwser.

  131. Rob.au says:

    Just an update in case it helps anyone:

    MCDST+621+623 is indeed enough to earn the Consumer Support Technician certification. 🙂

  132. Aftab yo says:

    Hello there.

    Looks like we are all riding on the same boat i.e waiting for the trascript to show passed exam results. I don’t see any updates in my MS transcript yet. I guess I will have to wait for somemore time.

    And then will have to for MCP kit to arrive oh gosh. :o|

    Lets see.


  133. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    Aftab, Jekyl, you should not be waiting any longer. Please send me an e-mail with your first name, last name, e-mail address, and date/number of the exam you took. I will escalate it to the helpdesk.

    Ben, Frank, what about you. Do you have a 622 result?

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