Saddle Up and Ride (or, Parading Through Servers)

I am registered to take 70-620 at our campus test center at the end of this month. I'm telling you all so I don't change my mind. My confidence level = LOW. But I do have a 70-620 TK, as we say in the biz, on loan from a co-worker named Charlotte and 12+ hours of plane time on the way to Florida to review it, and I'm installing now (what's that you say? I should have been running Vista six months ago? I'm sorry, you're breaking up Ican'thearyou la la la lalalalalal!) and another friend of mine from work is taking it too so we can have a study group and order pizzas. I don't expect to break 500 but stranger <what's that you say? in a strange land?> things have happened.

Despite this little pep talk for myself, my confidence remains at a realistic level of lowness. But I think it will still be fun. After I take the exam I'm going to mosey around the Partner Technology Center in building 25 where the test center is, it has huge fancy server cabinets everywhere you look and is quite posh. Nothing picks you up after a piss poor score report like parading through servers.

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  1. Ken W says:

    What’s a 70-620TK?  Anyway, good luck with your exam, let us know how you get on 🙂


  2. Andy says:

    Luck is not required if you are prepared. You should consider spelling-out Training Kit as TK may cause confusion.

  3. Lukas Beeler says:

    You’ve got a month of time to prepare. That’s more than enough for any exam.

    The important thing about learning is that you should do stuff where it really matters – as your job isn’t installing Windows Vista for customers, you can go and help your friends/collegues/aunts etc. to upgrade their computers to Windows Vista.

    This way you will gain something that no Training Kit, no Study Book, etc. can give you: Experience.

    All IT exams are easy, if you have the experience 🙂

  4. hartplaza says:

    For a very short moment I was afraid Trika ment something else with TK.

  5. Larry West MCSD, MCPD, MCTS, etc. says:

    Did Microsoft buy out that "other" TK as part of its lawsuit agreement? I once attended a Microsoft presentation where they talked all about Intuit products (before that deal was squashed) even though the topic was supposed to be something else, so maybe that’s what Trika’s trying to do here. One of my study philosophies is to ask myself: if I was an exam creator, what type of questions would I put on the test?. Since Trika knows some of the exam creators personally, she can answer that question with a lot more accuracy than I can. I think you’ll do better than 500, Trika. BTW, I’ll be taking that exam myself tomorrow.

  6. Mark says:

    When will MS update the main learning site about these new tests and certifications? They still have very few listed under TS and even fewer listed under ITPRO

  7. Gareth says:

    Good luck Trika, I found the MS E-learning stuff was great for 70-620. I’ll be you get a discount too 😉

  8. LarryWestMCSD says:

    Trika: We all know you mean Training Kit, we’re just having a little fun. I passed the exam today with an 815 (studying mainly using MSDN,, and the <F1> key), meaning that I spent 15% too much time studying :-).

    I think it was the first exam in which I didn’t have to use the scroll bars to read the entire question once. Please give my thanks to all of the exam writers of the 620 that all of the questions were short and to the point (and encourage future exam writers to follow their example)! [If saying this is a violation of the NDA, I apologize and ask that you remove this posting.]

    All I can say Trika is use the products mentioned in the Preparation Guide (Windows Defender, Sidebar, IE7, Parental Controls, etc.) and you should do well.

    By the way, what is the status regarding improving the "Welcome Kit" certificates themselves? Should I go ahead and order my MCTS: Windows Vista, Configuring certificate now, or wait a few days or weeks when a better looking certificate comes around?

    Best wishes on your studies.

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