May 30: Vista and Exchange cert 101

Reminder that tomorrow, Wednesday May 30, we are having Live Meetings on Vista and Exchange certifications–with updates on exam availability and related training (training kits, classroom training, e-learning, etc…). It will be a short and sweet intro to help you grok* the cert paths, then you can ask questions about the certification tracks and training for XP/Vista and Messaging (Exchange 2007 vs 2003 and OCS) . Register via the links i poasted earlier: 

*Alternate headline for this poast: YT Comes Clean as Grok Poser. I just came across ‘grok’ in this post, reached via Howard in this post, and now I am going to use it all the time, even if I am using it wrong. i’m not sure what is more lame, that I had to wiki grok or that i am potentially using it incorrectly (i.e. not grokking it)

Comments (7)

  1. Head_Like_A_Sieve says:

    Will there be circus music too? < Leans forward in anticipation >

  2. Liza F. says:

    You’re just exposing the fact that you never read <i>Stranger in a Strange Land</i>, that’s all.  🙂

  3. Dave says:

    Liza’s right Trika. Go get that Heinlein book now! Yes I *am* being pushy – you DO need to 😉

    You can’t truly grok "grok" otherwise


  4. Chance says:

    I didn’t hear any circus music.  hugely dissapointing 🙁

  5. Chris Haaker says:

    Dave is 100% correct. The book is phenominal. I read it once every five years! 🙂 Grok it.

  6. says:

    See Amazon order confirmation below. Are you happy now????!!!!

    Shipping estimate for these items:  May 31, 2007

    Delivery estimate:  June 5, 2007 – June 7, 2007  

    1 "Stranger in a Strange Land"

    Robert A. Heinlein;

    Mass Market Paperback; $7.99

    Sold by:  

  7. Abdul says:

    Is there a recorded event for the Windows Vista and Microsoft Exchange 2007: certification review

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