If you hold your MCSA or MCSE on 2003…

...you should sign up to get 40% off of your upgrade exam to Windows Server 2008. Do I sound too pushy? You don't have to. But all you have to do is sign in with your Live ID to register, then you'll get an e-mail with your voucher code that will work at any test center worldwide. Then, you can use it if you want when the WS2003-->2008 upgrade exams come out (one for MCSAs and one for MCSEs) or not, if you don't feel like it.

Note: the only people who care about this are those who hold an MCSA or MCSE on Windows Server 2003, because they are the only people eligible to take the upgrade exams. The upgrade exams and the 40% savings offer are both intended to recognize your investment/expertise on our current technology and help your transition to the new stuff. So you should take advantage of it.

SO SIGN UP FOR YOUR VOUCHER. NOW! <super pushy sounding> ALSO, TELL OTHER MCSA/E 2003s BECAUSE YOU CAN ONLY REGISTER UNTIL THE END OF JUNE. <she says, as pushily as possible>

Comments (10)

  1. Lukas Beeler says:

    Now, this might sound like a really stupid question, but why not offer this in general for first few months?

  2. Trika says:

    Hey, Lukas. Keep in mind, please, that there are no stupid questions, just stupid marketing programs.

  3. wagnerk says:

    Already signed up, hopefully will be integrating Longhorn beta 3 into a working environment to see how it fairs.


  4. Get 40% Off of MCSE 2008 Upgrade Exam

  5. Mosey on over to Trika’s blog for the link to get 40% off of your MCSE Windows 2008 upgrade exam. You

  6. Stan Segers says:

    Spreading the word (pingback). Just a quick sanity-check, this discount doesn´t stack with others, does it?

  7. Trika says:

    Hey, Stan. You are correct, this offer can NOT be used with any other exam discounts or offers.

    All, thanks for helping get the news out. DON’T MAKE ME YELL ABOUT HOW GREAT YOU ARE. I HATE YELLING. It seems pushy.

  8. Chanaka says:

    Hi All,

     i’m chanaka i was done the mcse mcsa 2000, before 2 years, i would like to upgrade the 2003 possible to get the 2003 braindumps.

    please reply to my mail.


    i’m waiting your answer.



  9. KomatoZo says:

    Errr… Trika, it seems like something goes wrong. I registered for this protmotion just after you had posted it, but I haven’t still received any voucher. Is it ok or I am supposed to worry about it? =)

  10. KTMorris says:

    What the $#^$@&$ happened to this voucher??? July 15th came and went – no voucher. It’s now close to the end of August – still no voucher. I DO have the confirmation e-mail that I registered properly for the voucher dated April 27th. Did it ever get sent out? Did anyone else receive theirs? What’s the deal Trika?

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