LogoBuilder: Not Building Logos

Hey, y'all. It's not just you. They are working on getting LogoBuilder (tool for creating your certification logos on the MCP site) back up. Thanks for the news Ken W.

<May 24 edit: The Microsoft Learning Logo Builder site certificate issues have been resolved and the site it now up and operating.>

Comments (5)

  1. Ken W says:

    No worries 🙂


  2. Bill says:

    Still down.

  3. Trika says:

    We had a problem with our "web service certificate." But "it is working again and we are now seeing profiles coming across." There is still an issue with the builder page and we expect our contact (in another time zone–9 hours ahead) to give us an estimate of when this will be fixed later this afternoon. Sorry for the inconvenience. I’m on all the resolution thread (how do you think i knew about our Web Services Certificate??!?!?!) and will post a note when it is back up.

  4. Ken W says:

    The logo builder now works, I can access all my logo’s now.


  5. Peter Read says:

    Yay.  Looks like it was paranoia thinking the MCTS: Vista had broken it 😉

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