WS2003–>WS2008 betas at TechEd, Orlando

Number 1. Reminder that all cert exams are $50US on site at TechEd Orlando. Here's info.

Number 2. You might recall that we will be offering the beta exams for the two server transition paths (from MCSA 2003 and MCSE 2003 to Windows Server 2008 certs) at TechEd in Orlando, the first week of June. If you are an MCSA or MCSE 2003 attending the event and are interested in taking the beta, you can register in advance with VUE using the exam numbers below. There will not be a charge for the beta exams.

  • These two betas are only for current MCSA 2003 or MCSE 2003 customers. The rest of the exam betas will be months from now...

  • Here are the transition, or upgrade, exam numbers to request when you register with VUE:

    • 71-648 for MCSA (use promotion code LOU648)

    • 71-649 for MCSE (use promotion code PIE649)

  • Only register for the exam appropriate to your certification--i.e. if you are MCSE, you only need to take 649. You won't get anything more on your transcript for taking 648, too. 649 will earn three of the MCTS requirements for Windows Server 2008 certifications - 648 will earn two of those. So if you take both, you just end up with the same three MCTS certs that you would have had you taken only 649. Make sense?

  • More on what's coming for Windows Server 2008 certification: MCPs can visit the MCP site.

If you are NOT going to TechEd but are interested in the Windows Server 2008 betas (upgrade or not), you can make sure you are eligible for betas by reviewing the info here. If we do not fill the beta seats for the 2003-->2008 exams we will open those up after the event.

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  1. Andy says:

    I’m scheduled for both.

  2. S.Y. Paul Lai says:

    I don’t have the chance to visit TechEd in US.  I want to take the "open" beta, if any.  Now, what I can do is play with Windows Server 2008.  Try each feature.  However, it would be muct better if you can get an exam preparation guide.  Which topics are tested?  I saw in Vista exams, not all the new functionalities are tested.  It’s hard to prepare everything.  Do I need remember each GPO entries?  Do I need to remember all the comment prompt setup steps for Windows 2008 Core installation?

    Another question is: do MCSA need to take both 648 and 649?  Unlike MCSA2000, in 2003, all MCSE are MCSAs.  If someone passed 648 but failed 649, should he re-try 649 again?  More specifically, is exam already 648 includes all topics tested in 649?

  3. Dave says:

    Hi Trika

    I see the MCSE is being replaced with a "simpler"  list of FIVE qualifications

    * MCTS: Windows Server "Longhorn" Active Directory Configuration

    * MCTS: Windows Server "Longhorn" Networking Infrastructure Configuration

    *  MCTS: Windows Server "Longhorn" Application Platform Configuration

    * MCITP: Server Administrator (three or four exams total)

    * MCITP: Enterprise Administrator (five exams total)

    Although I suspect the TS’s will be subsets of the ITP’s.

    (I’ve moaned to you before about this … but let me do so again just to vent – ditching the MCSE is dumb dumb DUMB – now back to my comment)

    The MCP site you pointed to notes that the "certification roadmap is not public or final". I really appreciate the heads up you’re giving on all of this as it develops. Please drop a note on your blog when the roadmaps, including individual exam topics,  becomes less private. Even a draft/beta roadmap would be interesting.

  4. Andy says: is down for maintenance.

  5. Mark Parris says:

    When I try to register for either

    71-648 for MCSA

    71-649 for MCSE

    neither are listed, can you please advise?


  6. Windows 2008 Beta Exams Available at Teched 2007 Orlando

  7. says:

    Mark did you try registering via this info

  8. Andy says:

    The exams are listed at now but don’t allow scheduling for the TechED week yet.

  9. Mark Parris says:

    Yes i did try registering at that address but no joy, the ladyon the end of the phone did not know what i was talking about when i rang to ask too. Are there any prep guides available for the beta exams too?

  10. Jose L. Rodriguez says:

    Hi, can you point me to a post where you talk about the need to maintain the MCSE and not retire it? I would love to read your take on that.


  11. Brian says:

    Tried to register using When I tried to select a date I got the message,

    "This exam is not available for delivery. You cannot create a registration for the exam at this time."

  12. says:

    SY: If you are MCSE 2003 you would only want to take 649… that gets you to the same place + some than 648. If you are MCSA 2003 only, then your only option is to take 648.

    Dave: You are right that the MCTS certs are pre-reqs to MCITPs. In our June 13 Live Meeting we’ll go through the full roadmaps for certs. I like your emphasis on the dumbs.

    Mark: no prep guides in advance of these betas.

    Jose: Thanks for asking, this is a good thing to talk about, I know there are lots of questions and opinions… I’ll get mine together.

    Mark, Andy, Brian: Thanks for pointing this out; I’m trying to find out what’s up right now.

  13. Pedmil says:

    " beta seats for the 2003–>2008 exams we will open those up after the event."

    Hope So

    Beta is another way to ensure veracity on exams, no testing or braindumps available … way to go ….

  14. Cpt.Kirky says:

    I am interested in upgrading my MCDST to a MCITP as promised in this page with 40% off is there any further news on this?

  15. Hi Trika,

    I’ve tried to schedule a beta exam 71-648 but it’s not available. I’m very interested to take this examn. I hope your soon answer, thanks.

  16. Brian says:

    Still getting the message, "This exam is not available for delivery. You cannot create a registration for the exam at this time."

  17. Also, trika, I hope that Microsoft adjusts thier analysis of the exam passage and other factors given that the audience that is being invited to take the exam at teched is a more solid audience than would normally be assumed.

    This is one of the reasons that I had some unease about the 2008-beta-exams-only-at-teched announcement.

    Do you know if there are plans to look at the metrics that come back from the beta process and adjust analysis to account for demographic irregularities in the attendee bsae of TechEd?

  18. Armando says:

    I tried today to register and was not able to. The message is: "This exam is not available for delivery. You cannot create a registration for the exam at this time" . Please advise.

  19. says:

    Microsoft arbeitet bereits mit Hochdruck an den Zertifizierungen zum neuen Windows Server 2008. Nach Windows NT, Windows 2000 Server und Windows Server 2003 haben die Titel MCSA und MCSE nun ausgedient, wie bereits in anderen Produktbereichen halten auc

  20. Brian says:

    OK, we’re making progress. Now VUE allows me to register for the test but they want to charge me $125. I tried the promo code listed on the web page ("TE2007MCP") but it was not accepted for the Server 2008 test. There must be another promo code  for the beta exams — at least that’s the way it usually works.

  21. Bolgann says:

    You write "There will not be a charge for the beta exams", but when I try to register for the exam scheduling wizard list a price of $US 125.00. I’m confused. (Haven’t completed the wizard yet because of this)

  22. says:

    OK, first problem was they hadn’t opened the registration for pre-event registration… 2nd was you didn’t have the promo codes. Those have been added in my post, above. Check, and check. Now try. (just for TechEd attendees, mind you… please don’t register if you’re not going to the event, because you can’t take it anywhere besides on-site in Orlando).

  23. Brian says:

    OK, the site works, the promo code works, I’m in.

  24. Pedmil says:

    Hi Trika,

    Unfortunnaly i’m not one of the lucky ones that go to TechEd, if Beta exams are open after the event, when should I expect to find the promo code for both exams?

    Also I tried to start scheduling 71-648 on vue, and pointing to my usual testing center it let’s me schedule the exam (didn’t went all the way – but enought to get sure of this) Only on teched dates, still my usual testing center. The question is, these BETA can only geographicaly be taken on teched or anywere during teched dates?


  25. Andy says:

    Are we allowed to take both exams if we are MCSE2003?

  26. says:

    Wayne, I’m sure the exam development team is taking that in to consideration in their scoring. GOod point to raise.

    Andy, Nexor: I updated the poast above with info on taking both exams. (short story: don’t do it!)

    Pedmil, registration should only be allowed for the TechEd test center–not your local site; i just confirmed with VUE/Prometric that that is the case. If anyone finds differently, please send your registration info to me, as taht should not be happening. For post-event betas, I’m not sure. That is up to the development team and they’ll communicate the beta info via our standard invite-only process.

    Capt. Kirky, will have info on the 40% savings for 70-621 next week. Will keep you posted. Can I call you Capt. Kwirky?

  27. Pedmil says:

    Well, Trika … unfortunally :)you are correct, I can do the exam but no using this promocode.


  28. says:

    Hi Trikah,

    Is the Beta exam already been sent out for MCSEs? for the 71-649 to upgrade to Win 2008.

  29. hartplaza says:

    Will the beta exams also come available to the people outside the USA??

  30. Robert Stuczynski (Noise) says:

    I created account on VUE but I receive information:

    "Create a Web Account: Confirmation

    Test Program Profile Contact Additional Information Username Confirmation

    Thank You

    If you provided a valid email address, you will receive your username and password within one business day."

    It is problem because I fly to Orladno today eveng 🙁

  31. Andy says:

    You can signup onsite when you arrive.

  32. Pedmil says:

    Are there any leftovers ??? :S on 71-649 not taken on TechEd ??

  33. Van Laere Tom says:

    Are there also beta exams at TechEd 2007 in Barcelona?

  34. hartplaza says:

    Good question. Will it be possible to do MS exams at TechEd Barcelona ?

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