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One of you Exchange types asked me about this a long time ago and now that I've gotten the answer I can't find you to respond. So, here, for all the world to see... and by all the world I mean you three or four readers and my friend Mary who is not in IT but sometimes reads this blog...

If you would like to study for 70-236 (Exchange 2007 MCTS exam), there are three recommended tracks, depending on your background:

  1. Track 1: Course 5047 is for the IT Pro with no Messaging technical experience, they would then move onto 5049, 5050, 5051.

  2. Track 2: Courses 5049, 5050, 5051 are for the IT Pro with 1-3 years experience with Messaging

  3. Track 3: Course 3938 is IT Pro with 1-3 years experience with Messaging looking to update their skills from Exchange Server 2000 or 2003.

We'll cover this in more detail in the May 30 Live Meeting I referenced in my last poast. The 236 prep guide hasn't been updated with this detail yet.

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  1. Hey trika, I acutally just went through this process and I personally would throw out there that 5047 is great even if you already have a fairly deep capacity with 2003 or significant exchange experience.  

    The upgrade course really has a particular focus on [insert previous exchange version here] to 2007, whereas 5047 takes a solid approach to each of the roles, configuration and manipulation in the EMS (which is critical to certification on this generation of exchange), and also provides a more solid basis for the 5049, and 5050 MOC-based courses to build from.

  2. S.Y. Paul Lai says:

    It’s Good to know that 3938 will be added to the preparation guide as a recommended course.  One training centre said they won’t offer 3938 because it is not list on the preparation guide.  Even if the trainer (me) knows most of the students nowadays don’t need to learn the basic concepts in 50XX, the sales manager always prefers to just follow everything he found on MS web site.

  3. S.Y. Paul Lai says:

    I partly agree with Wayne Anderson, 5047 is needed if you plan to study through 5049 and 5050.  Track 2 alone is not enough for the exam even for exprienced IT Pros.  However, 3 courses for one TS exam.  I think the sales managers will be very happy, if all students follow this track!

    I will suggest 3938 for the exam.  Yes, the trainer needs to allocate some extra time on the EMS part.

    No matter the student selects 5047+49+50 or 3938, he also needs to know topics in 5051.  Unfortunately, 5051 is a WORKSHOP.  Some students don’t like WORKSHOPs, especially if the students expect that it is a lecture.  Please state it clearly in the preparation guide: "5051 is a WORKSHOP.  In a workshop, students need to learn through self study on pre-configured VPCs."

  4. Andy says:

    Nothing beats hands-on.

  5. Paul brings up a good point here around ensuring that the 5051 workshop is appropriately profiled as such.  I agree that taking the workshop approach to the 5051 content is vital to success not only in the exam but in understanding practical application of working through 2007 environment implementations.

    Even if you take any of the above courses, my personal experience would dictate that they concentrate entirely too much on the EMC.  If you are contemplating the exam or actually have worked/are going to work with 2007 in the field, I have only one thing to say:

    "PowerShell, PowerShell, PowerShell".

    Anything in the 5047, 5049, 5050, and 5051 classes that you execute in the lab environment during class via EMC, setup a couple of boxes at home / in your lab and figure out how to do it in EMS.

  6. S.Y. Paul Lai says:

    I remember I saw Wayne’s comment on "May 09" long time before Andy’s response suddenly pop up on "May 08".

    I agree that Handons are important.  That’s why I hate all those MOCs with "Labs" that only need students read a half page scenario and then do a 60 min class discussion.  I wish there will be no such "Design XXXXX" class for Exchange 2007.

    For certification, you need to know all the topics tested by the exam, including those you don’t need to use in your working environmnet.  For example, some of my students manage only one single SBS server in his company.  Sites, Routing Groups, Storage Groups, Connectors, etc, are meaningless to them, but they need to learn them for the exam.  They need a textbook or courseware that provides guided handon instructions, and detail explanations.  Some hard facts are not easily learn from just handons.  That’s why we need courseware or self-study textbooks.

  7. Andre says:

    Hi there I took the 5047 and the 5051 and agree that there is huge focus on the EMS. They also say that in order to really know Exchange 2007 you really know How A/D works and DNS as well cause when troubleshooting delivery issues. Exchange incorperates itself into AD now which is cool.

  8. aonodi says:

    Oh and you really need to know the Powershell I have to say that working with it really kinda scared me but after a while it was good. I hear you need to know this stuff can anyone suggest any books that are in publication that would help in achieving the MCTS designation?

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