70-620 and 70-236 as Windows Server 2003 electives?

Yes, it is true! it is true! Any day now these will be added to the MCSA and MCSE sites for elective credit. As soon as it is "official" (the pages have been updated) I'll let you know. Here's what will change:

  • Under CORE: CLIENT OPERATING SYSTEM EXAMS (one required), 70-620 (Vista MCTS) is being added.

  • Under ELECTIVES (one required), the additions are 70-236 (Exchange 2007 MCTS), 70-445, 70-500, 70-501, 70-630, and 70-631. In the case of MCSE, 70-620 can be used as either your client elective OR your general elective, but not both.

ok, bye.

<update> Changes are now reflected on the certification grids:

  • http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/mcsa/windows2003/default.mspx
  • http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/mcse/windows2003/default.mspx
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    1. Peter Read says:

      Any idea whether 236 will count towards MCSE:M ?

    2. S.Y. Paul Lai says:

      Looks like 624 is missing from the list… Why?

    3. If 236 will count towards MCSE:M what is the point of the MCITP:Exchange Messaging Administrator?

    4. HeeSoo says:

      Hi Trikah,

      Can I use 70-620 as a general elective for MCSA 2003 instead of as an elective for the client elective? I was refering to the blog below but the more recent blogs are confusing me.




    5. R says:


      Check the last sentense:

      " In the case of MCSE, 70-620 can be used as either your client elective OR your general elective, but not both."

      That means that yes, you can use 70-620 as your general elective and not as your client elective.

      Example(1):  You already took 70-270, so you have met the client elective requirement, you can use 70-620 as your general elective.

      Example(2): You are starting out now your MCSE path, and you decide that instead of taking exam 70-270(XP), you want to take better 70-620(Vista), you can use 70-620 as your client elective and not as your general elective.

    6. Trika says:

      Peter, no. 236 will count ONLY as a general elective for MCSA and MCSE – it will NOT satisfy the Messaging Specialization requirements.  Only the Exchange 2000 and 2003 exams may be used for the Messaging Specializations for MCSA and MCSE.  

      SY: 624 will count; either I overlooked it when I reviewed or it hasn’t been added yet… in any case it WILL count and the site will be updated to say so at some point soon.

      Wayne: 236 doesn’t count toward messaging… MCITP: EMA is "the" messaging certification for Exchange 2007.

      HeeSoo: R is Right; the answer is yes. YOu may use 620 as EITHER a client core elective OR as a general elective.

    7. HeeSoo says:

      Thanks Trika and R.

      But again my issue is with MCSA 2003 not MCSE 2003. So can I use 70-620 as my general elective for <b>MCSA</b> 2003.

    8. Kk says:


      so if i passed a 70-620 and have a MCDST, can i use MCDST as a Elective Exams and 70-620 as Core Exams: Client Operating System ? So to achieve a MCSA 2003, just need to pass 70-290 and 70-291 ?

      Thanks for your response

    9. Andy says:

      No. You can only use it towards the core or elective of MCSA, not both.

    10. kk says:

      i dont want to use it as BOTH, i wont to use 70-620 as core and MCDST as elective

    11. Andy says:

      Nope, not valid.

    12. Sorry it took so long for the new elective options to be added to the MCSA and MCSE certification grids

    13. Andy says:

      "can i use MCDST as a Elective Exams" Yes.

    14. bullish says:

      70-620 as client core and 70-624 as an elective is it possible?

    15. Slider44 says:

      I complete the mcsa requirements with the vista exam(70-620) as client, but my mcsa status is not in my transcript 🙁

    16. pulpo says:

      the certification planner in the mcp site doesn’t show vista as a core client

    17. Pete says:

      Microsoft releasing so many new exams. What it will do to person with MCSE 2000 credentials?

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