news about MCDST–>Vista exam 70-621

Two things:

  1. The info I have says 70-621 is still slated to go live on May 17, so in just a few weeks.

  2. I do not know anything more than you do about the beta results...

  3. In case any of you are wondering about the 40% discount on 70-621 for MCDSTs (we promoted this a while back, before the exam live date slipped...) will be availalbe sometime after the exam goes live; you haven't missed that offer. When i get details i'll poast it here.

And by two things, I meant two things give or take one more thing. If that wasn't clear to start with.


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  1. Ken W says:

    Thanks for the info, if you could keep us up-to-date and informed of the results, that would be great.

    Keep up the good work 🙂


  2. Andy says:

    I want my score report (MTV).

  3. Chance says:

    Any news on the 621 Beta scores?

  4. gomcse2002 says:

    According to Ken from UK, he actually rang up Pearson Vue and spoke to a nice lady who said that she was informed (but couldn’t find the memo at that moment in time) that the results for the 71-621 should start to be released on the 12th of May.

  5. adrian says:

    I’ve just checked my vue account …PASSED !!!

  6. Mitch Garvis says:

    Indeed Pearson/Vue does generally post the results of beta exams sooner than the Microsoft MCP Transcript page, and owing to that I also see that I have passed the upgrade exam 70-621.  

    Though it makes the results of 70-622 meaningless, I am still waiting for the results of my 70-623 exam, which I took precisely one hour earlier than the 621.  Waiting with bated breath! 🙂

    Mitch Garvis

    …not quite ready to add MCITP to my collection of certs just yet 😉

  7. Andy says:

    No results from Prometric yet…

  8. says:

    Odd.  I normally use Pearson/Vue but registered with Prometric for the beta resit to get around the problem of not being able to register online for the same beta twice.  I had no trouble using the site at the time and even went back and rescheduled my beta resit without drama.

    But now it just says "Your login account was not found".  That can’t be good. 🙁

  9. Kensai says:

    I’ve just checked my vue account …Failed…  

    na ja….

  10. cipollini22 says:

    I take only the first Beta because i had no time for the second. On Vue-Website the status is still "taken"

  11. jose says:

    I would like to take test where can I find study material for it please email me

  12. Phil says:

    Prometric results are available now.  Says I passed, but the MCP Member site doesn’t show it yet in my transcript.

  13. says:

    Prometric revived my account yesterday, and then this morning (in UTC+10 land) it now shows I’ve passed. 🙂

    My MCP Transcript also shows it as a passed exam, but there’s no new certification listed.

  14. S.Y. Pual Lai says:

    It’s better NOT to list certification now.  Wait till 622 results release.  If someone passes both 621 and 622+620, use the eariler exam date as his certification date.

  15. says:

    Just on that topic… what is the actual story regarding certification after 70-621?

    According to the prep guide page – – the exam completes the requirements for MCITP: Enterprise Support Technician.  There’s no mention of the MCTS.

    The only Microsoft page I can find that mentions both is down the bottom of

  16. BT says:

    Yeah, just checked my prometric a/c, it shows PASSED.

  17. BT says:

    Anyone knows when will the 623 result release??

  18. Phil says:

    Have you checked your transcript at the MCP Member site?

    Prometric shows I passed 621.  622 & 623 still show as Tested.  However, my transcript on the MCP Member site shows I passed 623.  It says the following:

    Microsoft Certified IT Professional

    Apr 04, 2007

    Consumer Support Technician

    Anyone else seeing the same thing?

  19. says:

    No change here.  I have 621 listed as passed successfully on my MCP Member Site transcript, but there’s no new credential listed.

  20. BT says:

    I’m using my new prometric account to take the 621 exam, therefore it didn’t listed in my MCP transcript.

    What should I do to in order to put my 621 record into my MCP transcript?

  21. Andy says:

    Passed is listed at both locations for me too…on to the Longohorn betas at TechEd!

  22. Chance says:

    Hmm…Vus shows me as having passed 621, but still nothing on my MCP transcript.  Any ideas why other than the standard "two week waiting list" blurb?

  23. Andy says:

    Prometric now shows passed for 622…yahoo!!!

  24. Paul says:

    same to me about Vue.

    shows a passed on 622 but still nothing on MCP transcript

    …. prometic didn’t show a pass but MCP transcript shows MCITP customer support….

  25. Chance says:

    621 shows on my transcript now, but isn’t there supposed to be a credential there as well or will that show up after the exam goes live?

  26. Paul says:

    Finally, have 622 shown on transcript (taken on VUE) but no MCITP yet

  27. Jim says:

    I passed 622 as well. If it’s the same deal as 620, the exam shows up 1st on the transcript, then the add’l cert shows up 1-2 days later…



  28. Ken W says:

    Again like asked, what do we actually get for passing the 71-621?  According to (as pointed out) & here you get the MCTS & the MCITP status.  However I just rang up the MCP helpdesk as the exam is now on the MCP transcript, however no new credential is shown and they stated that you only get the MCITP status not the MCTS.

    Trika, would you be able to clear this up please?

  29. Andy says:

    Can I get another yahoo…passed 623!

    Re-taking 624 Tuesday, which I wasn’t even close to prepared for back in December.

  30. BT says:

    failed 623, so sad~

  31. Trika says:

    Congratulations Adrian, Mitch, Phil, BT, Andy, Chance, Paul, Jim…

    BT: If you created a new user ID at Prometric NOT using your existing MCP ID, you will need to contact your MCP Service Center and ask them to merge those records.

    Kensai, hope you pass it next time.

    All, I’m checking in to what’s up with transcript stuff.

  32. Cipollini22 says:

    Is there anybody, who has taken only the first Beta and has get a score for this?

    My exam is still "taken".

  33. Frank says:

    I’ve taken the first Beta only and Prometric is still showing "Tested". No result yet.

  34. Paul says:

    Not only problem about new credential, I can’t access Logo builder….

  35. Klaus says:

    Hi Trika,

    RSC told me that the bonus voucher code is valid until september ’07.

    Can you please confirm this?

    thx, Klaus

  36. says:

    I’m getting the same as you Paul.

    In summary: Prometric shows 621 as passed.  MCP Member Site Transcript shows 621 as passed, but doesn’t show any new credential(s), only my existing ones.  Trying to access the logo builder comes up with:

    "We are unable to confirm your participation as a user for the Microsoft Certification Logo Builder. This site may be accessed only by MCP members who have achieved a Microsoft certification. If you believe you have reached this page in error, please sign-out of Passport and sign-in again with your MCP user login credentials."

    Tried signing out and back in again as per instructions, no change.

  37. Ken W says:

    I actually got the results of "pass" on Friday for the 71-621.  But it wasn’t coming up with the new creds or letting me into the logo builder so I spoke to the MCP helpdesk, who said that it may be a technical fault as the pass has been on my account for over 48 hours (according to them it can take up to 48 hours for a new cred to show up, even if the exam is there).  They are currently taking a look into this for me.  I’m not sure if they meant just my account or everyones though.


  38. adrian says:

    Hi Trika,

    I have the same issue as Paul &

    My Vue account shows 621 as passed. MCP membersite shows only the 621 as passed but no new credentials. When I have tried to access Logo Builder, an error occur and I am redirected to page.

    Must I call the MCP HelpDesk?


  39. Milson says:

    Same here, first beta taken only, with Vue

    Shows ‘taken’ no results anywhere yet..

  40. Ken W says:

    Just to let you guys know, according to the MCP Helpdesk no-one can access the Logo builder site as it has been down for maintenance since Friday.  Should be up soon.


  41. James says:

    Anyone know when 070-621 will be available for non beta MCDST people like me ?

    Just want to get the upgrade path out of the way before I have to do the Server 2008 upgrade for my MSCA in Server 2003.

  42. Ken W says:

    According to the post Trika posted, the 70-621 should be live already, however I’m unable to access the Vue site at the minute to confirm whether or not the info that Trika was given is up to date.


  43. Dan says:

    Hi Trika,

    I also am one of the first beta test takers with VUE that only shows "Taken" for results. Have they released the results for the first exam yet?


  44. mike lee says:

    Can someone please give a definative answer, on 70-621.  is it mcst, is it mcitp.  and when is microsoft going to get the websites in gear.  what is apple doing the web sites.

  45. Trika says:

    70-621 earns the MCTS: Vista and MCITP: Enterprise Support Technician. Your transcript should (and will, eventually) show EXAM 621 and the two certifications I just listed. Your transcript will NOT show EXAM 620 or 622 (the direct path to earn MCTS Vista and MCITP EST). So if you plan to use 620 as an elective on something, you’ll need to take that exam separately. The tools team is working on why the exams are showing up on transcripts but not the certifications. Anyone have a contact at Apple we can call???

  46. James says:

    "Tuesday, May 22, 2007 4:10 PM by Ken W

    # re: news about MCDST–>Vista exam 70-621

    According to the post Trika posted, the 70-621 should be live already, however I’m unable to access the Vue site at the minute to confirm whether or not the info that Trika was given is up to date.



    Cheers Ken, just checked and it’s now there :o)

  47. Mooncalf says:

    Anyone know when us MCDST will get the discount voucher for the exam?

  48. Chard says:

    Hi Trika,

    I only took the first beta test with VUE that only shows "Taken" for results. Have they released the results for the first exam yet?


  49. Jason Carter says:

    Yeah, when will the 40% off discount voucher be available for current MCDST’s?  When it does come out, where do I go to get the voucher code?

  50. Milson says:


    There seems to be a lot of people on here that took only the first test and still have no results – can you just let us know if this is expected/being worked on?

    Thanks much!

  51. mrsteve says:

    "Tuesday, May 22, 2007 6:21 PM by

    # re: Definitive Answer

    70-621 earns the MCTS: Vista and MCITP: Enterprise Support Technician."

    Trika, can you confirm that the beta exam 71-621 will earn MCTS: Vista and MCITP: EST?

    Can the 71-621 be used as an elective exam towards an MCSE certification on the 2003 track?


  52. Chance says:

    Finally had to call the RSC to find out what was the holdup on getting the credentials to show up.  The rep said mine should show up in 3 to 5 business days.

    Trika, have you heard anything more on this problem?

  53. Trika says:

    Things we’re aware of and checking on:

    1. First beta results–where are they

    2. Transcripts to show not just exams but also associated credentials for 620 (MCSA and MCSE credit), 621, 622, 623–Known issue! sorry for the inconvenience but do not spin your wheels contacting the helpdesk… it is being worked on

    mrsteve: 1. again, confirmed: 621 = MCTS and MCITP: EST and 2. No, 621 can not be used as elective credit.

  54. Trika says:

    Jason, Mooncalf, et al: the 40% voucher for MCDSTs is in the works… we got derailed with the slip in the live date. Stay tuned… as soon as I know anything I’ll post about it.

  55. Boston says:

    I too am showing a "taken" status on Vue. I only sat the first beta. 5 months ago! and still dont know if I passed.

  56. gomcse2002 says:

    I took my 71-622 in Dec 2006 and all I got is a "taken" status on Prometric, may I know when will we know whether we pass or not.

  57. Ray Frangie says:

    Mine still shows Taken on VUE as well… Although now it shows a 2nd 71-621 with the status No-Show???

    They said they’ll get back to me when I applied for the 2nd exam but never did!!!

    Trika, any idea what I can do to sort this out?



  58. Tony says:

    Trika sez "the 40% voucher for MCDSTs is in the works".

    My question is : If I take the 621 test with the 40% off voucher and fail the test, will I get 40% off the next time I take the test? Is it a one-time use coupon?

  59. lorraine says:

    70-621 is available to book on the pearson site! i have just checked however i cannot book as i have no discount voucher ,  any news on how & when we get that



  60. MikeJ says:

    Just figured I’d add my name – first test taker, no result yet.  Vue reports it as "Taken"

    Thanks for looking into it!

  61. Alberto says:

    Same here.. I took the 622 in December and still as "taken"

  62. adrian says:

    still no update on my MCP profile (passed second beta exam 621)….

  63. hartplaza says:

    Any news yet on the discount offer ???

  64. dratin says:


    How can I check Prometric if I passed or failed an exam (70-621)?

  65. Jason Carter says:

    You log in with your Prometric account and look.

  66. Eddy says:

    I have taken my 70-271 and 70-272, now hich shldi go for ? 70-621 ? or 70-620 & 70-622.

  67. Niall says:

    MCDST to MCITP Ent Support .. do 70-621.

    Straight upgrade exam

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