MCP Newsgroups

If you tried to follow our instructions for accessing the MCP private newsgroups and didn't have any luck, you might want to try again. We made a few updates to the page that might help:

  1. Added an NNTP password-reset option

  2. Noted that you need a "privatenews" prefix when you log-in

  3. Made sure there are enough access codes to go around

A year (or two?) ago we set up topics threads (by location and by jobs, cafe, or announcements...) in these private newsgroups. If you have suggestions for what would make these more helpful--and different from what is happening in the public certification newsgroups--I'd love to hear it.   

Comments (4)

  1. Andy says:

    Maybe there should be more participation from MLS to make them more beneficial.

  2. I am glad this one is off our task list! Thanks Trika and Rob.

  3. Peter Read says:

    I agree with Andy to some extent.  The basic ‘problem’ is a lack of participation (well, I only frequent the UK groups, so perhaps the others are ‘busier’)

  4. Andy says:

    They aren’t–you aren’t alone.

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