MCP Live Meeting: Introducing the Windows Server “Longhorn” Certification Roadmap

As we said earlier, we'll beta the 2003-->Longhorn upgrade exams at TechEd (1st week of June in Orlando, Florida). Next bit is to announce and answer questions about what is being developed for the Longhorn certification roadmap. Here is the information:

Join us for this Live Meeting with the Microsoft Learning certification team for an introduction to the certification roadmap for the Windows Server “Longhorn” operating system. We will announce the new credentials and exam paths, provide release dates and an overview of the supporting training materials that are, and will be, available. In advance, you might want to review the Windows Server certification information posted here, including a Live Meeting with an overview of what’s coming for Longhorn. As always, we will leave plenty of time for your questions. This meeting will be offered twice to accommodate worldwide calendars:

Comments (3)

  1. Ken W says:

    If the beta exams for the longhorn upgrade is being trialed now, does that mean that Longhorn Beta 3 is out now?

  2. Reminder about the Live Meeting on Wednesday June 13 in which Rob Linsky, certification manager at Microsoft

  3. Diane Tuluceanu says:

    I’m looking for downloads of the slides of your May, June certification presentations, but more importantly– is there a complete pre-made chart that I can download that explains it all?

    Thank you.

    Diane Tuluceanu


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