Happy Birthday, Ken! (or, Office 2007 cert recording)

Recording of yesterday's Live Meeting on 2007 Office System Certifications for IT pros and devs can be found here. Fast forward to minute 6:45 to skip all the introductory bits.

Something I enjoyed in the meeting was when Rob starts to say "Microsoft folks" but instead came out with "Microfolks." I zoned out and was imagining tiny, tiny workers rushing about, swiping miniature blue and orange badges to get in to doll-house sized conference rooms, drinking coffee out of rice paper-thin, orange polystyrene, all with little masks of harried consternation on their tiny, tiny faces. 

In other news, it was trainer-mania around here the last few days with MCTs on campus for a summit meeting. Nice to meet you, Clinton from Dallas and Gary from Chicago and Eichel from Stuttgart... and nice to see some familiar faces. I enjoyed hearing about the hard time you guys gave Ken Rosen (MCT Program Manager and All-Time Great, for non-MCT readers); sounded very funny.

Comments (2)

  1. Eric Cote says:

    It was very nice to see you again Trika, during the MCTSummit! Hope to see you again at Tech Ed (If I can make it to the Influencer’s party, I’ll share a nice conversation with you!)

  2. Andy says:

    Ken was in pain when his Bruce poster came up missing!

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