Respekt in the Streetz: MCP Wallet Cards

I know a lot of you are out there flashing your MCP wallet cards to get Much Respect...up in the Clubs, out in the Streetz. I also know that many of you have been wondering why the 'new generation' cards no longer list all of your certifications, resulting in, possibly, much less Respect, both in said clubs and said streets.

It sounds like we can add those back in. I don't know why we took it out in the first place. My guess is that during the hustle and bustle of finalizing all the 'new generation' certification program stuff someone got drunk and made a renegade decision to switch things up on the wallet cards. Or, there might be a really good reason, and I just don't know it.

Right now, the new generation cards are supposed to just have your latest credential. But, if you play your cards right (get it?) it looks like we can put any/all of the credentials you've earned (MCTS, MCPD, MCAD...etc) on the back, similar to how the MCT cards work now, with a general Microsoft Certification logo on the front. The other option would be to have the front feature your latest certification and everything else on the back.. but I don't think that makes sense all the time.

If anyone has suggestions, or if there is a reason you would NOT want your cumulative credentials to show up on your wallet cards, speak up now. In the meantime, we'll see what needs to happen.

Wallet Cardz! Respect.

Comments (19)

  1. Andy says:

    It sure would be nice to have them all on one card–just like the new MCP secure site with access to all certification programs, and unified transcripts.

  2. Chris Lehr says:

    Only if I can show it at prometric to ensure my data makes it back to the right MCP ID!!!

    I like my 6 digit one  🙂

  3. The greatest thing would be to have a unique card with the general Microsoft Certification Logo on the front (with the cardholder’s name) and all the certifications titles listed on the back.

    This new type of card will reflect more importance I think, and it could be very helpful for everyone.

  4. S.Y. Paul Lai says:

    I don’t think it is possible.  Microsoft couldn’t put all my credentials on the old Wallet card at the time I don’t have MCTS, MCITP and MCPD.  Now, we could also have MCAS and MCAP.  I have no plan to get them yet, but you can imagine, the full list will be something like that:












    MCSA: Messaging

    MCSA: Security



    MCSE: Messaging

    MCSE: Security




    You should also add MCPD and MCITP specializations on the card.  MCITP Consumer Support Technician should not be the same as MCITP BI Developer.  However, for MCTS specialiations, no way, unless you can fit the following list on a single card:

    .Net Framework 2.0: Distributed Applications

    .Net Framework 2.0: Web Applications

    .Net Framework 2.0: Windows Applications

    Biztalk® Server 2006: Custom Applications

    Business Desktop Deployment with the BDD

    Microsoft Exchange 2007: Configuration

    Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005

    Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Application Development

    Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007: Configuration

    Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Application Development

    Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0: Configuration

    Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0: Application Development

    Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0: Configuration

    Microsoft Windows Vista: Configuration

    Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 Business Intelligence Development

    SQL Server 2005

    Windows Server 2003 Hosting,Configuration and Management

    I didn’t show my Wallet Card to others.  I didn’t ware my Lapel Pins.  I only show my Charter Memeber 2000 trophy in my house.  Why there was no similar trophies for MCITP and MCPD?

  5. S.Y. Paul Lai says:

    I’ve forgetten someone may also have MCA and MCLC.  The list will be even longer if you include the Microsoft Dynamics credentials.

  6. Ken W says:

    I would actually like to see the status/certs that I’ve achieve on 1 card only, MS could start off printing the certs on the front of the card, then if they run out of space then print the rest (say the older or the lower certs) on the back.

    I don’t think printing the specializations of the new certs on the card would be benefical as even if MS kept the old certs off the new card, as soon as a person did several new certs he’d have to carry several new cards.  This would be like Comptia – 1 card for the A+, 1 card for the Network+, etc.

    That’s my opinion anyway.


  7. Alberto says:

    I think it’s nice to have a card with all the credentials, but has anyone really used them?

    I’ve had always the last card I got  in my wallet, but honestly I have never used it…

  8. Alfred Myers says:

    It would be cool to have something like the Logo Builder ( that would enable us to specify the logos we want on the front side of the card.

    The “Card Builder” could also allow us to specify selected credentials on the back of the card (or on front if there is space). I don’t think the detailed certification/version as exists on the transcript would be neither feasible nor necessary since they’re already available on the transcript and are lengthily.

  9. Peter Read says:

    Customisation like the logo builder seems a good idea.  Got too many to fit?  Pick the ones you like.  Want to avoid people thinking you’re a DST now you’re an MCSE just because you’ve got the MCDST?  Pretend it never happened 😉

  10. S.Y. Paul Lai says:

    Card Builder is a good idea, but that may mean you need to pay a price for the shipping and handling of each customized card.  I think that won’t be cheap to cover the cost.  I suggest this: You get one free card when you have passed a certain number of exams.  If you need more cards, you need to pay.

  11. Michael D. Alligood says:

    I never understood the concept of the card anyway. I recommend saving the cost of producing and shipping the new cards and reflect that by reducing the price of the exams, or offer further discounts on study material.

    I have been certified since 1999 and in 8 years i have not found one professional use for my card.

  12. Andy says:

    You need to attend the shows and show your card for SWAG.

  13. Jian An Lim says:

    I still think it is useful to put it down everything you have in a shorter version. When I go for interview, they rather want to see the wallet card or cert over printed transcript as they thought the transcript can easily forged then the wallet card!

  14. gomcse2002 says:

    I agree with Jian above. It would be nice to have at least one side of the card to show all the cumulative credentials including MCTS, MCITP and the new MS Business Cert title such as MCAS and MCAP.

    I guess everyone here prefer to carry one card instead of many.

    Just my 2 cents.

  15. Andy says:

    The 2007 MCT cards released soon will have all certifications listed on the back of the card.

  16. Paul says:

    I’m for bringing back the card with all your certs to date on it. But the card builder idea sounds cool!

  17. Trika says:

    My takeaway is a three part plan.

    1. Short-term: try to get all certs (at least MCP program certs) on the back of one card.

    2. Longer term: look in to possibiliyt of ‘card builder’ tool (cool idea!) and including Dynamics/Office certs on card, too.

    3. Create a Billboard-sized wallet card-builder tool for S.Y. Paul Lai

  18. Aí você MCP! O que você achou das carteirinhas de MCP quando comparadas às carteirinhas antigas? Melhorou,…

  19. Kjetil says:

    After I pass the exams I just can’t wait to get a new wallet card and a new pin for my "pinwall", but after passing the Vista test and getting the TS package half the fun was gone. I miss my credentials on the card, and the pin for my wall. 🙁

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