Start studying now if you’re going to TechEd in Orlando

So there is a certification test center at TechEd and we just got confirmation that all exams taken on site are going to cost US$50 as part of the attendee benefits. The test center is open all week (see the hours on this agenda) and will offer almost all (if not all) Microsoft IT pro and developer exams--and Dynamics, too. So if you are going to TechEd and you are planning on taking an exam anytime soon, you might want to start studying now and take it in Orlando. There will be a way to register in advance OR you can just show up at the test center and see what's available.

Also, as we announced in last week's live meeting, MCSA and MCSE 2003 customers will be able to take the "Longhorn" upgrade exam betas at the event, too. Not sure how registration for that is going to work yet. Working on our other plans for TechEd... will keep you posted.

PS, curious what everyone thinks about the "make your mark" slogan and graphics?

Comments (5)

  1. Andy says:

    I’ll be there working, but may have time to squeeze in an exam or two.

  2. Peter Read says:

    Whoa, Longhorn upgrade exam betas already approaching?  Orlando’s a bit far from ole England to go for a couple of exams, anything over this side of the pond coming up?

    If not I presume there’ll be the ‘normal’ beta invite thing happening?

  3. I have always thought that the "Make Your Mark" graphics looked more suitable for a children’s event.  It’s just the painted hand thing that reminds me of being in kindergarten.

    As for the slogan, I think it is fitting.

  4. Andy says:

    It’s my understanding that the Longhorn beta exams will be testing on beta software and valid is passed. Another "beta first" for MS!

  5. SJ Burk says:

    Well, it is almost identical to the art project my pre-schooler did this year.  Not really inspiring for what is supposed to be a premier technology event.  How about some abstract art or a fractal?  

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