N.T.T.N.: straight bloggin’

My Microsoft Learning Neighbor to the North (NTTN) colleague, Jennifer, is a guest bloggette on Microsoft's Canadian IT pro site...her topic is "certification," perhaps you've heard of it? While you're there, be sure to read her bio at the bottom of the poast, it is funny.

PS two notes for those of you tracking my travel plans:

  1. a reminder to please stop it

  2. I'm back from my vacation

Comments (3)

  1. Michael D. Alligood says:

    Guest bloggette link is dead. 🙁

  2. Michael D. Alligood says:

    Remove period (.) after .aspx to fix… 🙂 great article. Thanks.

  3. Arie d H says:

    For the ones who didn’t follow your travel plans, could you post the gps log? So it can be determined if it is worthwhile to follow your plans next time?

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