MCSA, MCSE, and Windows Server Longhorn certifications

As promised, the link to today's morning presentation: here. Here is a summary: 

  • MCSA and MCSE are still the right certifications if you are working with WS2000 or WS2003.

  • MCSA and MCSE will not retire.

  • In one year, the WS2000 MCSA and MCSE exams will retire (that's the exams, not the credentials); more news of this to publish soon.

  • If you are planning for any of the core MCSA/MCSE 2003 exams, there are offers on related training: e-learning, ALL training kits and a few reference books, and practice tests through April/May 2007. Learn more.

  • There are new elective options for SA/SE tracks

  • Longhorn Server certifications will be in the "new generation" structure of MCTS (3 exams) and MCITP (2 exams, respectively); no details yet on names/exam numbers/paths

  • The first exams will beta at TechEd (June 2007) then MCTS exams available one month after Windows Server "Longhorn" releases to manufacturing (RTM); MCITP exams available 2 months after Longhorn RTMs. For reference RTM is in late October/early November, it sounds like.

  • There is no upgrade path from MCSA/MCSE 2000 to "Longhorn"

  • There is an upgrade path for both MCSA and MCSE 2003 to "longhorn"

  • Customers who hold an MCSA 2003 or MCSE 2003 by June 30, 2007 are eligible for a 40% savings voucher on their upgrade exam to Longhorn. You have to register for this offer in advance.

  • MCPs should see credential path details in May; public announcements in June.

If you would like more information on any of this, please watch the Live Meeting recording. Man, I talk way too fast.

I'm beat.

See you.

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  2. Tuan says:

    I have MCSE 2003 and MCSA 2003; how many exams I need to pass to have Longhorn Cert? only 070-621?

  3. says:

    Hi, Tuan. 621 is the upgrade exam from MCDST to MCITP (Vista); so that is a different upgrade path from what will be coming out for Longhorn. From your MCSE 2003 you will have an upgrade path… we’ll announce the details of that on the MCP site in the first week of May.

  4. …as announced in our March Live Meeting on server certifications , Microsoft Learning will be retiring

  5. Jim says:

    How can I download and print out this meetiings slides for our other trainers?

  6. Details on Windows Server โ€œLonghornโ€ certifications will be forthcoming in June, though the certifications

  7. says:

    Jim, sorry I never responded. Send me an e-mail and we’ll figure something out. Thanks.

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