Q. What tastes better than humble pie?

A. Indian food.

In this morning's meeting on Server Certifications (link to come soon), I gave somebody a really wrong answer that thankfully was caught by an attendee, we'll call him "Rob," because I believe that is his name. The question was "If I have an MCSE 2000, can I take 70-292 to earn MCSA 2003?" My answer, which as it turns out was wrong, was "No." The correct answer is "Yes," which I bet most of you on the call knew anyway. 

Yesterday, in the 3rd floor kitchen of building 18, a colleague from India (maybe on the SQL team?) was heating up some leftovers for lunch and I said it smelled good and he said my wife made it want to try it and i thought to myself maybe you should exhibit some self-restraint and not nosh this kind stranger's lunch but instead i said yes please and, unencumbered by restraint, scooped up a forkful of rice and spicy tomarto and found it to be delicious.

Comments (3)

  1. Arie de Haan says:

    I’ve been there, in builiding 18…. no Indian food at that moment and neither Humble Pie I think, btw. what is that… ‘Humble Pie’?

    We had shrimps and wine and lots more, which was great also 🙂

  2. Arie says:

    Ok, than i guess anything is better :), thx for the clarification

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