Virtualization and more on our MCA presenter

More on Allen Stewart, our Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) presenter for the Virtualization Technologies meeting on Wednesday, below. I should have posted this earlier. This is just one of many things I should have done earlier, or just should have done, in general. Like practicing piano, or submitting my expenses for the month of February. You can still register for the MCA meeting here:.March 21, 7:30 AM PST or March 21, 5:00 PM PST.

I'm sitting in one of Seattle, Washington's all time best coffee places. It is called Panama Hotel. You would love it. One of its many claims to fame is that it houses:

"The Only remaining Japanese Public bathhouse intact in the U.S."

If you can't be at Panama Hotel drinking coffee, the next best thing is being wherever you are, reading about Allen Stewart.

Allen Stewart is a Principal Program Manager in the Windows Server Division Customer Advisory team which is focused on supporting key Windows Server Division technologies. Allen is focused on Microsoft Virtualization technologies: Hardware Virtualization, Virtualization Management, Application Virtualization. Allen works directly with customers architecting complex, cutting edge, cross product solutions based on Microsoft Virtualization technologies. Allen works directly with the various Microsoft virtualization product groups on customer scenarios, technology adoption programs, whitepapers and feature planning. Allen leads the Microsoft Virtualization Customer Advisory Council where a core set of customers help drive the next generation virtualization scenarios. Allen is a Microsoft Certified Architect and on the board of directors of the Microsoft Certified Architect Program.


Microsoft Virtualization Technologies Today and Tomorrow

Microsoft is making major investments in virtualization technologies from application virtualization, hardware virtualization and virtualization management. In this session we will discuss the various Microsoft virtualization technologies available today and new virtualization technologies on the horizon like our Hypervisor based hardware virtualization technology in longhorn. In the Virtualization management area we will discuss System Center Virtual Machine Manager Microsoft’s product for managing the virtual environment in the datacenter. More about the MCA meeting for MCPs.

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