Fraud prevention and certification

Mitch has an interesting post and comments on what is being done to prevent fraud/misrepresentation in certification. Check it. I'm sure many of you are already familiar with CertGuard, which is also referenced in Mitch's post.

Along these same lines, we've been asked to provide more clarity on the MSFT non-disclosure agreement so the legitimate test-takers of the world are clear about what can and can't be discussed under the NDA of taking a MSFT cert exam. understood that it is difficult to respect the "rules" if they aren't clear to start with. See Demystifying the NDA on Michael Alligood's blog...


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  1. CertGuard says:

    Hi Trika, I just wanted to say thanks for mentioning CertGuard. If there’s anything I can do for you, or any of your readers, I’m always available.


  2. Thank you as well for bringing this to light Trika. You are the best! Thanks for all you do.


  3. Matthew says:

    Surely of the two most common methods of cheating (braindumps and gunmen) it should be easier to stop the use of gunmen than it would be to prove the use of braindumps simply by upping security checks when the candidate turns up for the exam.

    I can understand someone being stripped of their certifications if they decide for example to comment on their own blog that they have in fact used draindumps and even go on to provide them for others to download, but how often are people this stupid.

    It must be a nightmare for Microsoft to actualyl prove an exam taker has in fact done so using braindumps.

  4. Iain Wade says:

    Yes, much respect to the team(?) at CertGuard.

    The information they are getting out there on reputable exam prep software/practices has been invaluable to our company.

    Information on what and who these dump sites are needs to be out there as unfortunately so many of them promote themselves as legit practice test providers through their advertising.

  5. Danielle says:

    Thank you so much Trika for bringing up this topic and mentioning CertGuard as well.  Being new to the MCP site this gives me a thorough understanding on how/why it is important to the MCP program to weed out the cheaters.  They affect everyone!

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