Oh, the humanity! (or, hello MCTs)

There were all sorts of trainers canoodleing about in our building yesterday afternoon as I was rushing out the door to catch the Tick. I'm sorry I didn't get to come say hi so I'll do it now: Thomas, thanks for the wave; Arie sorry I missed you in B18; James K sorry I missed you, too, and Christian, thanks for taking the time to do a "shoot" for us while you were in town. Hope all the trainers and MVPs in town had a great summit....

Comments (3)

  1. Andy says:

    The MCT-only summit next month will be better!

  2. Arie de Haan says:

    No probs Trika, as i said we had great shrimps and wine, no humble pie tho (an i think i’m glad we didn’t) but we missed the cava…..

    may be it was emptied before our meeting 😉

    anyways, see you again somewhere around the world..

  3. Andy says:

    MCTs are on campus (or close to it)–180 from around the world.

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