SBS 2003 R2 and E2007 (or, How Things Went in our First MCA Live Meeting)

I should have mentioned that our first Microsoft Certified Architect live meeting went really well; it was a smaller group so we got to lots of very specific questions about things like, for example, everyone's favorite: event sinks. A very big thank you is in order for Infrastructure Architect Scott Andersen for taking time to do two of these sessions for us.

The question we heard most was about the upgrade path from SBS 2003 R2 to Exchange 2007. If you are wondering that, too, here is the answer: There is no upgrade path for SBS exchange in the short term (no 64 bit sbs). You’ll have to wait for the new version of SBS in the future. Sorry guys.

·       A few more Q&A below. If you want to hear more, you can watch the a.m. recording here and the p.m. recording here.   

  1. Are event sinks supported in Exchange 2007? Yes – although web services are also supported which in the long run is a better way to go.

  2. Does Microsoft have a tool currently, or in the works, that allows for retrieving information directly from the .EDB files (like Ontrack's PowerControls) rather than having to restore to the RSG? No we dont have that today.

  3. how does recovering failed servers compare to the methods required to restore failed 2003 servers? Using either LCR or CCR we can speed this process up by 30%. Also backups are faster so you get more data more reliably in less time. Some work was also done around the concept of recovering the server to new hardware (box dies, new box installed with different processor etc).

  4. My question is, can I view or modify shared calendars using OWA 2007? if they log in as the other user. However you can do this with a WSS site using the calendar control (single web page that shows all the calendars a user can view).

  5. It is possible to access windows files shares using direct file access through OWA, is it possible to pre-populate the shortcut pane with the server names? No this would not be possible due to security.

  6. does Exchange 2007 offer any support, other than event sinks, for delivering all mail addressed to a particular domain (* to a specific user (  There is a compliance engine in e2007 that may be able to handle this – however you can do this the way you are doing it in 2003 as well.

  7. Is there a GroupWise 7.01 connector? I heard the Migration is now 3rd party, also just wondering why that was done. No groupwise connector from Microsoft. This was a tough technical decision to focus on our core strengths.

  8. Is this senario supported: I would like to do An Active/ Passive server in SCC mode as my primary Exchange service. I would like to know if I can do an aditional Off-site CCR to another site connected via High Speed (multi-gig) link? So it woud basically be an Active/Passive(SCC)/Passive(CCR or LCR). yes as long as they are in the same site

  9. What was the additional SCR(?) functionality that will be released with E2k7 SP1?  Basically you can do a ccr type cluster over sites rather than in the same site

  10. I remember something about once the first E2k7 server is installed no further e2k3 servers can be installed? Can you confirm that. How would that apply? I am in a Single forest Multi domain system. I am responsible for a single domain. Would my installeding E2k7 in my domain keep other domains from installing e2k3? Yes once you have an e2k7 server installed in your 2003 org, you cannot install a new 2003 server into that org.


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