Virtualization Technologies: Microsoft Certified Architect Live Meeting for MCPs

Our registration info for the next MCA-led Live Meeting (March 21) is now up on the MCP site. The presenter will be Allen Stewart from Microsoft (no, not all MCAs work at Microsoft... but the first few we've asked to present happen to...). I believe there are 90 MCAs worldwide, to date. You can learn more about the program here. I haven't heard him speak but understand he is great; I'm looking forward to it. Allen is going to talk about Virtualization for maybe 20 or so minutes, then talk about whatever you want him to talk about for the rest of the time.

Allen will discuss the various Microsoft application, hardware, and management virtualization technologies available today, as well as new virtualization technologies on the horizon, including the Hypervisor-based hardware virtualization technology in Windows Server Code Name "Longhorn." As always, we'll leave lots of time for questions. The meeting is offered twice to accommodate global calendars. 

So something funny just happened. We've been jumping through hoops trying to keep the registration info for these meetings limited to MCPs as much as possible (it sounds simple, but using LIve Meeting there is no straight-forward way to do it). The idea was to keep registration numbers down to allow you all to have better conversations with the presenters. For that reason, we've been posting the registration links on the MCP site, where log-in is required. BUT, we are still managing registration using Microsoft's event system, which apparently takes promotion in to its own hands. I just googled (whut?!?) Allen to see if I could get some bio info, and the first thing that comes up is the registration information for our "private" Live Meeting. So, here you have it, because everyone else does too: March 21, 7:30 AM PST or March 21, 5:00 PM PST. At least I made the Tick this morning.

But back to business. You should come to the meeting. It will be good. The people who attended the last MCA meeting (Scott Andersen, on Exchange 2007) were really psyched: excellent presenter, interesting info, 75% of the time was answering your questions.

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  1. Frank Boyle says:

    Virtualization project

  2. It’s sad that with all the wonderful technologies created based on databases that the sign-up couldn’t be restricted based on the e-mail addresses of MCP’s only.

    I am really hoping that I can sit in on the virtualization webcast during the early session. I have really enjoyed working with our local person that has some experience with this technology. It is unbelievable how EASY it is to work.

  3. More on Allen Stewart, our Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) presenter for the Virtualization Technologies

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