Something I like: blogs with "Rocker!" in the title

Like this:

Maybe my blog should be called "So, a booth babe and a Certified Rocker!(TM) walk in to a bar..." Alternately, "So, a booth Rocker! and a geek walk in to a bar..." Or "So, a booth babe and a geek Rock! into a bar..." Sadly, this is fun for me; I could go on all day. And by that I mean, I could Rock on! all day.

Incidentally, the Office Rocker! who writes the blog above posted a good story about a presentation gone wrong, "The Day I Died," which might cheer you if you've recently flubbed a big presentation, tripped in front of lots of people, or walked out of a bathroom with your skirt accidentally tucked in to your pantyhose. Or, you know, something. 

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  1. Chris Haaker says:

    A Rockin Booth Babe and Geek Walk in to a Bar

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