An update for those of you who took beta exam 71-621 and/or 71-622

OK, so I finally have something new to add to the ongoing discussion about the Vista beta retakes. First of all, I am sorry it has taken us—that is the Microsoft Learning certification team—so long to work out how to make it right (or at least a little more right) for those of you who invested your time and effort into studying for and taking the 621 and 622 Vista betas. This has not been my favorite thing, to leave you all hanging.


Sometime tonight, everyone who took 621 or 622 should get an e-mail with information about the beta re-take. You can see below for the full, official contents, or you can read my shorter interpretation, as follows:

  • We will re-run the betas for 71-621 and 71-622.

  •  We will score the first beta. The scoring model will be based on the results of the SECOND beta, which includes additional components

  • Because we need to finish the 2nd before we can score the 1st , your scores from the first beta will not be available until May 2007.

  • Those of you who took 71-621 or 71-622 are guaranteed a seat in the 2nd beta for the same, if you want to take it.

  • The betas are coming up soon (both in March) and you will get an e-mail invitation for the exam(s) you took before.

  • If you do retake, you’ll get scored on the second beta.

  • If you don’t retake, you’ll get scored on the first beta.

  • Either way, a passing score will put the exam on your transcript.

  • In either case, everyone who took 71-621 or 71-622 will get an exam voucher good for one of the Vista exams (70-620 through 70-624)

  • 71-623 has been rescheduled and everyone who was registered before will have a chance to register again.

That is the update.


I know many of you are very frustrated with this situation and our communication (or lack-thereof) about it. I’m sorry. We have been trying to confirm what we can do and HOW to do it, and I did not want to make any promises that we could not keep or go out to everyone without a full story. This doesn’t excuse that many of you just stumbled across this blog to get the news of your delayed result rather than getting official word from MSFT; that is unacceptable.


As I said before, I’ve read all of your comments. In fact, LOTS of people have read all of your comments. I’m glad that there is a way we can communicate outside of Microsoft’s normal business-speak channels. And I’m glad to get your feedback so fast, and so directly—your thoughtful comments on both sides of the issue led to lots of hallway debate in building 18. I also noted how many of you were able to express your viewpoint, and frustration, in a respectful way. I really appreciate that. I'm glad to have this job. 


OK. So, what did I forget? Let me know... while you're thinking, here is the official, all the details-version of the news above:



You recently participated in a beta for Windows Vista exams 71-621: Upgrading Your Microsoft Certified Desktop Support (MCDST) Certification to a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP): Enterprise Support Technician and/or 71-622: PRO: Supporting and Troubleshooting Applications on a Microsoft Windows Vista Client for Enterprise Support Technicians. As you may know, we have had to make the decision to re-engineer these exams. As a result there will be a second beta for 71-621 and 71-622. 


Why are we re-engineering the exams?

In the interest of producing a technically accurate exam and a consistent, meaningful credential, we made the difficult decision to re-engineer exams 70-621, 70-622, and 70-623 to include coverage of several topics that were errantly left out of the original exam Objective Domain (OD). As a result, we must re-run the betas and delay the release dates for these much anticipated exams.


We regret this inconvenience; we know many of you invested time and energy into preparing and have been looking forward to your results.


What this means to your score on 71-621 and/or 71-622.

Your first beta exams will be scored based on the results of the second beta (i.e. the final scoring model will be based on the re-engineered exams) and will be available in late May 2007. Because results from the first beta are dependent on the outcomes of the second, you will not have your results before the second beta takes place. You are not obligated to re-take the beta, but choosing to do so may increase your chances of a passing result on the final scoring model, which will include additional components.


  • If you take the second beta, your first results will be dismissed; you will only be scored on your second result. See below for how to participate.


  • If you do not take the second beta, you will receive a score for the exam you have already taken. If it is a passing score, you will receive credit for the exam on your transcript. No action required.


  • In either case, Microsoft will provide you with an exam voucher should you need or choose to re-take the exam in its live form.


If you were registered for 71-623, you will receive an exclusive invitation to re-register on approximately March 15.


How to participate in the second beta.

All candidates will receive an invitation to re-take the beta(s) via e-mail from Microsoft, with an exclusive 72 hour window to register before the invitation is distributed more broadly. If you choose to retake the beta, please register immediately upon receiving your invitation. Here is when to expect your invitation.



Beta Invite

Beta Start

Live Date


March 22

March 29

May 17


March 9

March 16

May 10



Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.

However you choose to proceed, we would like to offer you an exam voucher for use on any of the related Vista exams (70-620, 70-621, 70-622, 70-623, or 70-624) in recognition of your valuable time and contribution to Microsoft Certification. Microsoft Learning respects your time and sincerely appreciates your participation in our exam development process; we regret any inconvenience to our customers due to our mistake. Instructions on how to claim your free exam voucher will be sent to you in your beta re-take invitation(s); see table above for dates.


Once again, we appreciate your participation in the beta process and hope you will continue to partner with us in creating excellent Microsoft Certification exams. If you have any questions, please contact your Regional Service Center.



Comments (75)

  1. says:

    Just got the e-mail.  Although I intend to take the second beta, I may as well ask what I suspect everyone will be asking –

    Can you shed any more light on how the rescoring process will work for those who don’t take the second beta?

    Obviously as per my comments in the other post, my viewpoint is one of "How will third parties (most notably – employers) be able to rely on what the certification represents, with some being issued based on this scoring mechanism?".

    I’m sure many who were coming from the other "side" in the previous discussion and who don’t intend to take the second beta will be wondering something along the lines of "This sounds like I’m being disadvantaged… why are my results being based on a whole other test… how is it going to work?".

    Either way – good call on providing the exam voucher for all who took the first beta.  It’s a nice way of saying "Look, okay, either way, if you don’t end up passing then you can have another go on us in your own time* when the exam’s in general release."

    In my case if I pass the second 621 beta, I’ll probably take the voucher and use it on 623.

    * I assume there’ll be some kind of time limit on the voucher, but it wouldn’t be as restrictive as the short timeframes for betas.

  2. Andy says:

    Finally a message with meaning and acceptable terms within allowable limits. The mistake will not be forgotten, but excused this time around.

  3. Vincent says:

    Hey Trika

    This time you really bring us GOOD NEWS !

    Have a nice weekend !

  4. Chance says:

    Won’t taking 623 after 621 be a little redundant given that 621 upgrades a MCDST to MCTS:VC&S and MCITP:EST?  I’d probably gear towards 624.

    Thanks for bringing us the good news Trika!

  5. Chance says:

    oh wait…nevermind…623 is consumer support.

  6. Chance says:

    oh wait…nevermind…623 is consumer support.  my mistake!

  7. Ken W says:

    Thanks, this is great news and has definately restored my views on MS 🙂

    I will be taking the 2nd beta as if the 1st beta will be score on the objectives of the 2nd exams, might as well see the extra content.  And if I fail there’s always the free voucher 🙂

    Thanks again Trika for the good news, have a good weekend.


  8. Shrek says:

    Hello Trika,

    just received the mail.

    This is an acceptable solution, great work!

    On the Exam Page, there is still nothing about Office:

    So what about the new Exam Contents?



  9. CaptCaveman says:

    Am I understanding the email that I received correctly?

    It seems to say that even if we don’t retake the exam, but we don’t pass the first beta because of the new way they will look at scoring it, we will still receive an exam voucher.

    I would be happy with that. I’m not sure if I will sit the exam a second time. However it is a certification that I want. So if I’m going to receive a voucher even if I don’t sit the exam again. I would like to see how I did on the first one and just take it again when it goes live if I didn’t pass.

  10. Phil says:

    Exam 071-622 is available now on Prometric.  I tried to schedule an appointment just to see if it would get to the last confirmation screen and I received this message:

    "You have previously taken or scheduled this exam. Microsoft requires that beta exams are only taken or scheduled once."

    When will the exam be cleared from our Prometric transcript so that we can schedule for the new beta exam?

    Is this going to be a problem once the invitations are sent out?  I’d hate to miss the 72-hour window to register because of this.

  11. Phil says:

    I should add that when trying to schedule an appointment for the exam on Prometric, the message saying you have already taken the exam appears BEFORE you even get to the page where you can enter a promo code.

    So even with a new promo code from Microsoft, we won’t be able to register until this glitch is fixed.

  12. says:

    HOW WILL SCORING WORK IF YOU DONT TAKE THE 2ND BETA? you may be just fine because there is not a ton of new content being added. However, there IS some new, and, more importantly, the weighting of questions and sections will be the big factor in what makes a passing score. So even if you did really well as far as questions on the 1st; the weighting of new content and shifting of weights on existing content could break the camel’s back. Or whatever. My thought, (this is just me talking, not an official word from MSFT, by the way) is that if you think you did REALLY WELL on the first, you’re probably on the right track to wait and see how you did. That is why we’re providing the exam vouchers, so if the scoring and weighting doesn’t treat you right, you can re-do on your own time and our cost.

    VOUCHERS: Yes, you get a voucher no matter what; if you don’t take the 2nd beta, you get a voucher. If you do take it, you still get a voucher. (it’s a win-win! Oh, wait… it’s Exam Insurance that’s a "win-win". Too much win-winning; it’s giving me a headache). If you took both betas, you should get two vouchers (one voucher for each beta we are re-doing). I dont know the expire date but at least six months if not a year.

    WHAT TO STUDY: what we are adding in is stuff that should have been there all along; if you had prepped for these Vista exams the first time, and you know the range of material covered in MCDST exams, then you will have the right idea for these two. Again, that is just me talking. And I have not taken 271, 272, 621, or 622… you get the idea.

    PREP GUIDES: I will ask if we are making any changes to those any time soon. Obviously not before these beta invites go out, however…

    CANT REREGISTER FOR THE SAME BETA: We won’t send the invites (or beta codes) out until I get confirmation that you will be able to register with both VUe and Prometric. All you first-time takers are gauranteed a seat in the 2nd if you want it; 72 hours from the time we send out the invite and code. Stay tuned… I’m waiting for confirmation…

  13. Vincent says:

    Hey Trika

    Many thanks for answering all our questions. : )

    Don’t work too hard.

  14. Hi Trika,

    I sat the 622 exam but have not recieved the invitation? Is 9th March the only day that they are sending those invitations?

  15. Lynn N says:

    Trika will those of us that received and invite but got locked out last time get another shot at taking the betas

  16. Phil says:


    No, March 9th is not the only day they are sending out invitations for the new beta exams.  As Trikah said in her comment (two above yours), they are waiting for confirmation from Prometric and VUE that we will actually be able to register for the new exam.

    I checked Prometric this morning and those who took the 622 exam before are still denied when trying to schedule for the new test.

    I’m sure Trikah will let us know when everything is ready to go.  We just have to wait and keep watching the blog for news.

  17. AW says:

    Re: Michael Chute – "I sat the 622 exam but have not recieved the invitation?"

    Same here. The only email I got from Microsoft all day was "MCP Flash: March 2007" at 3pm on March 9.

    (Also, I would like to suggest that in addition to receiving an exam voucher for taking the beta the first time, it would be nice to receive something more for those of us who retake it the second time, such as a gift certificate to get something from the MCP store.)

  18. quincycheng says:

    Michael, Don’t worry!  I’ve also taken 622 exam at Prometric & no invitation has sent to me yet.

    I think they got some "technical" issues… Maybe the registration system of Prometric don’t allow retaking exam without a "pass" or "fail" result…

    Anyway, it’s an exceptional case. Let’s be patient & wait for MSL & Trika’s updates.

  19. says:

    We are, like Quincy says, holding the invites until I get confirmation that you guys can register without a problem. I should have added that before I went home last night, sorry.

  20. Thanks for the update!!!

  21. says:

    Hi. Only candidates who actually took the last betas will be gauranteed a seat in the retakes. If we dont fill up the seats with those people, we will send the invite more broadly (so if you got one before you might get one again) but there will be very limited space and will  fill up fast.

  22. says:

    Got confirmation… so we plan to send the invites out on Monday.

    Here’s what was confirmed: Prometric will NOT be accepting online registrations for 621 and 622 from re-takers. If you are with Prometric, you will need to register by phone (again, this is just re-takers, due to the system set up that Quincy, Phil, and others have commented on).

    We will be fulfilling the free exam vouchers via our worldwide service centers–and they aren’t ready to distribute yet (we need to get unique codes, matched to your IDs, out to all the relevant regional service centers and get them up to speed so when you call they know what is going on). So, instead of calling in for your voucher right away as I had hoped, you’ll have to call in in a few weeks. The vouchers will be good until end September (a good three-four months after all the exams in question are live).

  23. Trayton Kilby says:

    I just want to make sure that the invites haven’t been sent out yet?  from the above post it appears nothing yet (but hopefully Monday March 12th 2007)?

    Thank you,

  24. Andy says:

    Once we receive our codes, can we register with VUE if we originally tested with Prometric?

  25. BT says:

    How about VUE, can we do online registrations for 621 and 622?

  26. says:

    VUE and prometric both will be phone registration only, if you are retaking the beta at the same provider. If you take the second beta at a different provider, you should be able to register as a new candidate, meaning register online, I think…

  27. Andy says:

    I didn’t get my invite…what’s the source email address so I can adjust my SPAM filters?

  28. jkoziol10 says:


    I got my invite for 622 this evening

    It came from the following address:

    Microsoft Learning <>

    Hope that helps


  29. Paul says:

    Just got invitation.

    I called the toll free no. immediately and the one who took the call said that he got same result as I book online.

    (No retake for beta exam…..)

    Now, he ask me to forward the received email to him and will ask supervisor for further information.

    (Isn’t it supervisor necessary for all registration?)

    (I also try to register with VUE but got ERROR………..)

  30. gomce2002 says:

    Just got the email invitation deom MSL. Since I took my 71-622 with VUE before, so I cannot re-register 71-622 with VUE any more.

    So I register my 71-622 with Prometric this time and it works like a charm and book the exam on March 30, 2007.

    Thank you for your co-ordination, Trika plus the efforts from your team mates as well.

  31. Paul says:

    Poor me……

    I took 71-622 with Prometric and still can’t register by VUE as there is "Program error" for me…..

  32. BT says:

    I’ve receive the invitation, should i call MS??

  33. HI Trika,

    I got my exam invitation and have booked my exam for 30th March


    Thanks for the voucher (from 1st April) would have prefered a free copy of vista to practice on though! 😉 Also Cant see anything on about new exam content for Office? I though that was why they re-ran the exam?

    ps BT/Paul you need to CALL prometric the numbers and instructions are in the email

  34. Alberto says:

    I have the same problem with VUE. They’re going to call me back tomorrow…

  35. Andy says:

    What is the code used to register online?

  36. Paul says:

    I called both VUE and Prometric ….

    Both reply : Case following …….

  37. Phil says:

    The registration problem at Prometric is still a problem.  I called in about 1:30 pm today and tried to register.  I talked two different people, including a supervisor.  While they are aware of the beta re-test and the special exam code, they are unable to process the registration because I took it before.

    I hope you are going to extend the 72-hour window to use the exam code if this isn’t resolved before then.

  38. says:

    This is ridiculous; I can’t believe that you are having to waste more of your time on this. I will respond in two hours when I have more information. Please don’t worry about the 72 hour window. You will get a seat.

  39. says:

    According to our contacts at Prometric and VUE, the process we provided in the invite e-mail (Phone registration only; ask to speak with a supervisor) should NOW, as of 12:15 PM PST, be working. IF YOU DO NOT FIND THAT TO BE THE CASE, please send me an e-mail directly with your MCP ID, where you were trying to register (Pro or VUE), and what time you tried to register. I will forward your e-mails directly to our Prometric and VUE contacts who can work with you individually to make sure you have a seat in the beta.

    Andy, please send me an e-mail directly and I will send you the invite.

    Paul, Phil, Alberto… don’t bother trying to call in again; just send me a mail and we’ll ask them to register you manually. You shouldn’t have to be spending your time like this.

  40. Paul says:

    Suddenly, I got mail from Pro and VUE that I have got a seat in both of them…… (I’ll cancel one afterward…)

  41. Andy says:

    Post #40…this must be a record!

  42. Trayton Kilby says:

    I got the first email that said we would be getting invites on March 2nd Your Participation in Microsoft Certification Beta Exams

    71-621 and 71-622

    I have still not received the invites for these other exams 🙁

  43. Stefan says:

    I took my exam the first time with Prometric but managed to book it okay with Pearson Vue online for the retake.

  44. Andy says:

    Prometric: What’s the promotional code?

    Me: Oh, there’s a new code?

    Prometric: Yes, the original code does not apply.

    Me: Can you override the booking system?

    Prometric: We have. You are booked!

  45. says:

    We will be distributing the 622 beta invite to additional invitees starting tomorrow, Friday March 16 at noon. If you are a re-taker, please register before that time to make sure there is a seat for you.

  46. harry says:

    I hope to receive an invitation. I did receive an inivitation last year, but I could not take the exam

  47. S.Y.Paul Lai says:

    I discovered someone has registered 071-621 for me.  Just like last time (071-622), a test center is selected but no schedule is marked.  Is it someone from Prometric or Microsoft who registered the exam for me?  I can’t re-schedule it online.  I don’t have a registration promotion code.  Should I phone Prometric to mark a schedule and select another test center if needed?  Or, should I contact you (Trikah) again this time?

    Another question:

    I didn’t get invitation for 071-623 at the first round of registration.  Do I need to wait 3 days for those who had registered to re-register before I can have a chance to register?  Who should I ask for an invitation?

  48. Jak says:

    pleas send me promo code for beta exam 71-622.

    On exchangee I have promo code for exam 71-237 or 71-238

  49. Retake invite for 621 and re-registration invite for 623 are both scheduled to be sent out on March 22.

  50. Martin says:

    Hello Trika,

    I took an exam 71-622 on Dec.20 2006 and was waiting for an invitation e-mail for beta retake. I have contacted three times, as was written in March MCP Flash, but have not received any answer. Please, can you advise me, who can help me to get an invtation e-mail. Thank you. Martin

  51. says:

    Send me an e-mail directly with your MCP ID, first and last name. I will look you up on our list and send you the invite directly. Thanks! THIS IS JUST FOR 622; THE OTHER RETAKE  INVITES HAVE NOT BEEN SENT YET. Thansk!

  52. dcorpuz says:

    Vue is not also accepting online registration for this beta exam

  53. says:

    Like for 622, if you received a 621 invite and have any trouble registering at VUE or Prometric, send me an e-mail directly with your MCP ID, first and last name, where/when you want to take the exam, and where you tried to register (VUE or Prometric). I will escalate to the provider directly.

  54. Shailesh Das says:

    Hello Trika,

    I am from India and i participated earlier in Beta 1 through Prometric.

    I received the invtation for beta 2 today.

    I was shocked to see India in Regional Restrictions List. Pls confirm regarding this.

  55. Luke Potter says:

    My vue test centre isn’t available during the beta test peroid (fully booked) for 71-621! 🙁

    I’ve just been told this by MCP Help "These customers have an exclusive 72 hour window to re-register; at that point we will open any remaining seats to a broader audience. In order to receive credit/a score for 71-621 and , customers must re-register and re-take the exams; scoring for the first betas will be thrown out."

    *CRY* So frustrating!

  56. Waddah Awn says:

    I am having the same problem with VUE. I can’t register for the exam

  57. says:

    I hope all re-takers, at this point, have been able to successfully get a seat in the 621 or 623. Tomorrow afternoon will be 72 hours (from the point the registrations actually started working, not from the point we sent them out…) and we will open up the registration more broadly.

    If you TOOK THE FIRST ONE (621 or 623), and tried to register via the instructions (i.e. CALL the test center and talk to a supervisor for 621) and were not able to register; reminder to please send me a mail directly and I will help escalate.

  58. S.Y. Paul Lai says:

    Question about VOUCHERS:

    Will the vouchers we get programmatically restricted to only 070-62x exams?  Can I use it (or try to use it) for other 070 exams?  (Why not? We should get some rewards for passing the beta exams.)  Will the vouchers be restricted to either VUE or Prometric?  I remember last year I passed the VS and SQL beta exams and got Prometric vouchers valid only till the end of the year, while the VUE vouchers valid for a whole 12 months.

  59. Patricia says:

    When will you be opening it up more broadly? I am still hoping for initial invitation for 621.


  60. dcorpuz says:

    Regarding the Voucher i tried calling Microsoft Regional Service Center here in the Philippines but to no avail the number listed is not available. Is there any other way I can avail this free voucher?

  61. says:

    Hi. Is this the phone number you tried: *1-800-1441-4127?

    You can send an e-mail to the helpdesk for your region: Please copy me on your e-mail so I can see that you get a response.

  62. says:

    Hi, Patricia. We did already send out the extended invite for 621 and 622 so those are already out there!

  63. Andy says:

    There was no difference between the beta 1 and 2 versions of these exams. This has all been very suspicious!

  64. Wes says:

    I just called and recieved my voucher number, but he told me it expires April 31st, which is only 2 weeks away!  The exams will not even be live by then, can you help?

  65. says:

    The voucher should be good through September 30, 2007. If you heard otherwise, please let me know who told you that (send me an e-mail with your helpdesk exchange or let me know what phoen number you called, please). April 31 expiration strikes me a bit strange, in any case, as there are only 30 days in April. This is RIDICULOUS. Thanks Wes, for letting me know so others dont get similarly bad info.

  66. says:

    The voucher should be good through September 30, 2007. If you heard otherwise, please let me know who told you that (send me an e-mail with your helpdesk exchange or let me know what phoen number you called, please). April 31 expiration strikes me a bit strange, in any case, as there are only 30 days in April. This is RIDICULOUS. Thanks Wes, for letting me know so others dont get similarly bad info.

  67. says:

    I did 71-621 again this morning… can’t say I felt it was substantially different either.  Odd.  Still heaps of typos, especially random sp aces in the midd le of wor ds… too many examples to submit feedback for.

  68. Peter Read says:

    When did they extend April to 30 days??

  69. says:

    "When did they extend April to 30 days??"

    In 45 BC, according to Wikipedia. 🙂

  70. says:

    I just saw an unpublished comment from you; please send me an e-mail if you still have an unresolved issue. Thank you

  71. Zeca says:

    I just Try Scheduler Any 070 Exam with this voucher and obtain sucess.

  72. krizdabz says:

    Hi! I took 071-621 exam twice (first time in december and second time in april), but haven’t got any response from Microsoft whether I failed or passed. When will the results be available?

  73. says:

    krizdabz, there is more recent discussion in another blog post here:

    Quite a number of us have received our results.

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