Vista E-Learning 5103/5106 information for patient, good people Toby, Gary, and Megan

YOU ASKED: I am trying to study for 70-621. There are no e-learning courses yet, but there are for 70-620 that say they are good for 70-621 also. Which collection, 5103, 5347, 5354 or 5360, would be the most beneficial for the 70-621. I can't afford all off them.

ANSWER: The right course of action is 5103 then 5106 to prepare for 70-621, which will now be available as a live exam in mid-May 2007. Collection 5103 is available now; you can also purchase sub-sections ('courses') if you just need targeted bits of info. Check out course details here.

YOU ASKED: Is there an estimated release date for the E-Learning Course 5106?

ANSWER: April 11, 2007. This is the correct date (Feb 20); the release was pushed one week due to the VIsta exam slip.

YOU ASKED: We only talked about 5106 in our VIsta Live Meeting; now 5103 is on the list for 621 prep, too. DId something change?

ANSWER: Nothing changed; I just didn't have the most up to date info in the Live Meeting. 5103 and 5106 are both helpful for 621. Note - these are not meant to cover everything on the exam--they are intended to help you prepare, but not guarantee all coverage. 5103 focused on the Technology level content and 5106 is a combo of professional skills and technology, as it is intended to help customers make the jump from XP to VIsta AND validate professional skills...

FYI: The 621 prep guide lists two other e-learning course titles; that is from early days and will be updated soon to show objective domain mapping for 5103 and 5106.

YOU ASKED: How much will these e-learning courses cost?

ANSWER: 5103 is live now (see link above) so you can get the price. E-learning pricing is determined by the reseller, so we can't give you an exact price for 5106 unti it is listed. However, I can tell you that e-learning is priced on hours of content, and 5103 has 16 hours and 5106 has you can make a pretty good guess of where 5106 will be priced.

Comments (5)

  1. Toby says:

    Hi Trika,

    Many thanks for the info on courses 5103 and 5106.

    In your LiveMeeting presentation there was a slide that said that course 5106 was the only one required for the MCDST upgrade to Vista, how comes 5103 is now required ?

    Do you know the pricing for the 5103 and 5106 e-learning courses?

    I understand that there wil be a discount for the 70-621 exam, will there also be discounts for the e-learning 5103 and 5106 ?

    Are these courses relatively small given that they are only dealing with the delta between XP and Vista as far as a MCDST is concerned ?  



  2. Gary says:


    Thanks for your info on e-learning. Will exam 70-621 cover the new office 2007 as well, or is it strictly Vista OS and "built-in" applications and functionality?  If it is more than Vista OS, what else will be covered so we can prepare properly?

    Thanks in advance,


  3. Toby says:

    Dear Trika,

    Thank you for all the info on 5103 and 5106 – it is much appreciated.



  4. Gary says:

    Hi, Trika.  I have not kept up with this since late feb. Which e-learning courses (catelogs) are for 70-621.  Also, does 70-621 cover just vista os or also the "built-in" apps, mail etc.. and office 2007.  Does MS Press have books available yet?



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