Reminder about tomorrow (Feb 15) Exchange Cert Live Meeting

A. We'd love to have you attend this live meeting tomorrow (which is today for some of you). We will cover the new E12 exams, associated training, and implications for people planning to work with Exchange 2007 or who hold an MCSA: Messaging or MCSE: Messaging certification. As usual, 2 meetings.

B. I made it out to the main road in time to catch the Tick today, against all odds, but almost everyone rode today so there wasn't room for a few of us to get on. So, I had to drive a mini-Tick to work (and by that I mean, I drove my car). Co-Ticksters G-Man and Swingski rode with me so we could qualify for the HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lane. That is nice! The Tick is great. The Tick is my valentine. Tick, Be Mine!

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