OT: "Vow!"

I had fun yesterday at the Vista/Office launch party on campus here; it was kind of exciting. Top three favorite things: 1. Free latte. 2. Jim Allchin  3."Wow" campaign commercials for Vista. The ads are great. My dad's accent (German) is not that noticeable anymore but when he says "Wow," which he does say quite a bit, it sounds like "Vow." So, when they were showing the ads, I kept picturing localized versions where the people were saying "vow" instead of wow and I thought that would be charming. Especially if the ads only featured my dad. 

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  1. Phil says:

    I attended the Minneapolis Event.  The event was great with lots of good information and of couse free stuff.

    One of the DVDs we received is a copy of Windows Vista RTM (I think).  The DVD label is below:


    If this is the RTM, I’m wondering if it expires at some point.  The package it came in doesn’t mention anything about when it will cease to function.

  2. Andy says:

    It is RTM but will expire 6 months after installation. Use the WinVer command after installation to track remaining evaluation time left.

  3. Phil says:


    I installed the Vista RTM that we received at the event and activated it.  I tried the Winver command, but the dialog box that appears says nothing about an expiration date or evaluation time remaining.

    I rebooted and changed my bios date to one year later and I also disabled my network so it can’t update the time automatically.  I booted into Vista and as far as I can tell, everything was working normally.  I changed my BIOS date again, this time to 2012.  Still no problems.  It’s even prompting me that my Windows Defender signatures are out of date.


    Am I missing something here?  Can someone at Microsoft please confirm wheather this copy of Vista has an expiration or is hampered in some other way?

  4. Helmer says:

    Hmm…i attended the event in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and we recieved a Vista Goodybag with a retail version of Windows Vista, a Vista (laptop) bag and a 2 Gb Sandisk USB stick.

    Check the pic’s on http://go.hznet.nl/wow (it’s only pictures, video’s and some Dutch txt :))

  5. Helmer says:

    If you wanna see the GoodyBag (we recieved in The Netherlands) check the last picture on the page 🙂

  6. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    Helmer, was Blue Man Group at the launch in Amsterdam? That is rad.

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