Q&A from the Jan 23 SQL2005 Cert Live Meeting

If you’re interested in SQL Server 2005 certifications, I recommend watching the recording or visiting the MCDBA upgrade landing page as first stops. As promised, however, I’m posting the Q&A here to speed things up. I tried to get the right answers, group them into sections, and remove duplicates, but I did NOT try to pretty it up or correct weirdly-worded questions (or equally weirdly worded answers). This is some raw material, my friends. I hope you’re sitting down. See below for:

  • SQL 2005 Certs - general questions

  • Exam 431

  • Business Intelligence

  • MCDBA and the upgrade path

  • Your MCSA and MCSE and SQL2005 Certs

  • General cert/exam questions

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I think the order doesn't matter as far as the MCITP - DBA is concerned, but you need to pass all the three exams 431, 443 and 444. What do you say?

You are correct, but you will not get certification credit until you've taken the full track.


how do the SQL Developer paths merge or mesh with the stusio 2005 paths?

they dont – the certifications are totally separate with the 2005 technologies.


I am MCTS:SQL Server 2005 : implementing and maintenace Also Have OCP Oracle8 DBA.....Would the track DBA too demanding or is it pretty much same as new oracle technology?

Our DBA track is comparable to what you experienced with Oracle - you should not have any trouble.


I've recently been tasked with supporting both SQL 2000 and SQL 2005. Should I take the MCDBA exams first, then the upgrade or just do the straight SQL 2005 exams?

I woulkd take only the two SQL 2000-specific exams (70-228 and 70-229 - the other two required exams for MCDBA are not specifically related to SQL 2000) and then move on to the SQL 2005 track.


I work with SQL 2000. Should I become certified first in SQL 2000?

Yes. We recommend certification on the technology you are currently using or plan to move to soon.


Will we see sims in the 70-444 exam this year?

Not this year but likely next year.


There's some MELL for SQL 2005?

ANy more, we're creating e-learning instead of MELL for the new products. Much of the e-learning is available through Software Assurance and Licensing, though--so check to see what your agreement covers. The appendix of this PPT (choose FILE - > PRINT TO PDF) has all of the learning products avaialble through SA.


Will the Database admin Cert expire?

MCDBA will not expire but MCITP: DBA will need recertification exam every 3 years or so.


I am new to SQL will I just have to do the 431 exam and the 447 exam to be a Database Administrator

No. If you are using SQL2000, you will want to start and complete the MCDBA credential, which is the premier credential on SQL2000. If you are using SQL2005, you will want to complete the three-exam path to MCITP: Database Administrator. The 431 and 447 combo is ONLY applicable to customers who hold the MCDBA credential already.


Will the new MCTS and MCITP certifications expire in the future?

MCTS certifications will expire when the support for the product expires (usually 7-10 years from initial release). MCITP certifications will expire 3 years from the date they are awarded UNLESS you recertify. You will be required to recertify every 3 years. You will need to pass a specific recertification exam. If you don't pass, you will lose your certification (it will come off of your transcript).


Would recertification cost the same as a regular exam?

Yes...it will be one exam and it will be regular exam price.


EXAM 70-431

For the 70-431 exam, the Microsoft web site recommends courses/collections 2778, 2779, and 2780. Is there a recommended order? The first/lowest numbered 2778 ("Writing Queries Using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Transact-SQL (18-hour series)") doesn't seem like introductory material.

Yes. The numbers are 'in order' of recommended (but not required) action. 2778 is similar to the core SQL 2000 course. But, no, it is not an "introductory course" you're right!


Is there a single e learning course for 70-431?

Find info on: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/exams/70-431.mspx . The courses/e-learning does not necessarily cover full objective domain. The MODL Course 2785, however, does cover for 431 fully.


Will 70-431 have simulations?

Yes...431 just re-released in English with simulations. The localized versions will start appearing around the world in MArch/April.


Look for offers for 431 and 447 on:



Is 70-431 for 2005 the equivalent of what 70-228 was for 2000? Does is cover a similar amount of material with a similar level of difficulty? Similar but 431 is focused on the technology without regard to specific applications of the technology (i.e. job role specific content) where as 228 did have some job role content.





The exam 70-431 helps to get MCITP Developer and / or MCITP Administrator. Does it helps like a requirement to get the MCITP for Business Intelligence ?

No. For BI you need 445 and 446 and NOT 431.


If I have 070-431 070-441 070-442 and I want to get BI cert do I have to get 070-445



How solid are the dates for BI - 3/2/07?

Both 445 and 446 have completed their beta cycle. Both will go live on 3/2/07. Beta results for 445 and 446 will be made public in early February 2007.


Are there training kits for the business intelligence exams?

Yes. The 445 and 446 training kits are currently in progress, and will be available this summer (still waiting for exact dates).


I could do the BI exam without have the MCTS SQL Server 2005?

Yes, exactly. You would take 445 to earn the MCTS in BI... or 445 and 446 if you want to earn your MCITP: BI.


Check out this landing page for MCDBA upgrade info and offers:



Is there learning material for a MCDBA that focuses on the upgrade path? That is, focuses on the 70-447 exam specifically? Thanks.

http://www.microsoft.com/learning/exams/70-447.mspx and check out special offers listed on the prep guide (practice test and e-learning –also on the 431 prep guide).


Do individual content exams towards the MCDBA matter (E.g. I certified in Windows 2000; SQL 7 (Admin); SQL 2000 (Implementation)) Would the upgrade path to 2005 be the same?

If you have MCDBA (no matter how you got it) you can upgrade.


if i already have mcdba certification and passed 70-431, do i have to take 70-443 & 70-444

If you would like to earn your MCITP: DBA, then you will only need to pass 70-447. If you would like to earn one or both of the other MCITP certifications on SQL Server 2005, you will have to take the direct path; there is no upgrade from MCDBA to MCITP: Database Developer or MCITP: Business Intelligence.


I don´t have MCDBA certification, can I make 70-447 exam ?

No. If you do not have a MCDBA and take 447 you will receive no cert credit. It will remain on your transcript and if/when you pass 431 and earn your MCDBA, you will then receive the MCITP-Database Administrator credential.


Since Database Developer is an 'offshoot' of the original MCDBA, will there eventually be an upgrade path for an MCDBA?

Probably not - at this point we are not planning any additional upgrade options.


if i take 70-229 will I still achive MCDBA and then be able to upgrade or should i just start over with 2005 exams

The MCDBA track requires 4 exams - 2 SQL 2000 exams, a Window Server 2003 exam, and an elective exam. If you don't plan on completing the MCDBA track, I would recommend that you simply start with the SQL 2005 exams.


I have passed all except one exam for MCDBA - the server exam. Since I have all the SQL exams taken, can I do the upgrade path, or must I have the MCDBA cert first?

You need the completed MCDBA credential to use the upgrade path.


Willl the MCDBA cert still be offered moving forward?

Yes, but only for SQL 2000. The MCDBA cert title will not be used for SQL 2005 or any future SQL releases.


Did I need take exam to renew MCDBA if I have MCDBA for SQL 2000?

No. You do not need to renew to keep your MCDBA. It will continue to be good in the market!


What if I only have MCP not MCDBA is there any lateral entry to get MCSIT?

WIth MCP you would just follow the direct paths to the MCITP certifications that Rob outlined; the ONLY shortened path is for people holding their MCDBA.


how long will the MCDBA exams for 2000 continue to be offered; How long will individual MCP exams be valid for 7.0/2000 given this new certification track? We will continue to offer MCDBA exams for SQL 2000 until mainstream support for SQL 2000 is discontinued, April 2008.


Do individual content exams towards the MCDBA matter (E.g. I certified in Windows 2000; SQL 7 (Admin); SQL 2000 (Implementation)) Would the upgrade path to 2005 be the same? If you have MCDBA (no matter how you got it) you can upgrade. 


Have all SQL 7.0 certifications expired? The certs have not expired (and won’t) but the exams have been retired and are no longer available. 


Why the MCITP does not require skills for any OS? MCITP certs, by definition, are all about a specific job role so their requirements are defined by the technology needs of the job role.



SQL2005 and your MCSA or MCSE

I'm not interested in being a MCDBA, but I would like to know if I take SQL will it count as an option to MCSA

Yes...the SQL TS Exams 431 and 445 count as electives for MCSA and MCSE.


i have done exams 70-291, 70-290 and another MCSA exam (can't remember the number) so i'm up to 3 MCSA credited exams. Will the 70-431 credit me to MCSA as the 4th one? in other words will i get my MCSA after doing that exam? will i be both MCSA and MCTS on sql 2005?

Yes, exam 431 will satisfy your MCSA elective requirement.


I'm a MCSE 2000 Track can I take MCITP Database Administrator with out MSTS (70-431); are there any discounts for MCSE in SQL track?

No. You will need to take 431 also. No, there is no connection between MCSE and the new certifications for SQL 2005 as far as upgrade paths.

Comments (10)

  1. Aaron Christenson says:

    Question about the re-certify exam. If I endup not being able to take the re-certify exam before the cert expires will I still be able to take that exam to recertify or do you have to start over?

  2. Stan Segers says:

    Hi Trika,

    Why the retirement policy for certifications? It makes sense for Microsoft to work in product life cycles and to retire exams once the product retires, so far so good. But with certifications, to me, retiring doesn’t make sense. Many clients don’t exactly follow lifecycles and then when they finally do upgrade, they like the help of someone with verifiable knowledge (that’s what the cert is for, right?) on the "legacy" product.

    Btw, what happens to the exam-history? Will that stay on the transcript, even after all related certifications have been retired?

  3. Jack says:

    I did the 70-431 SQL Server Implemenataion and Maintancence Exam yesterday. I got 85% in the multiple choice bit and 35% in the simulation bit. I was not expecting a simulation part and had only prepared for a multiple chioce exam. The microsoft self paced training kit for this exam has no simulation sample exams, only multiple choice. Also the 2 websites recommended by miscrsoft for sample tests only have multiple choice exams, no simulations. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on some simluation practice tests for the 70-431 exam. Without doing these I will probably just fail the exam again.

  4. Shahid says:

    I have an MCDBA that includes 70-028 and 70-029.

    Can I still take the upgrade exam. 70-447

  5. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    Shahid, hello. You can take the upgrade path no matter how you earned your MCDBA. Your path is two exams to earn MCITP: Database Administrator. Exams 70-431 AND 70-447. Here is more information: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/mcdba/upgrade/default.mspx

    Best regards,


  6. Ning says:


    I got my MCDBA at 2000. Now I want to update it to MCTS. Could you please tell me how I can make  it besides passing the exam 70-431? Do I need to apply for the MCTS certificate to Microsoft? If so, how can I apply?



  7. Niall says:


    First off you need to take exam 70-431 it is required to get your MCITP in SQL 2005.

    So the easiest thing to do is the following. Take 70-431 and then take 70-447 which will give you MCTS SQL 2005 & MCITP: Database Admin on SQL 2005.

    You have to do the exams no other way around that! 🙂

    (Sorry for answering all these questions on your blog Trika!!!)

  8. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    Thanks Niall for answering!!

    Ning, good luck.

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