seeking MSFT certified models for photo shoot (being fabulously attractive a plus, but not required)

We're looking for some Microsoft Certified types to feature as MCP peers in the MCP newsletter (check out past editions on the MCP site). My first plan was for me to travel for a year, occasionally taking pictures of MCPs around the world. Since I value my job, however, I thought better of proposing this plan to my manager and have come up with a plan B. I'm hoping, instead, that I can catch some of you when you're in Redmond for meetings or in Seattle for vacation--we'll get your profile info and take some photos. If you'll be in town in the next month or two, send me an e-mail and we'll set something up!

Requirements: You must:

  • hold a Microsoft Certification

  • appreciate your Microsoft Certification

  • not mind signing a release form saying we can post your photo and profile

  • let us take your picture (don't worry! very professional! no funny business!)


Comments (6)

  1. gomcse2002 says:

    Sounds like FUN indeed. But I might need to travel from Vancouver, BC to Redmond then !!

  2. Andy says:

    Why not allow us to submit our own professional photo.

  3. Alfred Myers says:

    Being able to submit a photo would be a plus for foreigners.

    To avoid pranks, this could be done via MCP member’s site, where we are obliged to log-in.

  4. James Kovacs says:

    It’s a fun gig and one I would highly recommend. I was the November centrefold. Great chance to share your contributions with the MCP community. (I did manage to get in before the "fabulously attractive" requirement/suggestion was added, though.) :^P

  5. says:

    Hey. We’ve had a few people in town come to do a "shoot" (thanks Kenold, Aaron, and our very own Gerry!). Yes, having people submit photos is the next plan… i just need to find the time to figure out how that will work and who will be responsible for managing them when they come in (yes, good idea, submitting via the MCP site would be how we’d want to do it)! One of my friends has a t-shirt company and they solicit customer photos for their web site. check it: I will ask them how they sort through all the stuff they get, how they manage legal releases, and what specs they require… in the meantime, you can buy a shirt, should that strike your fancy.

  6. Alfred Myers says:

    I may be in town for a week starting at May, 21st if you’re still looking for those photos.

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