Big ups to MCSEs in places without many MCSEs

I keep getting questions about this, so just for fun I pulled a list of countries with less than 50 people who are certified MCSE on Windows Server 2003. As a result of this exersize, I will be spending some time with a world map. 

If any of you in the "1" row happen across this blog... send me an e-mail (include your transcript sharing code so I can look you up) and I'll send you something fun as a thank you for representing/working with Microsoft in your country. We appreciate it!

Andorra; Burkina Faso; Chad; Cook Islands; Falkland Islands; Faroe Islands; Gabon; Iran; Nicaragua; Rwanda; Sudan; Tajikistan; U.S. Minor Outlying Islands; Vanuatu 1
Benin; French Polynesia; Gibraltar; Haiti; Kyrgyzstan; Liechtenstein; Mozambique; Samoa 2
Algeria; Armenia; Aruba; Belize; Cambodia; Ethiopia; Senegal; Suriname; Syria; Virgin Islands 3
Brunei; Cote d'Ivoire'; The Gambia; Georgia; Greenland; Guyana; Madagascar; Martinique; Panama; British Virgin Islands 4
Angola; Bolivia; Cameroon; Malawi; Maldives; Yemen; Zambia 5
Afghanistan; Antiqua and Barbuda; Guam; Honduras; New Caledonia; Paraguay; Reunion; Tanzania 7
Albania; Grenada; Zimbabwe 8
Tunisia 9
Bahamas, Guatemala; Uganda 10
Jamaica; Libya; Namibia 11
Azerbaijan; Iraq 12
Belarus; Dominican Republic 13
El Salvador 14
Cayman Islands; Fiji Islands; Ghana 15
Netherlands Antilles 17
Barbados; Malta 18
Ecuador 19
Luxembourg 22
Macao SAR 23
Macedonia, FYRO 24
Bangladesh; Bosnia and Herzegovina 25
Cyprus 26
Chile 27
Estonia 28
Costa Rica; Kazakhstan 29
Bermuda; Botswana 32
Kenya; Trinidad and Tobago 35
Morocco; Nigeria; Uzbekistan 37
Slovakia; Uruguay 38
Nepal 41
Iceland; Mauritius 42
Myanmar 43
Lithuania 45
Latvia 47

Comments (9)

  1. Airto Leal [MVP] From Brazil says:

    Any numbers about Brazil?

  2. Jason says:

    Do you have statistics for the rest of the countries? I remember seeing that king of information in the past but do not remember where.



  3. Miklos says:

    Hi Trika..

    I sent you an email 1 or 2 weeks ago since:

    "If any of you in the "1" row happen across this blog… send me an e-mail (include your transcript sharing code so I can look you up) "

    I am there :)… however I wonder if you receive the email…



  4. CypherBit says:

    I’d also like to see the statistics for the rest of the countries if at all possible.

  5. says:

    Hi, Brazil is not on this list because there are LOTS of MCSEs… I hear you guys about the rest of world, let me see what I can figure out. It is not realistic to publish and update data for the whole world on all certifications (that is a massive pile of data) but maybe I can figure out how to share a snap shot as a one-off deal…

  6. HeeSoo says:


    Wondering how many MCSE 2003 in Singapore and Malaysia, separately? They said it is flooded.

  7. Lars Laursen says:


    Looking for numbers for Denmark and how many MCSE 2003 messaging and Security total around the world??

  8. says:

    HI, Lars. Unfortunatley we can’t keep up with every country–too many requests and too much data! However, we do post worldwide numbers every month to this page, I hope that is helpful.

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