MCA review boards in India and my top three anthems for 2007

Andy Ruth, the program manager for the Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) program (you might know him from the newsgroups? or perhaps you know him because he's one of the world's top 14 people of all-time?) is heading out to India for our second round of MCA board reviews over there (the first time was last February). I'll try to get some tidbits from Andy on how it goes.

Speaking of architects, we have Microsoft's Scott Andersen lined up to present our first MCA talk for MCPs, on Exchange, in February. I hear Scott is NOT ONLY sick smart on "enterprise mail flow and routing" BUT ALSO a great speaker AND IN ADDITION a really cool guy. Am I overpromising? Setting myself up to underdeliver? Possibly. But I don't think so. In related news, the team is working on posting bios of MCAs so we can see who these people are... should be live in January.

Here are my top 3 anthems for 2007:

  1. Dale Don Dale [Remix] from Don Omar, which is reggaeton from Brazil, I think? I got it from a mix-CD made by one of my Tick co-riders' daughter, who was studying in Brazil. I love the Tick! Can anyone confirm where Don Omar comes from? 

  2. Damn, it feels good to be a gangster from the Office Space soundtrack. I never tire of this.

  3. Ring the Alarm from Beyonce. She's adorable! She goes out with Jay-Z! It's too much.

Comments (2)

  1. Rog says:

    Actually Don Omar is from Puerto Rico.

  2. Trika says:

    Thanks, Rog. I guess I could have googled him (er… I mean, Live Searched him…

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