check in with MSL at U.S. Office, Vista, Exchange launch events

Hi - Microsoft Learning will have a booth at the U.S. 'Ready for a New Day' launch events in 15 cities to talk about training and certification for the new products. We'll be giving t-shirts to the first MCPs (first 100? first 200? first 35,000? i can't remember) to visit the booth and show a transcript or wallet card, so look for us. Not me, really, as I won't be there. But someone will. Here's the event info:  

Attend a Microsoft Across America Launch Event, hosted by TechNet Events.

The launch of Windows Vista,™ 2007 Microsoft® Office system, and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is here. Come explore key elements of these products, learn what makes them compelling for solution development, and discover the tools that make them easy to deploy. Register today for the event in your area.

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  1. Jonathan Roberts says:

    If that t-shirt isn’t motivation enough, according to MSDN Flash, they will also be giving away Office 2007 Professional & Groove 2007:

    Receive your FREE copy of Microsoft Office Professional 2007 and Microsoft Office Groove 2007* when you attend a Windows Vista, 2007 Microsoft Office system, and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 launch event near you!

    January 16 – February 26, various U.S. cities

    Come experience how developers will take advantage of the new software from Microsoft. You are invited to participate in this unique experience, featuring the Windows Vista operating system, the 2007 Microsoft Office system, and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. Attend breakout sessions for developers like you and see how to:

    – Build security-enhanced applications and ensure reliability

    – Create engaging and visually stunning user interfaces

    – Build applications that connect users to each other and to their data

    Register now!

    *Offer good only to registered attendees of event on the date of their event, while supplies last. This offer is nontransferable. Limit one item per attendee. Taxes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the recipient. Must be present to receive the product.

  2. says:

    Word. Thanks!

  3. gomcse2002 says:

    Too bad I live in Canada and I might consider to drive to Seattle and visit the Microsoft Booth with my MCP ID card.

  4. Andy says:

    We only gave out around 200 shirts at the Phoenix event today. There were many more available. Don’t forget your MCP cards!

  5. Larry West says:

    If I show up with all three of my Certification cards, why don’t I get three shirts?

    Also, why did they do away with having one card holding all certifications?  I now have an MCPD card (which doesn’t tell what I am an MCPD in), an MCTS card (ditto), and an old card with my MCSD and MCP. It would have been a lot easier if you would put all the information on one card. It would make my wallet a little thinner.

  6. Wayne says:

    There didn’t seem to be a MSL table at the Pittsburgh event.  🙁

  7. says:

    Hey, Larry. Yes, I’m with you with the certs all on one card. I’ve heard talk about why that changed… and I’ll see if I can get some more info. With just one card, you’d have a thinner wallet and we wouldn’t have to explain a multiple-cards, one t-shirt policy….!

  8. Larry West, MCPD, MCSD, MCTS, etc. says:

    Did you ever find out anything, Trika?

    Just curious.

    Also, there was no table at the Louisville, KY event either.

  9. says:

    Hey, Larry. I don’t have a good answer on the cards. I do know they made a lot of welcome kit adjustments with the ‘new gen’ certifications, partly in response to customer feedback about what they liked and didn’t, and partly to look at cost savings (i.e. moving the distribution center). I have been doing some lobbying to find out why the cards can’t have cumulative credentials–one idea is to put the most recent on the front and print the others on the back–and I’ll keep you posted. Unfortunately that won’t happen over night. The Louisville event was not one of the key city events (there were only 15 of those) so Microsoft Learning wasn’t to have a table there, unfortunately.

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